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Herpes spreads the easiest through open sores and it can even spread before any blisters form.A  A baby can be infected with herpes from their mother during childbirth so pregnant women should always be sure that their doctor is aware that they are infected.
Other symptoms may include burning, inability to urinate, tender and swollen lymph glands in the throat, underarms and groin area, muscle aches, fever, headache, nausea and an achy feeling that is similar to having the flu.
Often, symptoms will diminish within three weeks or even sooner if you are treated with medication.A  Sores will scab over and usually heal without scars however, even after going away, the herpes virus stays present in the body. In most cases a person's first indication that a cold sore is developing is that they notice a sense of Tingling or soreness, tautness, or swelling in the location where their cold sore will form. This stage of the disease can be seen as blisters that are filled with a clear serous  fluid resembling serum which is watery in nature. Herpes zoster (shingles) is a self-limiting condition caused by reactivation of the Varicella zoster virus. The first stage of the shingles rash is a brief erythematous and macular phase, which is often missed.
Rubbing from clothing and scratching can irritate the rash, resulting in infectious lesions if vesicles burst. After the vesicles crust over, usually within ten days of onset of rash, the patient is no longer infectious. There is much debate as to whether antiviral medicines are useful in the management of patients with shingles. The role of corticosteroids in the treatment of shingles is even less clear than antiviral treatment. Topical capsaicin is not generally used for acute shingles rash as application to broken skin (i.e.
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE): CKS clinical knowledge summaries.

During prodome, the outbreak area gets warm and painful; tingling is also associated with this first stage. Papules, stage three of a cold sore outbreak: At this point papules, which are small red bumps, form in the affected area. Vesicles, the outbreak stage of the herpes simplex virus: Here is when you begin to see the common sight of blisters and it is obvious that there is an outbreak.
Postules, stage 5 of a herpes outbreak: At this stage a clear liquid becomes yellow and pus forms. Healing, phase 8 of the oral herpes outbreak: The scab comes off, the area begins to look normal again, a sign that the strain of herpes virus that causes mouth sores is retreating and going into hiding again. Relief from oral herpes outbreaks: The same types of antivirals that are affective against HSV-2, or genital herpes, can help with an outbreak of herpes on the mouth. Health Disclaimer: The information on this website is educational in nature and never intended to replace any needed medical testing, evaluation or treatment. It causes Oral Herpes - Cold Sores or Fever Blisters, and Genital herpes - Genital Sores or sores usually below the waist.These viruses look quite similar under the high magnification of an electron microscope, and generally have an affinity for specific tissues. For the most part, this area looks normal, but can become slightly reddened compared to the surrounding tissue. Generally, there are a series of scabs that will form and then drop off as the wound gets smaller and smaller. Natural remedies are actually very effective at getting the herpes virus to retreat more quickly. Information on this web site is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. There are two major types of this virus: Type 1 Herpes or HSV-1 has an affinity for the tissue around the lips, under the nose and eyes, but can infect other tissues as well.

More often the neurons or sensory receptors (nerves) are now infected which causes the pain.
Diagnosis is straightforward if the characteristic rash of shingles is present, however, patients can present with atypical features. Lemon Balm oil and Tea Tree Oil are both used with success by many to shorten outbreak time and cycle.
Another great product I would have recommended, called H-Cold Sores from Amoils has apparently also been discontinued, perhaps due to pressure from FDA. The fluid from this wound contains the highest concentration of the "free" viral particles and anyone that comes in contact with the fluid could very well get infected.
Antiviral medicines may reduce the duration of the rash and associated pain, however, they do not reduce the risk of patients developing post-herpetic neuralgia, the most common long-term complication of shingles. The common exchange of body fluids comes from kissing any moist tissue (lips, nasal tissue, eye lid, vaginal etc.). Generally safe, even when taken with antiherpetic meds like Valtrex, homeopathics can sometimes provide rapid relief from pain or other symptoms.
There are additionally some good homeopathic singles for herpes and at least one homeopathic antiviral formula that may be helpful to relieve symptoms and speed healing.

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