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In other news, CNN is projecting Barack Obama as the winner of the 2008 Presidential Election, just so you know.
Zune interacts with all other microsoft, so by having paid the microsoft points for XBOX Live games, you can get music on your Zune off of those as well.
Even that said I'm not defending the DSi and think that it is somewhat overpriced as well and I hate that they took out the GBA slot but that is a slot for an outdated previous generation that was 10 years old. To think that they totally gimped the PSP and jacked up the price by $80 is an absolutely absurd notion.
Almost as absurd that their "solution" for current PSP owners to transfer their entire UMD game collection is to give them 3 free game downloads from a select list. I guess the only consolation is that the average PSP owner probably doesn't own much more then 3 games anyways. I'm not surprised PSP 3000 sales are up since the PSPgo was revealed, as Sony appears to be using the new PSP to make the old one look ten times better in comparison. So if you go in expecting hostility and disdain and only get apathy and indifference, does that count as a win? I think the PSP Go looks cool, and I don't own a PSP or any of its games, so I am somewhat tempted.

I'm not even sure if the PSP 3000 is hackable right now, I remember that it was hard to hack at the beginning.
Perhaps that's the reason for the go's existence, and Sony's marketing department is more clever than anyone had ever anticipated.
The Wii's value is more due to it's innovation rather then the hardware itself and it is already quite cheap at $200. A number of retailers around Europe are boycotting it for being expensive and attempting to diminish in-store revenue.
You were expecting an overwhelmingly negative response on a super expensive update to your platform?
Despite convincing myself that I had a legitimate reason to purchase a PSPgo, I still felt very ashamed when buying it, similar to the sense of guilt and remorse that comes with buying a pornographic magazine from a seedy newsagent. The PSPgo doesn't accept the previously accepted Memory Stick Duo, because that would be a sane and sensible thing to do.
You can feel the judging eyes of the store clerk, knowing that there's something wrong with you.
I have no idea but if I were to guess I would think that Sony is making quite a profit on the PSP go.

At least with porn, they give you a discreet brown paper bag to hide your terrible wares inside. How on Earth am I going to get all the data from one PSP to another if I can't put the Memory Stick in?
Please don't tell me I'm going to have to connect my PSP 1000 to my computer, rip all the files from the PSP to the computer, then connect my PSPgo to my computer and copy all the files from the computer to the PSPgo.
I guess the way they see it they want people to be buying an iPod every year so screw whoever that doesn't. I've gotten very comfortable on my old PSP, with a wallpaper I like, all my PlayStation Network information and, most importantly, the games.

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