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The rash usually begins as clusters of small bumps that soon develop into fluid-filled blisters (vesicles).
The use of condoms will not prevent herpes virus from spreading but it will significantly decrease the chances of transmission of the herpes virus during the act of sexual intercourse. Men who are infected with Herpes Simplex Virus 2 or genital herpes will most likely spread the infection to their partners if they do not use the protection of condoms. Research conducted in the mid nineteen nineties on the use of condoms by people who are affected by the genital herpes virus proved condoms did reduce the possibility of transmitting the virus.
It was also pointed out by the findings of the study that condoms reduced the HSV-2 virus acquisition risk considerably among women, but not to that extent among men. When you use latex condoms each time that you engage in sexual intercourse, you will drastically reduce the possibility of catching and spreading genital herpes virus.

During the research, demographic and behavioural information was analyzed from selected participants at multiple locations.
The reason for this difference was that the condoms covered the entire length of the penis skin and protected women more so than men as it does not protect men against the exposure to the female genitalia from where the virus can be shed.
The symptoms may occur in both female and male genital areas that are covered by latex condoms. In about four or five weeks, the disease runs its course, the scabs drop off, the skin heals, and the pain fades. It is because of contact with the vulva and perianal regions and these are common areas in women where viral shedding takes place. However, there could be outbreaks of sores that may occur in some areas that cannot be covered by a condom and this is the principal reason why condoms cannot protect you completely from catching or spreading the HSV-2 virus.

It was reported that the participants who used condoms more than 80% during sexual intercourse were less prone to catching the genital herpes virus than those participants who confirmed that they used condoms only ten per cent of the time. It becomes an important factor in reducing the effectiveness of condoms in spreading the HSV-2 virus from women to men.
They are friction during sexual contact, direct impact of ultra violet rays of the sun and going through extreme stress for the outbreak […]Can You Get Herpes From a Toilet SeatResearchers and physicians have answered this question by confirming with their studies that there are nil chances of contracting Herpes Simplex Virus 2 from a toilet seat.

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