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Treatment options include cryosurgery, laser ablation, curettage,  cantharidin, topical creams.
The common wart is the most frequently seen as a hyperkeratotic, flesh-colored papule or plaque studded with small black dots.
Herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection is a painful, and often recurrent blistering infection. It is due to the reactivation of the varicella virus and often occurs after  illness, stress, trauma, and surgery. Impetigo is a skin infection usually caused by Staphylococcus aureus and occasionally by Streptococcus pyogenes. Folliculitis is a infection of the hair follicles appearing as red painful or itchy firm bumps or pustules. Herpes simplex is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV), also known as herpesvirus hominis. Reactivation and replication of latent HSV occurs in the area supplied by the ganglia in which latency was established. HSV has many different presentations, as described below, the severity of which depends on the age, the immune status of the individual, and whether it is a primary or recurrent infection - primary HSV infections are accompanied by systemic signs, longer duration of symptoms, and higher rate of complications. The clinical presentation of a cold sore is that of grouped vesicles, especially of the lips and perioral skin.

In women, ulcers can affect the external genitalia, as well as the vagina and cervix, which is involved in 70%-90% of cases.
Recurrent genital herpes simplex is very common, with up to 95% of patients with HSV-2 suffering one or more further episodes. Those at risk are immunocompromised patients, and neonates not protected by maternally acquired antibodies. Systemic infection, such as hepatitis and encephalitis may develop with or without widespread cutaneous lesions. EM is a hypersensitivity reaction usually triggered by infections, most commonly herpes simplex. The exaggerated signal does not extend beyond the insular cortex (thin arrow), but does involve the cingulate gyrus (thick arrow).
Most patients have many in common areas such as the underarm,  popliteal fossae, and groin. Sexual partners of patients with genital warts will require examination with possible need for  the HPV vaccines. For recurrent infection (more than six episodes per year), suppressive treatment is warranted. It begins with pain in a bandlike area on the skin, followed by redness and blisters a few days later.

There is a vaccine ( Zostavax) that is available to prevent the occurrence and severity of zoster outbreaks.
It appears a weepy areas of the skin, drying to a yellowish pink crust with occasional blisters. These vaccines ( Gardasil) aim to prevent further genital HPV infection and ultimately cervical cancer in women.
They exist in various forms and often appear as flaky scaly patches which may be red or itchy.
Tinea corporis (body), faciei (face), and manuum (hands) represent infections of different sites of the body.
Tinea unguium (onychomycosis) is fungal nail disease, characterized by thickened yellow nails and subungual debris. In contrast to A and B, panel C demonstrates relative effacement of sulci posteriorly in both hemispheres (thin arrow), compared with normal sulcal spaces anteriorly (thick arrow).

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