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Be confident that your results are processed by AABB certified laboratories, in accordance with the recognised ISO 17025 standardisation. Food allergies don’t usually lead to inhaled allergy symptoms like asthma, but in most cases they can be much more dangerous because they can lead to immediate swelling of the throat or face which can be life threatening.
Various complications may arise as a result of an allergic reaction or allergy medication, the worst of which may include anaphylaxis which is a life-threatening allergic reaction.
If you experience extremely severe symptoms of an allergy or if your current allergy treatment has stopped working, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible. Antihistamines, corticosteroids and decongestants are available in many forms as effective treatments for food allergies. If you are suffering from a food-related allergy, it’s important to take an allergy test or visit your doctor as soon as possible, so you can get the right treatment before the reaction becomes too advanced. Immunotherapy can be used as a type of long-term treatment for those who suffer extensively from allergies and find symptoms hard to control or treat with other medication.
The Food Allergy Test allows you to effectively test for the 12 most common food-related allergens and will provide you with an overview of the main allergens which are causing your allergic symptoms.
Once you have received your test kit, you need to be careful to follow the exact instructions provided on the test kit so that you accurately provide your sample. Once you have provided your sample and completed the allergy test as per the instructions provided, simply post your test back to our partner laboratory. If you test positive for any of the 12 food allergies previously mentioned, we would advise that you visit your doctor with your test results to hand so that they may provide you with the most effective allergy treatment and advice possible.
It is important that you do take time to consider your options before making a final decision. It can be helpful to talk to someone and “crisis pregnancy” help is available through a number of different sources.
All these things can be talked through with Social Services and they will guide the person who is working through an “adoption plan” for their child.
A.  If your nipple has only recently become inverted you should make an appointment as soon as possible to see your family doctor.
It is often helpful to chat through some of these things with a parent or other trusted adult.
As you have said concerning operations – they need to be considered very carefully in the future and may not always be a good idea.  Later in life when you are with someone who loves you and is fully committed to you I suspect what may seem like an issue to you now will not matter to them.
Most girls begin puberty between 8 and 14 years of age and most girls reach maturity physically within four years of beginning puberty. As to how long before your period starts or your breasts start growing – if you have grown quite a bit in the last 6-12 months and if you have the beginning of a bit of hair growth around the genital skin then probably within the next 6-12 months the period will come and the breasts will start to grow.
The most important thing is to relax, enjoy your teenage years and respect yourself, as you are a very special person. Certainly someone who has reached maturity and who never would have an erection may benefit from a medical consultation with their GP to talk through the issue and for simple examination and urine testing (You are seen confidentially and sensitively). In order to be completely sure that there are no medical problems such as Peyronie’s disease (you could google that) you should make an appointment to see your GP. Having sex with only one uninfected faithful partner within the context of a life-long committed relationship will also prevent infection spread. Sometimes this can settle with time, sometimes a different preparation (brand) will have less side-effects.  Sometimes they can persist no matter what type of pill is used.
Certainly if she is concerned about the mood swings it would be good to revisit the doctor or clinic that prescribed the pill to discuss what is happening. Do you communicate well with each other – can you spend ages and ages just talking together about your deep feelings? Don’t worry too much about this; as you say, you are a normal 16-year-old girl who is a very special individual. A.  Sexual infections can be passed through fingering – when someone else touches the genitals of another person. You were born with dignity and worth that no one can take from you.  Not even you can take it from yourself! You have an irreplaceable contribution to make to your family and society that no one else can.
I think that we all have our own personal choice to make in so many areas of life – nothing is ultimately forced upon us.  Often though when we choose and behave in a way that is consistent with our own personal values we are more comfortable and contented with the choices we have made. Be very sure of your intentions as you are involved in intimate behaviour that can lead to sex.  Remember how easily pregnancy can happen and how easy infections can be picked up.
Have you talked this through as to what you both want from the relationship?  It is best to concentrate on good communication first. When someone has been abused sexually they have been through a terribly painful experience and may well have a whole mixture of different feelings and emotions. Alternatively, could you talk with a teacher within the pastoral care side of things at school?  It is sometimes difficult to make the first move regarding asking for help, but certainly it will often ease the pain to talk through your situation with someone who is experienced to help and can support you. Help, support and counselling is available and I would encourage you to take things further by ringing one of the above numbers. The vulval itching could also be caused by a skin disorder such as eczema and may not be sexually transmitted at all, or your symptoms might be due to a mixture of the above causes.
