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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. CN V- largest and most complex of 12 CN, Mix nerve (Sensory and motor), supplies sensations to face, mucous membranes and other structure of head. VZV immunity faded due to aging, immunosuppressive therapy, psychological stress, or other factors. Hutchinson Sign: Involvement of Skin supplied by the external nasal nerve, a branch of the nasociliary nerve supplying the tip, side and root of the nose.
Mucous Plaque keratits: sudden appearance of elevated mucous plaques that stain with rose bengal.

I am sure you might have said this during your presentation.There is also a vaccine for this virus now, which we give to children and old folks like me. The sign correlates strongly with ocular involvement although there is no correlation between the severity of the rash and the severity of ocular complications. Symptoms on dermatome: superficial itching, tingling or burning sensation to a severe deep boring or lancing pain that is either constant or intermittent.
Older patients with early severe pain and a larger area of involvement are at particular risk of postherpetic neuralgia. The patient may experience hearing impairment, nystagmus, vertigo, or a facial nerve palsy mimicking Bell palsy.

The development of Shingles in children or young adults should be prompt a search for immunodeficiency or malignancy, though found in only a minority. Charaterised by fine granular sub epithelial deposits surrounded by a halo of stromal haze.

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