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When the envelope breaks and collapses away from the capsid, negatively stained virions have a typical "fried-egg" appearance. Transmission electron micrograph of herpes simplex virus.
Gingivostomatitis looks different from a cold sore, occurs only once and is usually so mild as to go unnoticed.
Oral herpes - Cold sores As already stated, this can be the result of an HSV-1 or an HSV-2 infection.
Tongue and palate of patient with infectious mononucleosis.

Herpes simplex virus (HSV-2, DNA virus) on a peripheral blood lymphocyte (Herpesviridae Family). For licensing, contact Dennis Kunkel (scientific stock photography, science images, science stock photography, electron microscopy images, biomedical microscopy photos, microscopic pictures, microscope photos). Some nucleocapsids are empty, as shown by penetration of electron-dense stain. Biological, medical and general sciences images are available for licensed, rights-managed, non-exclusive use.
Dennis Kunkel Ph.D has over 35 years of microscopy expertise in biological and medical sciences.

Microscopy photographs (science images, electron microscope images, photomicrographs, microscopy photos, microscope photos, microscopic pictures) are available for use in editorial and commercial formats. Image categories include Algae, Arachnids, Bacteria, Crystals, Fungi, Insects, Invertebrates, Medical, Miscellaneous, Plants, Protozoa, Vertebrates and Viruses. No images or graphics on this site may be used without written permission of their respective owners.

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