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Country Projects Please click on a red ribbon below to view country specific information for the relevant country. HOUSTON, 31 July 2008, (New Zimbabwe) - American researchers say they have found a novel technique that can DESTROY the HI-virus, and PREVENT infection. The findings by Dr Paul and fellow researchers will be keenly followed by the estimated 24,5 million people infected with HIV & AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. At least 1,7 million of those people are in Zimbabwe where some 180,000 people die every year from HIV & AIDS. Current HIV drugs cannot destroy the virus because of its ability to mutate and adapt to drugs by changing its coating.
The researchers have tested their findings by arming the immune system with their new weapon that lab tests and animal trials show WORKS.
HIV patients around the world are put on a powerful drug cocktail that keeps the disease in check. This new vaccine, researchers say, would be drastically different from current HIV treatments, which are used to block some parts of the virus' life cycle. They believe this weakness can be exploited with something called an abzyme -which is naturally produced by people, like lupus patients. They're hoping that this basic idea could be used to control the disease for people who already have it and prevent infection for those at risk.
So far, their theory has held up in lab and animal testing with the next step being human trials.
The researchers say if they can get the viral loads down to a manageable level, that will preclude the need for conventional HIV & AIDS drugs.
Yet even with success, it's at least five years before the research could help people with HIV, and doctors know millions of people are waiting.
Dr Paul said the United States government has been financially supporting the group of researchers for over a decade, but in order to move forward with the clinical trials, they will need the support of the private sector.
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If researchers are right about their recent HIV discovery, it could save thousands of lives, especially among African Americans. Researchers at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia found a way to destroy the HIV-1 virus from human cells.
DISCLAIMER: The content or opinions expressed on this web site are not to be interpreted as medical advice. The Late Bernie Mac Died of Sarcoidosis -- What is it and Why is it More Common Among African Americans? The compound, Kumdang-2, is allegedly extracted from ginseng using fertilizer, rare-earth elements, gold, and platinum, and solves every health problem with a single injection.
There aren’t any reported clinical trials of Kumdang-2, so whether or not it actually works is still up in the air.
There are no published clinical trials of Kumdang-2, so you’ll just have to rely on “the opinions of millions of patients, all of which have been collected over the last 23 years since May, 1989.” Real patients. Sign up for our newsletter and never miss the hot stories Thank you for subscribing to Global Grind!

On Thursday, researchers unveiled that they are now one step closer towards finding a vaccine that fights AIDS virus and lessens its development. What held scientists back and tied their hands from finding this kind of vaccine since a long time is that the HIV virus is highly mutable and can change its protein composition different times to avoid being caught by any immune system or any medications.
Scientists have found an unchanging part of the virus and consequently, managed to attach an antibody that sticks to this part of the virus and eliminate it. Doctors in Barcelona, Spain believe they have found the cure to HIV – the AIDS-causing virus that affects the lives of more than 34 million people worldwide, according to WHO. By using blood transplants from the umbilical cords of individuals with a genetic resistance to HIV, Spanish medical professionals believe they can treat the virus, having proven the procedure successful with one patient. A 37-year-old man from Barcelona, who had been infected with the HIV virus in 2009, was cured of the condition after receiving a transplant of blood. While unfortunately the man later died from cancer just three years later, having developed lymphoma, the Spanish medical team is still hugely encouraged by what it considers to be a breakthrough in the fight against HIV and related conditions, according to the Spanish news source El Mundo. Doctors in Barcelona initially attempted the technique using the precedent of Timothy Brown, an HIV patient who developed leukemia before receiving experimental treatment in Berlin, the Spanish news site The Local reported. According to The Local, the CCR5 Delta 35 mutation affects a protein in white blood cells and provides an estimated one percent of the human population with high resistance to infection from HIV. Prior to the transplant, a patient’s blood cells are destroyed with chemotherapy before they are replaced with new cells, incorporating the mutation which means the HIV virus can no longer attach itself to them. Despite the unfortunate death of the patient from cancer, the procedure has led to the development of an ambitious project that is backed by Spain’s National Transplant Organization. March 2016 will mark the world’s first clinical trials of umbilical cord transplants for HIV patients with blood cancers. British Woman Marries DOG In ‘Romantic’ expensive Wedding Ceremony – After Marriage To Man Failed. HIV Cure News: Have South African Scientists Found Antibody To Kill Virus That Causes AIDS? News 7 Reasons Angelica Rivera Has Failed As Mexico's First Lady Lifestyle The Only 4 Fitness Tips You Need For That Summer Body! In Case You Missed Lifestyle Natural Ways To Detox Your Body After The Holidays Entertainment Hottest Latino Artists Who Turned Up The Heat In 2015! Current treatments can have severe side effects, including toxicity, and 15 percent of patients are resistant to them. He said he and his team have zeroed in on a section of a key protein in HIV's structure that does not mutate. Critical funding must first be secured for human trials and in the world of HIV research, that's often where things fall apart. He said when the researchers can get financial backing from a private company, development of the vaccine will follow.
Please consult with your doctor or medical practitioner before utilizing any suggestions on this web site. Dre Shows Off His Body at 49-Years Old -- How He Lost 50 Pounds and Lowered His Blood Pressure! It’s definitely real, and definitely not just propaganda meant to troll South Korea as it deals with an outbreak of MERS. Either there’s something fishy about this miracle drug, or North Korea’s dear leader, Kim Jong-un, has been in possession of a universal cure for three years and held out on the rest of the world.

