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Nearly a dozen holistic doctors have been reported missing or dead, though none were known to have any life-threatening health condition. Shockingly, all were in some way involved in activities related to the use of a naturally occurring immunity-boosting protein known as GcMAF to lessen the effects of autism and other health-related conditions.
GcMAF is a protein made naturally by the body that helps the immune system ward off cancer and other disease on a day-to-day basis. Human GcMAF, sometimes referred to as a€?vitamin D binding protein macrophage activating factor,a€™ is believed by many to hold great potential in the treatment of autism, cancer, chronic fatigue and possibly Parkinson’s disease plus other chronic health conditions.
Research has shown these same actions can also help the body in reducing the effects of a number of neurological diseases, including Parkinsona€™s, Alzheimera€™s, as well as inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis. Like several other holistic physicians among those to die mysteriously or disappear over just a few week’s time, Dr.
Are the police or investigators looking into the link between toxic vaccines, GcMAF and the death of these doctors? Thinking it unlikely children with autism have undiagnosed cancers, the doctor turned his attention to viral etiology.
Less disease leads to a lowered need for pharmaceuticals and a negative impact on big pharma profits.A  In addition, the growing doubt in vaccinations weaken health official recommendations to follow vaccination programs and reduces profits for the pharmaceutical industry.
For many, these facts are enough to fuel suspicion that pharmaceutical companies are adding nagalase to their products and that there is more to these doctors’ deaths and disappearances than mere coincidence. Natural Health 365 is a premium source of trending and popular health-related news, science, testimony & research articles on the most up to date and relevant natural health information.
Pregnancy & Vaccinations, Whooping Cough Outbreak in Immunized Children, Gardasil Vaccine Deadly, Mandatory Adult Vaccinations?. In addition to publishing articles concerning the most up-to-date information on vaccines and their dangerous and unintended consenquences, we also aim to connect healthy lifestyles, diets and balanced consumption of dietary supplements to lifelong health and a strong, naturally-boosted immune system and adding happy years to your life. Did you know that pharmaceutical companies lobby to make vaccines mandatory for every child & adult in the US?
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Natural Health 365 also is a venue for webinars on various topics, has a flourishing e-commerce store where you can purchase vitamins, pro biotics, supplements and unique products such as Grazing Goat Whey Protein. Balsam Fir Essential Oil has been used traditionally for fever, rheumatic pain and any kind of respiratory or sinus infections.

Valor® is an empowering combination of therapeutic-grade essential oils that works with both the physical and spiritual aspects of the body to increase feelings of strength, courage, and self-esteem in the face of adversity.
Nutiva's certified organic seeds are grown without any chemical pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.
Yet, that simple fact has become the link in a growing controversy that includes everything from accusations of quackery to conspiracy to commit murder. Jeff Bradstreet, a man-of-the-cloth-turned-physician who was also a prominent voice in the anti-vaccine movement.
Bradstreet was found dead on June 19, the victim of a gunshot wound to the chest that local officials suggest was self-inflicted.
Bradstreet began delving into the study of nagalase and its potential role in autism and other conditions.
Bradstreet and the other dead or missing holistic doctors may have begun to suspect was that nagalase has been intentionally added to vaccines. Bradstreet and others like him had strong evidence to support this, they at least had begun to reveal the secret.
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Or that certain vaccines have been linked directly to the development of autism in children?
Renowned for its strengthening qualities, Valor enhances an individual's internal resources.
GcMAF is found naturally in the blood and stimulates what is known as the macrophage component of the immune system to help it destroy cancer cells and viral invaders.
It is known that most, if not all, of the doctors who recently died or disappeared were somehow connected to treatment practices involving GcMAF to prevent the negative effects of nagalase. Articles range in topic from vaccination overviews to linking specific, common vaccines to the development of autism. Diversify Your Diet to Help Against Type-2 Diabetes 10 Ways to Control Blood Sugar without Medication 5 Tips to Protect Aging Skin from the Sun Top 10 High-Protein Vegetables for Your Diet HPV vaccine investigation leaves crucial questions unasked Big Food: The Public Cana€™t Handle the a€?Trutha€™ About GMOs Navigating the Plastic Jungle a€“ Understanding Whata€™s What PLUS Easy Ways to Adjust Your Plastic Use Is your favorite grocery store making you fat? It also works by blocking the supply of nutrients to cancer cells by squeezing off blood vessel development at the site.

Bradstreet was himself the parent of both a child and stepchild who suffered from autism spectrum disorders. Bradstreet claimed to have tested over 400 children with autism for the viral marker nagalase, finding nearly 80 percent had significantly elevated levels. We also aim to educate the public on the dangers of vaccines and provide in depth analysis of political vaccination bills. For all other uses, carefully dilute with a carrier oil such as jojoba, grapeseed, olive, or almond oil prior to use.
It is the fiber in chia that causes chia seed to swell when combined with water, creating chia gel.
Whether you eat chia gel or just the raw seeds, the hydrophilic action of chia seed will keep you full longer than many other seeds. This oil can usually be found in every household because it has so many common applications. If pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use.
Use chia seed in puddings and smoothies, sprinkle on top of porridge and salads, and add to baked goods in place of flaxseed meal or poppy seeds. Menthyl Salicylate and Gaultherilene are the two main components of this essential oil and Menthyl Salicylate forms an integral part of almost every antiarthritic and analgesic balm for muscle and joint pain that is available on the market.
Try our recipe for chia fresca, a refreshing drink perfect for a hot summer day in place of lemonade or use it as pre- or post-workout fuel. The gelling nature of chia makes it an ideal (and nutritious) substitute for pectin in jam. No matter the dish, you can increase the nutritional value of any meal with a sprinkle of chia seed.

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