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Eastern techniques and western ideas combine for optimum results in healing your mind, body and spirit.
Here at the Holistic Healing Centre, we believe positive health isn’t just a healthy body but also a positive outlook and a healthy zest for life! The Holistic Healing Centre in Mudgee has the therapies and resources available to help you achieve this balance and make it a reality. Please take the time to browse our website and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
There are some seminars, workshops and vision quests on a wide range of areas concerning natural traditional healing, shamanism, angels, dowsing, tantra yoga, growth & renewal and spiritual life path issues. A wide range of traditional healing techniques, including shamanic healing work, divination readings and individual life path mentoring are always available. The centre itself also enjoys a private peace garden with sacred space and meditation area. Customized personal attention, in line with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is something we value highly at Arogya Holistic Healing. Our goal is to provide our community with high-quality services in a nurturing, safe, and therapeutic environment. Arogya offers an integrative approach to wellness, intended to compliment other lifestyle changes and healing modalities you many be pursuing. Arogya also provides a unique selection of holistically-oriented gifts for home and body, such as natural soy candles, homemade soaps, incense, natural skincare products, signature essential oil blends, Chinese herbal remedies, healing salves, and artisan teaware from around the world. Select Arogya products are available online --this is an ever-changing offering of our handmade products in Connecticut depending on the season.
Regarded by many as Connecticut's finest source for organic teas, Arogya proudly offers over a hundred pure and blended teas, tisanes, and various signature concoctions made with only the best ingredients from around the world, each brimming with esteemed quality and sumptuosity in taste.

The ancient Indian science of Ayurveda is one of the richest therapeutic disciplines in the world with the help of which almost any king of ailment can be cured.
Soukya is the first center of its kind in the world and within just few years of its inception the center came into limelight, even in the world spectrum. Apart from healing the body ailments, Soukya also encourages people towards leading a healthy life.
Take part in the common yoga session before breakfast which is being monitored by the experienced yoga masters of the center. Soukya in Bangalore has brought a new phase in the alternative medical therapies of the state with its highly standardized services. It is the approach of Soukya towards healthcare that makes it stand separate from the rest of its kind. Along with our day to day life activities, our food consumption habits also play a vital role in keeping us healthy.
Though the center is a great place to savor rejuvenating sessions, it also provides great opportunities for spending the holidays. This entry was posted in Luxury Hotels India, Spa Resorts India and tagged saukya bangalore, saukya Holistic Center, saukya spa resort. Each individual is unique, and Chinese Medicine allows for the whole person to be treated - mind, body, and spirit.
With expertise in traditional healing methods, Arogya practitioners help restore the body to its proper function while addressing acute issues of pain or imbalance.
With the skill and knowledge of our practitioners, combined with the Western, Ayurvedic, and Chinese loose herbs found in our natural apothecary, we hope to facilitate powerful and lasting change for each person who walks through our door. A visionary from the South Indian state of Karnataka has realized the potential of this natural science and thus established Soukya, a holistic healing center in Bangalore.

The setting of this healing center is precisely done with a view that our natural world has a close coordination with our day to day lifestyle.
The core principle of Ayurveda says that human beings are considered to be healthy when their mind, body and spirit are completely balanced, and in Soukya, the therapies are directed towards creating this balance between mind, body and spirit. A morning wakeup call by the fresh warm rays of the sun accompanied by a hot cup of tea sets the mood for the entire day. The therapists in this center go for a detailed evaluation of the problems that the guests are facing before developing any therapeutic program for them.
Thus in Soukya, the therapists along with the master chefs of the center prepare special dietary chart for the guest according to their body needs. Even for the people in a business trip or so, Soukya can be a good option as they can discover a new way to lead their life in a healthy manner even in this fast paced world of 21st century.
Our services include Acupuncture, Massage, Shiatsu, Qigong, Private Yoga, Thai Massage, Reflexology, and Holistic Facials. Allow the morning air to freshen up all your senses by taking a walk through the avenue of the flowering trees that surrounded the coconut and fruit orchards. The person-oriented programs offered by Soukya focus on prevention of illness, early intervention and health promotion.
This in turn helps in strengthening the defense and immune system of the body which is very necessary to heal and prevent diseases.
An indulging yoga or Ayurveda session in Soukya not only is beneficial but an experience to remember for long.

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