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Fibroids or uterine fibroids refer to a non-cancerous or benign tumor originating from the smooth muscle layer accompanies by the connective tissue of the uterus.
Periodontal tissues are mainly a combination of periodontal ligament, alveolar bone, cementun and gingival. This is very common benign tumor found among females, especially during the middle and gradual stage of reproduction.
When one of the periodontal tissues is affected or most of them are affected, then the resultant disease is called Periodontal Disease.

In the wake of a number of asymptomatic fibroids, they can develop further and lead to heavy as well as painful menstruation, sexual intercourse, and frequent urination. Among the different tooth affecting diseases, plaque-induced provocative contribute to the vast majority of this disease. Also known as fibromyoma or simply fibroma, the symptoms of fibroids frequently indicates hysterectomy in theUS.
The main symptoms include swollen gums generally red in color which may bleed while brushing.

Even in some cases gums bleed along with bad breath.At the advanced stage of the disease, the gum recesses and teeth loosens as the support of the bone structure is lost.
The pockets caused between the gums and the teeth are blocked by foods or tartars and that results in swollen gums and pus formation.

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