It is very important that you do get a precise diagnosis and I would suggest that you either return to your GP with this e-mail or mention the other possible causes you are worried about, or visit the genitourinary medicine clinic (sometimes called an STI clinic) at your local hospital.  You may take a friend with you if this makes it easier. Some of the infections do not give symptoms for quite some time and certainly for peace of mind where someone has had previous partners testing for sexually transmitted infections can be helpful.  If you both are clear and remain faithful to each other lifelong then you both can relax concerning sexually transmitted infections in the future. A.Genital warts are caused by infection with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and are the commonest sexually transmitted disease in the UK. QuestionsBefore submitting a question to us, check out the frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that is not answered in the below selection please go to the 'Ask a Question' page and submit your question online.
Popular FAQsIf I have sex with my girlfriend during her period and I ejaculate can she still become pregnant. Your risks of pregnancy are considerably lessened using the Pill and condom together, but without a doubt the healthiest sex choice is one partner for life. TXT The DoctorIf you have any questions about relationships or your sexual health check out our hot topics or FAQ section.
We try to reply all e-mails and book appointments as soon as possible.T-helper cells are the orchestrators of the adaptive immune response, a complex and diverse set of responses that are critical for maintaining immunity.
The most common foods that are associated with food-related allergies are eggs, soy, wheat, fish, cow’s milk, shellfish and peanuts.
A reaction may also cause severe breathing problems and discomfort during the reaction, the symptoms of which may only be reduced with the help of allergy medications. If you know you are allergic to a particular foodstuff, it’s a good idea to have an allergy treatment on hand in case of an attack.
Your doctor will prescribe you treatment depending on your age and health status, the type of allergy and the severity of your symptoms. You will need to add two or three drops (100ul) of capillary blood to the test solution using the included safety lancet provided. Your results will be emailed to the address provided within two days of the laboratory receiving your sample.
Abortion is illegal in Northern Ireland unless in a situation to preserve the life of the mother or if continuing the pregnancy would have other serious, permanent physical or mental health effects to the woman.
You must be very frightened and concerned.  Did you do a pregnancy test yourself or was it a chemist or a doctor?  How does your boyfriend feel about you being pregnant?  Certainly a lot of girls who become pregnant mid-teens feel just as you do that abortion is the only solution for their unplanned pregnancy. Both you and your boyfriend need to talk the situation through rather than making a decision too quickly and possibly regretting it later.
Nowadays it is possible to have ‘open adoption’ allowing you greater access to your baby who is placed for adoption.  You also have a greater input if you desire, to the choice of adoptive parents.
My breasts are very small compared to other people of my age (17).  Is there any way in which I can increase their size without an operation?  I know I would be too young for an operation but I would be grateful if you could help me! Sometimes the erect penis can be slightly bent to one side but if it is okay concerning function it is something you should not worry about or be depressed about. The risks of pregnancy are considerably lessened using the Pill and condom together. It is important to take the pill as directed and be aware that certain medications or vomiting or diarrhoea can impact on its effectiveness. My girlfriend has started the Pill and has strange mood swings, it is also her period now, will these swings go away when she gets used to taking it? Are you sure there are no other reasons for her mood swings?  Are you both comfortable with your relationship? This is a very common question.  There are many ways we can tell if someone is the right person for us. It does occur however amongst some girls and can be associated with anxieties, worries and even guilt. Self genital stimulation for pleasure or masturbation is very common among boys and can be associated with guilt but there certainly are no physical ill-effects – it will not make you go blind!
Everything you do is your choice. Regarding pornography – being in control of what you look at and think about may make it easier to be in control of your sexual choices. Everyone’s experience of childbirth is different.  Don’t worry about it too much though as thousands of women give birth every day and go through it again many more times!  There are a number of ways the hospital can give pain relief, and generally women find the experience tiring but very worthwhile! For some girls sex can be painful the first time.  That is why it is important that the first experience is with someone who loves you and will be gentle with you.

Yes, and you can get pregnant the first time you have sex.  You can also get pregnant if you do it standing up and even through heavy petting if pre-ejaculate or semen comes in contact with the vaginal opening. Your question is a good one as you are obviously thinking through the choices you face and your own personal values and beliefs. I am having difficulties with my girlfriend she keeps telling me to play with her G spot and I feel under pressure when she asks.  Could you tell me where her G spot is please? The G spot is one of the erogenous “excitable” spots around the female genitals that brings about arousal in the foreplay leading up to sexual intercourse.  Is that what you intend?
