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Cases of shingles have been reported to occur at all ages, although it is rare in children under the age of 10.
People with shingles can pass on the varicella-zoster virus to individuals who have not been infected with the virus. Those with suppressed immune systems will have more severe rashes and symptoms of shingles.
This site is solely for informational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. Children are more likely to get shingles if they had the chickenpox when under 12 months of age, or if their mother had chickenpox during pregnancy. This is a condition that occurs when the virus is present in the body, but dormant and reactivated.  The virus can be reactivated many years after you’ve had the chickenpox.

When the shingles rash occurs, it will only happen in certain areas of the body that are connected to the nerve cells where the virus was “sleeping”. Shingles only occurs when the latent virus is reactivated; not from catching the virus from another person who is has shingles. The rash can cause fluid filled blisters, accompanied by pain, tingling, or a burning feeling. Common areas that the rash occurs in is the back, chest, neck, buttocks, and occasionally the scalp and face.
These medications can minimize the rash from spreading as well as the pain associated with it. Examples include: illness, older age, certain cancers, HIV, radiation treatment, and certain medications that suppress the immune system.

Shingles that spread to nerves in your face can cause symptoms such as temporary ear pain, loss of hearing and taste, as well as facial paralysis. It can be difficult to identify what triggered the reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus.

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