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In human adults, herpes simplex virus (HSV) is a skin infection which causes periodic outbreaks of skin irritation, ranging from mild, virtually unnoticeable inflammation to painful, open sores. A particular concern in HSV transmission is vertical transmission, the passing of HSV from an infected mother to a fetus during pregnancy or during parturition. The virus is not life-threatening, but since there is no cure and a great deal of stigma surrounds herpes and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), a herpes diagnosis is often emotionally traumatic.

Though with medication and careful monitoring of the mother for outbreaks, this risk is extremely small (0.1%, though an estimated 20-25% of pregnant mothers are infected), the potential consequences of vertical transmission can be serious.
HSV transmissibility varies according to a number of factors, including use of medication to control outbreaks, general health and nutrition, time elapsed from most recent outbreak, and presence of other STIs.

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