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Ranked amongst the top crane hire companies in the world, Johnson Crane Hire has long been distinguished as the smartest in its field.
Running the largest mobile crane fleet in Africa is an immense undertaking, so it is important that the company approach each lift with due diligence and care. Due to the nature of heavy lifts, Johnson Crane Hire places safety at the top of its checklist. Comprehensive workshop facilities, technical expertise and superior systems have earned Johnson Crane Hire the reputation of owning the most well maintained lifting equipment in Africa. In addition to the systematic upkeep of the company’s machines, Johnson Crane Hire has a team of highly skilled and trained operators. Yaman says that staff turnover in the company is remarkably low, with many employees clocking up service records of 30 years and more. In order to provide industry with best practice heavy lifting, Johnson Crane Hire operates its own comprehensive in-house training facility in Vanderbijlpark. The Johnson Crane Hire training centre is registered to certify operators and the certified trainers have considerable expertise in identifying potential and capabilities within operators and are also able to deal with a broad range of behavioural issues. Both theoretical and practical training is undertaken, with safety forming an integral part of the TETA-accredited coursework. Since it is vital that individuals be trained on the specific cranes that they will be required to operate, operational training is complemented by exercises in travelling on roads as well as assembling and stripping cranes.
Founded in 1976, Johnson Crane Hire operates across the country with a fleet of hydraulic and crawler cranes ranging from 8 to 750 tons, for both the short and long term, on any type of project.
Branches are strategically located around South Africa in line with the company’s philosophy of being on hand to meet all customers’ needs around the clock. The Johnson Crane Hire South African operation extends its services into Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe and other southern African countries on both an ad hoc and project basis. The company’s reputation for quality service is attributable to a number of factors including its dogmatic decision to purchasing only tried and proven brand names like Tadano, Grove, Liebherr and Terex, including the only 750 ton crawler crane in Africa. It boasts the most modern fleet of truck mounts, all-terrain and rough-terrain hydraulic cranes, as well as crawler cranes, all of which provide a capacity and range capable of meeting any customer requirement. In addition to standard lifting projects, Johnson Crane Hire is also frequently requested to undertake specialised ad hoc jobs that often call for heavy lift cranes with a capacity of 200 tons upwards.
Expertise is provided by professionals who bring added value services to the table including rigging, transport, lift engineering, CAD studies and insurance. Claiming a diverse portfolio of past successes, Johnson Crane Hire can help determine the most effective lifting solutions for factory to foundation projects, from inception to completion involving planning, methodology, lift engineering, cranes, route surveying, transport and rigging.
The lift engineering team charts the lift in advance, identifying crucial lifting performance and critical paths to eliminate undesirable incidents and to provide innovative solutions to all lifting challenges. Johnson Crane Hire adheres to the strictest ethical standards with total transparency and offers a professional service through its dedicated and competent team. Branches are strategically located around South Africa ensuring that customers have access to its extensive fleet of cranes of varying capacities. Extensive experience with both routine and complicate lifts means Johnson Crane Hire can help determine the most effective lifting solutions. Johnson Crane Hire imported the only 750-ton lattice boom crawler crane into its heavy lift fleet.
There are many substances that could be applied to a tree stump to kill it, but Epsom salt has advantages over other stump removal chemicals.
Pour approximately a 1- to 2-inch layer of Epsom salt over the top of the freshly cut stump. Cover the stump with a thick black trash bag and secure by strapping it to the trunk using a bungee cord or rope.