I recently got very drunk and ended up having unprotected sex with a girl I met that night.  Should I get checked out?  The possibilities of having caught something are now playing heavily on my mind, but what does this involve and where do I get this done? You are certainly wise to be concerned, as even though your girlfriend “doesn’t worry at all” about pregnancy it is a really big issue and could happen very easily. Who can you talk to when you have been sexually abused, and you don’t want to go to the police?
I am a 16 year old guy and I have had feelings for other guys for as long as I can remember. Obviously too intimate sexual contact such as fingering can lead onto to other types of sexual contact.
When you have got a white discharge does this mean that you have a sexually transmitted disease?  How do you get rid of white discharge? My partner had sex before we met, about 3 or 4 years ago.  She only had it once.  Could she have become infected at this time? Even if it was 3 or 4 years ago, if the other person was infected your partner could have contracted a sexual infection. Some of the STI’s can be transferred by direct skin to genital skin contact without full intercourse. With genital warts do they hurt for women?  Do they have a colour or a smell?  Can it be cured?  How do you know if you have a wart without having to go to a clinic?
They are usually colourless or white and can vary from a 1mm in diameter for a single wart to large crops of warts covering the vulva.
Do people really wait until they are married or do they just say they do?  Will I be abnormal if I wait? Many allergy treatments are available as both over-the-counter and prescription-only pills, sprays, inhalers, drops or creams. In occasional situations abortion may result in physical effects on the body that makes it more difficult to have children in the future.
You could also visit your GP, alternatively if you feel able to let us know your nearest town – we might be able to see if there is anywhere else close by that you could go for help. The quantity and quality of sperm deteriorates in older age and the sexual urge and ability to perform sexually may also reduce. Can I wish you well with your choices, whatever ones you make.  Remember you are very special. The penis enlarges at puberty along with the other body changes and this development begins at different ages and to varying degrees. I have noticed that there are purple rings around my nipples does this mean my breasts are going to grow soon because they still haven’t grown!  When roughly (do you think) should they start growing? The vast majority have no side effects while some may suffer mild side effects such as nausea (feeling sick), headaches, weight gain.
The best thing to do is to try not to think about it too much.  Concentrate on having fun together, hold her hand, surprise her sometime with a short kiss on the cheek or lips, and see how that goes!  Your girlfriend could be as worried as you!  Just remember everyone has been at the first kiss stage at one time, and there are other people out there who know exactly how you feel.  So keep concentrating on your friendship and try not to worry!
I guess the point I was trying to make in my last answer was that kissing is not the most important way to show affection to your girlfriend. It usually isn’t enough to just trust our feelings as the average person falls in love about 7 or more times in their life.  How do we know when its ‘real love’?
There certainly are no physical ill effects from masturbation particularly in the short term. For some people it is an occasional thing while for others it can become a compulsive pattern taking priority over many other daily activities.
Usually today there is a lot of help available during pregnancy by way of preparation and support that helps both around delivery and caring for the baby afterwards. It is however possible to catch a sexually transmitted infection through any skin-to-skin contact with the genital area of another person. So if your girlfriend ovulates early this month, within 7 days of the first day of her last period, you having sexual intercourse with her during her period could result in pregnancy. I think that all choices that a person makes can either be consistent or in contradiction to their own personal moral or ethical code.  Often when we choose to do things that are not consistent with our background or personal beliefs we feel guilty. It sounds to me that you’ve got a great boyfriend who not only doesn’t put you under pressure to have sex but also wants to make sure you don’t do anything you will regret. You don’t mention if you are using contraception to prevent pregnancy or condoms to reduce STI risk. Obviously your decision to become a Christian would have implications on your decision in this area. Sexual infections can be passed through contact with genital fluids and also sometimes just from skin to skin contact with the genital area of someone else who is infected. The wart virus can be all over the genital skin of an infected person and direct skin-to-skin contact with an infected person is what causes the infection to be passed on. Certainly condoms if they were used could have reduced the risk but would not completely remove the risk (particularly genital wart virus and genital herpes).
If there is skin to skin contact then human papilloma virus (wart virus) or genital herpes could be passed one to the other if present? They do not smell but can be transmitted along with other infections which can cause a smell so a dual infection is a possibility.
If you lose your virginity you never can become a virgin again and so it is something precious to give to another person who respects you, love you and is “big time” committed to you.
Although they lack any capacity to directly kill or engulf pathogens, they are powerful activators of effector cells such as macrophages, cytotoxic T cells, and B cells. Severe food-related allergic reactions should be treated with epinephrine which is a prescription-only treatment.
Certainly men can have children in their seventies or older while it is rare for women to have children naturally beyond their mid forties.
