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Report anything suspicious to your athletic trainer or physician ASAP so you can stay competitive!
Lesion: Numerous clustered vesicles (blisters) filled with clear fluid on a reddened background. Other symptoms may mimic a mild viral illness with fever, joint aches and pains, sore throat, and inflammation of the eyes. Completed a minimum 120 hours (5 days) systemic antiviral therapy as prescribed by physician. Tinea aka Ringworm is a fungal infection that can be seen anywhere but is most commonly found on the head (tinea capitis) or upper body (tinea corporis) i.e. Oral or Topical fungicide medicine as prescribed by physician for at least 72 hours (3 days) for tinea corporis or 14 days for tinea capitis . Lesion: flesh-colored to light-pink pearly papules with a dent or depression in the middle. Lesions must be curetted (scraped out) by a physician at least 24 hours prior and subsequently covered for competition. Impetigo is a superficial bacterial infection most commonly found on the face, neck, and upper extremities. Lesion: begins as a thin-walled vesicle that ruptures to expose a raw surface covered in a yellowish-brown or honey-colored crust.
Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles that appears in areas of high friction and perspiration and is caused by a bacteria (most commonly Staphylococcus aureus). Folliculitis: red or white bumps at the base of the hair follicles, especially in areas that have been shaved, taped, or abraded.
Carbuncle lesion: when multiple furuncles join, a mass of pus filled tissue develops with localized redness and swelling. MRSA aka Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus is a severe bacterial infection that common antibiotics cannot treat. Perform a daily full-body skin check and report any suspicious lesions to your athletic trainer or physician as soon as it appears!
SHOWER with antimicrobial soap immediately after practices and games and wash hands frequently.

If not treated, some of these diseases can lead to potentially dangerous complications – and thus more time out of practice and competition. Syphilis continues to be a major cause of morbidity throughout the world despite its sensitivity to penicillin and its success of the 1950’s and 1960’s in reducing the incidence.
It is relatively easy if someone presents with an ulcer in the genital area that is painless, indurated and they have a good history of contact.  If dark ground microscopy  is also available then the diagnosis can be further supported, if typical spirochetes  are seen in exudate from the lesions.
Most cases are diagnosed by serology as often the initial ulcer is not considered as syphilis or dark ground microscopy is negative when it is done. Enzyme linked immunosorbant assay (EIA) are now commonly used as the initial screening test and they are very specific and sensitive.  However even these tests may not be positive in primary syphilis. A 26 year old Japanese student arrived in the UK after having had unprotected sex in Japan a few weeks earlier. He had a single large lesion on the prepuce which looked very red and beefy. A 31 year old gay man returned from a holiday in the Far East feeling unwell with fever, malaise, generalised lymphadenopathy and a dramatic rash all over his body involving face, scalp, trunk, limbs, including palms and soles Figs 6a,6b,6c,6d.
If you call our office when you feel the tingling sensation associated with cold sores (herpetic lesions) we can now treat the area with the diode laser. Since our diode laser kills the viral particles of a cold sore, it will often decrease the frequency of recurrent cold sores or herpetic lesions in the treated area.
If you or someone you know could benefit from this treatment with the diode laser please give our office a call. If you would like treatment our would just like more information about our office do not hesitate to call. Biolase Waterlase MD can effectively treat herpetic lesions ,aphthous ulcers and traumatic ulcers producing great results in speed healing, eliminating pain to a minimum. Though normally circular in shape, the lesion may present with a more irregularly shaped border in athletes. Develops quickly from small pustules into larger pustules or abscesses with swelling, redness, and possibly black markings. Even in developed countries with good medical care the incidence of syphilis is rising dramatically and it is even more worrying that many cases are associated with HIV infection also. Luckily, newer serological tests are positive in most cases of early, even in primary, syphilis.

If you get herpetic lesions or cold sores we can now help you eliminate the embarrassment, pain, and discomfort. The patient to the left has several herpetic lesions or cold sores just beginning to form on his lip.
If you are already experiencing a breakout we can still treat the affected area and you will experience immediate pain relief and the soft tissue laser- diode laser will promote collagen formation and start the healing process so the outbreak heals faster. It may take several treatments, but if we can treat the area each time symptoms start with our diode laser you should experience less breakouts, smaller breakouts, or you may not have a breakout in this area again. We can get you in for a appointment the day you call if it is a scheduled work day in the office. We welcome all new patients and would be pleased help you with your oral care in our office. This highly contagious and potentially dangerous infection MAY NOT be covered for competition. Many diagnoses are made late as many health care workers are unfamiliar with the early features of infectious syphilis.
Within three days the lesions were healing rapidly. Note the granulation tissue and the healed margins. With this diode laser we are able to treat your cold sore – herpetic lesion before you have an outbreak or when the first symptoms appear. We have had great results with our patients and non patients who come to our office after hearing about this procedure. In fact, the pain from the cold sore or herpetic lesion will be reduced or eliminated immediately after the laser treatment.

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