Allow the plastic bag to remain securely in place over the stump for at least three months or until the stump is completely dead. Over the past year, my friend Dave at PaleoHacks has been working on a secret cookbook with world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu chef Peter Servold. In the years running Healthy Holistic Living, I have come to the realization that empowering yourself with information is the key good health. On a monthly basis, I will be updating this list in an effort to provide you with resources to help you along the way. About Latest Posts Michelle TooleMichelle Toole is the founder and head editor of Healthy Holistic Living. FINANCIAL PLANNING — We begin by developing a Financial Plan that is unique and specific to you. We are goal-based investment managers: we customize your portfolio to meet your specific goals.
We allocate investments across a global range of strategies, finding best-in-class vehicles for every component in your portfolio. COLLABORATION WITH KEY PROFESSIONALS — To help us support and care for our clients, we work as needed with proven professionals in estate planning, tax planning, insurance, and health care. CASH FLOW ANALYSIS — Whether your investments are aimed at funding your expenses today or your plans for tomorrow, it’s critical to understand your cash flow. Building your wealth relies in part on getting your income, spending, debt payment, and taxes all in sync, working together. Qualifying this statement, Peter Yaman, sales executive explains that this accolade was earned through the company’s emphasis on providing more than just a crane hire service. This entails ensuring that all lifting equipment is kept in optimum condition through regular, proactive maintenance schedules and ongoing inspections by third party inspectorates. Not only are the operators well versed in the actual operation of the cranes, but they are also completely familiarised with the application of comprehensively documented and implemented safety systems. Due to the complexity of some of the machines operated by Johnson Crane Hire, the company also undertakes specific training through external authorities.
Trainee operators spend six weeks at the training centre undertaking a training programme that has been developed by Johnson Crane Hire and which exceeds the basic legislated requirements.
This sets Johnson Crane Hire apart from the majority of other training facilities since they are able to provide trainees with full accessibility to cranes for these practical programmes. The company works together with customers to design the optimum lifting solution supplying professional operators and full supervision, including all necessary rigging equipment, in a single source supplier approach. The company’s head office and the Heavy Lift Division are situated in Germiston and these are complemented by branches in Burgersfort, Cape Town, Durban, Lephalale, Johannesburg, Middelburg, Port Elizabeth, Richards Bay, Rustenburg, Saldanha, Trichardt, Vanderbijlpark and Welkom, with a subsidiary operation in Botswana. The company has an acknowledged track record in delivering appropriate solutions for the power, petrochemical, refinery, industrial, mining and civil infrastructure industries, throughout Africa, on a number of milestone projects.
These Liebherr MK110 cranes are designed specifically for the construction environment and are built to operate in constricted areas, using unique operating methods. This type of project requires not only cranage, but also a full project management package that includes engineering, heavy transport, rigging and site supervision.
Site inspection and rigging studies are included in the service to customers at no extra cost. A comprehensive risk assessment is conducted to determine any potential problems and appropriate solutions are created before the crane even arrives on site. Johnson Crane Hire’s internal rigging services provide heavy lift crane support and this is supplemented by accredited outsourced rigging services, with certified riggers and equipment. Rock salt or caustic lye would dry out the wood, but high sodium levels could make it difficult to replant after the stump has been removed.

The holes need to be wide enough to pour Epsom salt into them and deep enough into the trunks flesh for the salt to be absorbed through the roots. It is best to apply the salt mixture to the stump while the cut is fresh so it will better be absorbed into the stump’s inner layers and into the root system. Remove the plastic bag and check the stump for rotting and decay, a sure sign the stump in addition to its roots are dead and will not re-sprout (2). I encourage all of you to take back your power and gain the knowledge you need to live the fullest, healthiest and happiest life possible. Unlike most others in our field, we don’t charge an additional fee for this service — we see it as a key part of providing complete advice. First, it lets us bring your future into the present, so we can do something about it today; second, it involves a process that’s invaluable, because by working through it we really get to know you. Because each client has unique needs and circumstances, before we build a portfolio we’ll analyze every aspect of your current financial situation, along with the outcomes you desire. Our focus is not on competing against random benchmarks, it’s on raising the probability of meeting your objectives.
Each portfolio that we build is unique, but all are developed with a bias toward value investments — those that are priced well in relation to the company’s underlying assets and current profitability.
By collaborating with people we trust and respect, we can make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction — for our client’s benefit.
Major repair work is undertaken at the comprehensively equipped national workshop based in Germiston, Gauteng,” adds Yaman. Compliance with industry safety standards ensures that these systems and the risk assessments conducted before each lift form an integral part of the safety culture ingrained in every Johnson Crane Hire employee. Over the past few years, we have invested in excess of half a billion Rand in new cranes,” Yaman points out. The customer centric offerings ensure that all customer deadlines are respected and plant downtime is minimised.
The company also provides heavy and abnormal transport to move loads horizontally or vertically through an extensive partnership with transport providers. Commercial stump removal preparations contain potassium nitrate, which aids decomposition but does little to kill a living stump. We make sure we understand your goals, your tolerance for risk, and your personal relationship with money.
This process leads us to draft a well-conceived Investment Policy Statement — and that guides all the investment decisions made on your behalf.
Because we develop a thorough understanding of how and when you hope to use each of your assets, we can allocate your investments in ways that maximize return, reduce risk and minimize expenses and tax exposure.
We also serve as plan advisor and fiduciary for business owners who wish to establish or manage retirement plans for their employees.
Elements such as CAD rigging studies, comprehensive assessments, method statements and risk assessments must all be factored in,” Yaman explains.
While competence and accountability are key aspects of all training programmes, the prevailing theme is safety.
In sufficient quantity, Epsom salt pulls moisture from the wood, which then kills the tree.

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