Speaking as a girl I love guys to pay me compliments, listen and express an interest in me, buy me small gifts and give me hugs.  You don’t need to get too into kissing to impress her. It can be associated with pornography and sometimes becomes habit forming or obsessive in pattern. If this has been your experience with someone you have been with then your experience is very painful. What you might consider asking yourself in this situation is whether or not there is any future in this relationship.
If you are having sex you need to be talking about possible pregnancy and STI risks and attending your GP or local family planning clinic. Can I first reassure you that at 13 it is not uncommon to feel this way about someone else, whether that is someone of the opposite or same sex. The most important question is “Could you have put yourself at risk of picking up an infection?” If you are experiencing an itchiness or stinginess and your discharge is yellow or smells then it may be that you have picked up an infection and you would need to visit your GP just to make sure. They can be diagnosed and treated by a GP and can be treated with great care at home with topical creams under GP supervision. The best commitment is “life long”- two people waiting for each other and being faithful sexually to each other. On the other hand, regulatory T cells (Tregs) are potent suppressors of the immune response important in limiting the immune reaction.
It is very common to feel anxious about changes occurring in our bodies around adolescence and for further help please make an appointment to see your own GP who will be able to advise you on the normal stages of sexual development. What someone looks at and what they think about can have a powerful effect on how they view sex and other people. Certainly if you had vaginal intercourse and your period is late then you should have a pregnancy test which can be done by your GP or local family planning clinic . Although in theory there are only 2 or 3 fertile days every month around ovulation, in practice it is very difficult for a young woman to predict accurately when she will ovulate. Certainly avoid this guy.  What he is doing is immature and he’s certainly not worth being with if he cares more about bragging to his mates than your feelings. If you find that your relationship is based on trust, respect, and a solid friendship, there could be mileage in the relationship. If you have such a great relationship with this guy do you really want to jeopardise it by having sex? Either way, you might want to ask yourself the question, “Is this relationship liable to last if your beliefs are so different?” Most likely your choice to become a Christian is leading you down a different road than perhaps the road she has chosen. The experience of attraction to someone of the same sex can be a positive foundation for many life-enhancing friendships or other meaningful relationships which do not need to involve engaging in sex.
On our web site click here there is a little bit of background information on sexual orientation and sexuality. Often as you are growing up you can feel incredibly strong feelings like this and it is okay!

However, if there is doubt about the diagnosis or other infections might be present – a visit to a GP or genitourinary medicine clinic may be needed.
If someone has lost their virginity they still can make a choice to wait from that point although it is often more difficult to pull back once you have been sexually active. Recent advances have led to the discovery of a diverse set of T helper subsets, each with unique functions.
Again, as there are many different types of contraceptive pills a GP can advise someone around the options and suitability of those options. It’s important to realise that deep intimate kissing is a lot more passionate than kissing on the cheek or lips and can lead quickly to sexual arousal and pressure and desires to progress the physical side of the relationship.
Sometimes the pattern of pornography and associated masturbation creates the image of other people being only for your own pleasure and sex is seen out of context and separated from relationship. Could also make it more difficult for you to give future sex partners the respect they deserve – as real people with real feelings and needs. But the most important thing at the moment is confirming pregnancy (if not already done) and telling a supportive person (ideally a parent or teacher). It would be helpful for you to talk through some of these things with a parent, another trusted adult or your GP.
Forever love invests in the other person; it puts the other person’s needs above one’s own.
One survey showed that the average length of time a teen relationship lasts after sex enters the picture is 3 weeks!!!
Equally, as is the case for sexual feelings for the opposite sex, sexual feelings may pass or diminish with time. I don’t know from your letter whether you have only had feelings for guys or whether you have also experienced feelings for girls too.
One final important point is that condoms offer little or no protection against HPV transmission so you may remain at risk of spreading the infection even after treatment. There is a risk that you may lose focus on what’s most important in your relationship – i.e. Learning to control what you look at and think about can help you take control of your life and prevent masturbation becoming a compulsive pattern. A pregnancy test can also be purchased from the chemist or the chemist can often do a pregnancy test for you. It is also very important you talk through together what you want for your futures including talking together about past partners, pregnancy, contraception and sexual infection risk. I’m not sure why this is but I know that when a couple start to have sex often other more important aspects of their relationship are forgotten like friendship etc. Even if they don’t, they do not necessarily have to be acted on in the same way that sexual feelings for someone of the opposite sex do not have to be acted upon.
Sometimes as one is developing things can change and sometimes during puberty there can be an uncertainty about sexual orientation. But don’t get too worried either as you work at this area and all other areas of your life.
