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Herpes zoster or shingles is a painful skin rash involving blisters which is caused due to caricella-zoster virus. Inviare Inizio Il nostro metodo Esempii di uso Indice Contatto StatisticheNon valuta né garantisce l'accuratezza dei contenuti di questo sito web. Si ritiene che il virus, dopo aver provocato la varicella, si annidi nei gangli nervosi spinali e in particolari condizioni diventi nuovamente virulento determinando l’herpes zoster. Pain sometimes persists after the rash has gone, more commonly in people over the age of 50.
The reason why the virus becomes active again is unknown.The first symptom experienced is one-sided pain, burning or tingling.
Le più colpite sono le regioni dei nervi intercostali, del plesso brachiale, del trigemino, del nervo sciatico. Si manifesta con chiazze eritemato-edematose, su cui insorgono vescicole che si dispongono a grappoli e il cui contenuto, dapprima limpido, poi diventa purulento, a volte emorragico.
In seguito si trasformano in croste; dopo la caduta di queste, residuano piccole chiazze pigmentate, che persistono nel tempo.
L’herpes zoster si accompagna ad adenopatia regionale e provoca dolori anche molto intensi. Nella maggioranza dei casi l'affezione ha decorso acuto, che si prolunga per 2-4 settimane, con completa guarigione finale.

Il trattamento prevede antivirali (acyclovir) per via sistemica a dosaggio pieno, una adeguata copertura analgesica ed eventualmente blanda sedazione.
I cortisonici, se somministrati nelle fasi iniziali della malattia (primi 3-5 giorni), sembrano ridurre la ricorrenza di nevralgie post-herpetiche,ma vanno somministrati esclusivamente sotto controllo medico. Nel 10% circa dei soggetti colpiti, soprattutto anziani, residuano nevralgie post-herpetiche che si prolungano per diversi mesi, comportando sofferenze anche gravi per i pazienti e un serio problema terapeutico per il medico. A slight weakening of the immune system in older people may account for the virus reactivating and multiplying to cause shingles.) Shingles is also more common in people with a poor immune system (immunosuppression).
The rash looks like chickenpox, but only appears on the band of skin supplied by the affected nerve. The soft tissues under and around the rash may become swollen for a while due to swelling (inflammation) caused by the virus. In this person, it has affected a nerve and the skin that the nerve supplies, on the left side of the abdomen.
In severe cases it can lead to inflammation of the whole of the eye which may cause loss of vision. People with a poor immune system (immunosuppression) who develop shingles have a higher than normal risk of developing rare or serious complications. Pain may be eased by cooling the affected area with ice cubes (wrapped in a plastic bag), wet dressings, or a cool bath.

A non-adherent dressing that covers the rash when it is blistered and raw may help to reduce pain caused by contact with clothing.
An antiviral medicine does not kill the virus but works by stopping the virus from multiplying. It had also been hoped that antiviral medicines would reduce the risk of pain persisting into PHN. However, the research so far has shown that the current antiviral medicines taken during an episode of shingles do not seem to have much impact on the prevention of PHN. Further research is needed in this area to determine if certain groups of patients do benefit and if newer antiviral drugs can prevent PHN.
For example, young adults and children who develop shingles on their tummy (abdomen) very often have mild symptoms and have a low risk of developing PHN.
In addition to easing pain during an episode of shingles, they may also help to prevent PHN. You will normally be given antiviral medication whatever your age, and will be monitored for complications.

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