Gary Nabel of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, expressed a more optimistic view regarding this vaccine than toward any other cure that appeared for the last 10 years. As a result, even if a human body increase its efforts and created more antibodies, it will not get a hand on the virus. For the Barcelona patient, stem cells from another donor were used in order to accelerate the regeneration process. Her work has been published in VICE, Weight Watchers Magazine, Unique Homes Magazine, US Airways Magazine, Vista Magazine, Daily Glow and Kaplan. This is primarily due to cost and unfortunately most of these people are in the developing world.
Because HIV is the 5th leading cause of death for Black men and the 7th leading cause of death for Black women between the ages of 25-44. The research team, lead by Kamel Khalili, PhD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Neuroscience at Temple, were able to turn HIV infected cells into cells that were free from infection.
It may be a long time before a confirmed cure can be announced, but the recent breakthrough definitely puts us on the right road.
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This percentage is about 40% more than any AIDS antibodies discovered till now had offered, initiating the first real approach heading toward finding a cure for HIV AIDS that actually works.
If this works, it would be the single major breakthrough in the history of medicine," Takawira said. A self-proclaimed foodie, Susmita is a freelance list maker, part-time Shaq devotee, and a full-time eyeliner junkie who believes mac and cheese is a birthright. More from Susmita Baral more articles Environmental Problems Affecting 20 Latin American Countries Environmental Problems Affecting 20 Latin American Countries 13 Thanksgiving Cocktails Perfect For The Holidays!
Scientsts have been working towards a cure for the disease for years, but as of now, there is no fullproof cure. But scientists in South Africa have reportedly mapped the evolution of an antibody that kills different HIV strains.
This finding is significant, as the scientists believe that the antibody will lead to a vaccine that will put a stop to the incurable disease. The scientists, according to the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD), have been monitoring and studying one female patient's response to the HIV infection and the antibodies she's created.
Published in the journal Nature, the study has been able to identify antibodies that are produced in the body's response to HIV. While most antibodies do not manage to kill the virus, a few "broadly neutralizing antibodies" can damange the protective layer of the virus and kill it."The outer covering of HIV has a coating of sugars that prevents antibodies from reaching the surface to neutralise the virus. In this patient, we found that her antibodies had 'long arms', which enabled them to reach through the sugar coat that protects HIV," Penny Moore, one of the lead scientists, said in a statement.According to Lynn Morris, the head of the virology unit at NICD, the researchers have successfully cloned the antibodies that the body creates in response ot the virus and are currently being tested to see if they can immunize a patient without the disease. Specifically, the study finds that HIV-1 (there are two types of HIV: HIV-1 and HIV-2) can be prevented from invading human cells by being exposed to extracts of the geranium plant Pelargonium sidoides, which halts the virus from taking over by not allowing it to replicate. The researchers involved in the study found that geranium extract protects blood and immune cells from the infection by preventing the HIV particle from attaching to the human cells. Essentially, the plant extract can not only stop the virus from replicating but also stops the virus from invading a human cell.

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