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Many studies on the role of ICT as a catalyst to change learning scenarios have failed to grasp relevant developments because they were working on the ground of a given set of technology options and codified learning models.
The HOTEL Support Action aims to contribute to more effective, holistic and faster innovation cycles in European TEL, by increasing quality at the level of the cycle itself and of the different phases foreseen, that can be replicated in the future.
The focus of the support action is on adult learners and the ways they use or might use ICT to learn as a structured and fully organized activity, but also as a side effect of work and personal development in many fields.

Design studies have been characterized, with varying emphasis depending on the study, as iterative, process focused, interventionist, collaborative, multileveled, utility oriented, and theory driven. (Shavelson et al. Because of the iterative nature of better learning design, we would add the emphasis on the importance of data tracking at the end of this article. If the areas of implicit, tacit and informal learning are not taken into consideration there is little chance to discover fundamentally new forms of learning through ICT. Instead, the iterative view recognises the unpredictability of the design of education where people, their diversity, complexity and culture are part of the design space, not simply users of an end product.

It is not enough to design a computer program which performs to specification, tests correctly and is viewed as satisfactory – in education such software is subject to the richness of human discourse, re-interpretation and creativity.
Iterative nature isn’t only true for the process of instructional design, but also true for the process of learning.

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