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A Florida teenager fascinated with the medical field was arrested for impersonating a doctor multiple times. Authorities said the trio were homicide victims and have said the killings were not random.
Therefore authorities have concluded the public has nothing to worry about while holistic doctors keep being found dead at an alarming rate.
Forensics workers from the Santa Barbara County Sheriffa€™s office and the state Justice Department continue to process the scene of three homicides, described as a€?horrifica€? by law enforcement. Sadly, just since this interview, several more have been found dead (including 2 local holistic practitioners just a bicycle ride away from us here in Florida) One was the close colleague of Dr Bradstreet (one of the first to be found dead himself) and another a friend of 10 years.
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Water Treatment Plant Foreman, Matthew McFarland, and the woman leading the lead poisoning suit, Sasha Avonna Bell, were found dead within days of each other.
On August 21, 2014 test showed the city’s water tested high for THMs, a chlorine byproduct of disinfecting water, with which long term exposure has been linked to cancer and other diseases.
Though the city stated that the water was safe, the employees of the Flint Public Library declared the water undrinkable after noticing that the water from the faucets and toilets was discolored.
It was discovered that the high levels of lead were due to orthophosphate being omitted from the water treatment process, while using a pH of 7.4 and that the orange water was due to the high concentration of chloride in the Flint River water, which caused excessive corrosion of the cast iron mains pipes. Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription.

Weidong Henry Han, from California, was found brutally murdered with his wife and daughter in his home in Santa Barbara in California. It happened in an upscale home less than a mile from the Sheriffa€™s Department headquarters in the hills above the Goleta Valley.
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