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He developed a natural approach to healthcare after he was in a car accident and a friend suggested that he saw a chiropractor to help heal his injuries.
He has an Associates Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a concentration in finance. But after working for years in banking, investments,and the finance professions he knew that he had not found his calling.
Scwartz is very concerned about his patients and has learned to choose the chiropractic technique that is best for each patient. Schwartz noted, “ In an ideal world with unlimited insurance benefits, I see a practice that would espouse all aspects of healing: physical, emotional, and spiritual professions all working as one, with the ultimate goal of maximizing the patients health, longevity, and quality of life. He has 12 years of chiropractic experience, including using the Activator technique, which is a low force technique that is safe for adjusting infants, pregnant moms, and geriatric patients. Schwartz visited a chiropractic and learned about how the body functions and how it impacts human's health. He does not try to mold a patient to a technique, because he chooses the technique that he feels is perfect for the patient's best outcome and results. He allots time to learn of his patients' histories, by taking consultations, and doing the examinations.
Professions such as acupuncture, diet and nutrition, weight loss, and magnetic healing all have tremendous impacts on our body’s ability to function at maximal capacity.

Magnetic therapy relieved her friends and pets of their illnesses, so she became an independent wellness consultant using magnetic therapy. It is a great technique because it doesn’t cause the same stereotypical “crack” of a manual adjustment. He explained that, “All of the techniques have their merits but none is a cure." But how long does he spend with a patient? The most important step is “taking time” to educate the patients about their conditions and how they can be helped. In fact, DD Palmer, who is the founder of chiropractic, was also studying magnetic healing when he cured a patient of deafness and then went on to study the nervous system and its impact on health. She attends health fairs and does in- home products’ previews to show how the use of the earth's natural energies can help others regain balance in their lives.
He uses this technique on most of his first time patients who may have some safety concerns or who are nervous or apprehensive about undergoing their first adjustments. Schwartz practiced as an associate in Thomaston, GA with Dr Dean Fuller for two years and then owned his own practice in Hiram, GA for four years.
He said that, “ I spend about one hour for a consultation, examination, and x-rays of each new patient.
Another technique Dr, Schwartz uses is the Sacro-Occipital Technique, which is a very low force adjustment which focuses on alignment of two very important areas of the spine: the skull and the sacrum.

That is followed by the second visit which takes about 45 minutes as I now need to educate the patient about their condition, and let them know of their options for care and prognosis of the case.
He is a true believer of holistic health care, because his team at Tucker Chiropractic firmly believes that “chiropractic, although it is highly effective in most cases, it is not a panacea. This technique uses blocks to position the pelvis and sacrum in a very specific position and utilizes gravity to make the adjustment. He believes that, “Actually, as funny as life is, we often are led to where God best needs us and for us to do our best ministry.” He certainly has found his calling. We utilize several therapies as an adjunct to the adjustment: massage therapy works on the muscular system, heat and ice are therapies designed to facilitate healing, and rehabilitative exercises improve stability of the spine. This technique is extremely effective in treating lower back problems and disc herniation cases. Finally, this doctor uses ChiropracticBioPhysics (CBP), which is a technique that analyzes the form of the spine in relationship to what our normal spine should look like and strives to rehabilitate the spine to its normal position. Master Wang has been a judge eleven times at theA International Chinese Martial Arts Tournament.

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