There are also a number of crisis pregnancy centres that offer ‘free pregnancy tests’ and these can be found on line. A healthy relationship involves two people who maintain good friendships with other friends and still go on with the rest of their lives with family, activities, and others.
If appropriate, you may want to approach her and tell her that you do really like her, but you don’t want to have sex. At 14 you are still developing emotionally and psychologically and I would suggest that you take your time and don’t rush things. By adulthood the majority of people would identify as heterosexual, some would identify as bisexual and a smaller number as exclusively homosexual in orientation. Think through and talk through what you both want in the relationship both now and in the future.
It is very easy to get pregnant or pick up a sexually transmitted infection and you should talk through your sexual choices with someone older you can trust – possibly a parent or teacher who will help you work through the possible consequences of sexual choices you may make. As an expert on relationships says, “Don’t put them [family and friends] in competition with your romance, or you’ll end up splitting yourself in two.
I know your feelings are really strong and it’s perfectly natural to want to have sex but you have to decide whether it’s going to be worth it. Have you discussed trying to “cool down” the physical side of the relationship and maybe spending less time alone, maybe going out together more with friends? Communicate when you think sex should be a part of a relationship and then draw the line where you feel is the safest place for you physically (where you are still in control). As in all situations it can be useful to have a chat with an adult at home, a pastoral care teacher at school or your General Practitioner.
I suspect from what you say and given your age you are fairly certain that your orientation is exclusively homosexual. If you do choose to continue sexually with your boyfriend you should also talk to a doctor (GP or family planning clinic) who will see you confidentially to discuss contraception and health issues in general. And if the romance dies, you’ll be left with nothing.” But, if trust and friendship don’t characterize your relationship, you may be staying in the relationship for security’s sake or because you are just comfortable. Think of the possible consequences: you could get pregnant and you could risk jeopardising a great relationship – how will you feel emotionally if you split up and you’ve lost your virginity to him?
Are you sure you are making your own choices in this relationship and all that’s happening and where things seem to be going is what you want. Another good way to identify where to draw the line could be to ask yourself, “Where would I want my future children to draw the line physically?” Most likely she will respect your decision to say “no” to sex, but if she is offended, she may not be the best person for you. Whether your feelings were for someone of the opposite or same sex the advice is the same – take your time.
Remember you are a special person, respect yourself as you deserve to be respected by others.
If that’s the case, then it may be important for you to leave your options open to explore other friendships and relationships.
And will you be more likely then to have sex earlier in your next relationship – bringing the risks of sexual infections?
Finally if this relationship does end at some stage in the future, think through whether you want sex to enter the equation so early in your next relationship. Her response might direct the next steps you should make – whether to stay with her or not.
Working through orientation can be quite a struggle as can the choices around how you choose to live life regarding sexual behaviour given the feelings you have. These are all things you would need to think through seriously before you make any decisions.
Remember you are in control of these things and it is good to talk it through with your girlfriend so that neither feels pressured or uncomfortable. Not all close and meaningful relationships, whether with someone of the same or opposite sex have to involve sexual activity.
By saying you like her you may put pressure on the situation and could even ruin the friendship.
Regarding your question about possible change in sexual orientation, certainly there are some people who say they have experienced an orientation change; others say it is not possible and they would say that those who claim such change were possibly bisexual in orientation in the first place. Also, I would gently suggest that it may not always be a good thing to label yourself as lesbian, bi or straight at 13. The wish to change from a homosexual orientation most often, but not always arises from a religious conviction.
Society sometimes likes to label us by our orientation rather than seeing each of us as much much more than that. Most “experts” would say that change is not possible and that to attempt “change” therapy can be harmful.
It is usually helpful to talk to someone older about how you are feeling – maybe an adult at home or someone within the pastoral care team at school. I hope you don’t think I’m trying to spoil your fun because the choice is yours and I’m not trying to take that away from you. Those who have exercised their “choice” in pursuing “conversion” or “reparative” “change” therapy or counselling almost always find that such radical change is not possible.
If you do decide to have sex be sure to talk through all the implications, including contraception choices.
There are different faith perspectives around this area and young people need support as they work through reconciling their orientation and their faith.  Some young people as they review present and future behavioural choices may decide not to be sexually active for the time being and that pattern, if chosen, is a healthy one irrespective of an individual’s sexual orientation.
Remember it is equally perfectly ok not to have sex and doesn’t make your relationship any less special.
Remember that as with all other areas around relationships and choices it can be helpful to talk to your parent or another trusted adult, someone within the pastoral care team at school, or your General Practitioner.

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