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Herpes simplex is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus, more commonly known as HSV.
Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, and an individual can easily acquire HSV infection by having sexual intercourse with a person infected with HSV. Individuals who are taking drugs and medications that have a suppressing effect on the body’s immune system are the ones who are susceptible in acquiring herpes.
The symptoms of herpes start appearing two to twenty days after the contamination or exposure to the virus and it usually lasts for several weeks.
Topical antibiotics may also be prescribed to alleviate the discomfort brought by sores and blisters and to prevent secondary bacterial infections. Individuals who are suffering from herpes outbreaks should practice hygienic measures so that their situation will not worsen or lead to other complications.
Prevention of the spread of herpes is important, so a male infected with genital herpes should use a condom while having sexual intercourse to stop the transmission of the virus, since it cannot pass through latex.

There are also long-term effects associated with herpes, but these are still under observation and not yet fully understood as of today.
The field of medicine cannot produce a cure for herpes because any attempt to attack the herpes virus will lead to the damage of the nerve cells of an infected individual. Studies have shown that a condom can reduce the spread of herpes by 96%, which is a major factor in stopping the spread of this virus.
Scars are long term effects commonplace to this virus, because breaks in the skin may not heal properly.
There is also a possible risk of Alzheimer’s in people also affected by herpes, though this is also still under study.
Even without the symptom of lesions, oral sex should be avoided because HSV may be transmitted in this manner.
There are also psychological and social effects on the person infected by this disease, and may also suffer from quality of life issues.

Difficult or painful urination as well as tender or swollen lymph glands may also be experienced around the groin.
A person with herpes also has a greater risk of HIV transmission because the HIV virus is transmitted easier through the skin breaks of herpes. If left untreated, the child will most certainly be infected as well, and the effects of the disease will be greater than on the parent, forming a life-threatening situation for the child. This is why sexual abstinence is recommended, to prevent complications brought on by herpes.
This leads to further weakening of the immune system, so the effect of herpes will be compounded.

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