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Kristin possesses a rare energy and spirit of exploration that fuels an active lifestyle and a curiosity for traveling and other cultures. Her sensitivity and kindness gave me the courage to embrace my health as my own, and not just a by-product of the traditional medical regime. I wanted to use up this lovely acorn squash that’s been hanging around my counter for some time, AND I was just wrapping up dinner at the time, so voila! It seems as though each new place I go, as I explore the city, country, forest or sea, I uncover more and more of myself—much more than I had expected to see viewing the sites & scenes of a beautiful city or countryside.
I don’t know about you, but I often travel (or get the urge to) in an attempt to escape. The one thing I always find interesting it how crystal clear life becomes when we step away from the hustle & bustle and start to really listen. By lowering the amount of processed junk in your diet, you are better able to appreciate and taste the naturally sweet flavors of fruits and sweet vegetables, like beets! And who doesn’t love all the liver-supporting, energy-giving, blood-purifying properties of beets?
I just whipped up this pan of veggies because I wanted something nourishing and warming, but also satisfying and filling. Use whatever fall veggies you have on hand or tend to prefer, but my favorite combo is sweet potatoes with Brussels sprouts. So many of us get stuck in this trap of thinking we must live our lives the way others around us are.
Is Organic Food Really Better?No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “it’s quality not quantity.” Well, that applies to your food more than you may know.
When Sue started working with me she taught me that its more than just about a diet but about what your body is telling you, and how to listen to it.
Sue’s knowledge, understanding and patience with me has given me the strength to keep positive. I realized that I can only take control of my life when I stop and listen to my body and soul. Suzanne recognizes that we are all different, and she is able to suggest an alternate method to achieve your goals that is more suitable to your lifestyle. As a holistic health coach, Suzanne helps cancer survivors move past the fear of their cancer returning and live with joy and confidence by reclaiming their health. Get FREE instant access to the report, recipes, audio, &The Art of Vibrant Living Newsletter!

We all have those days or weekends where we may eat and drink a little too much and end up feeling bloated, sluggish and guilty. I am so happy to be back doing another guest post on Lottie’s blog after my previous post where Lottie introduced me to you.
Empathetic, patient and kind, she exhibits a rare wisdom for someone so young—or really, any age at all! I really love how she combines all the health approaches and helps people choose which works best for them. We spend countless hours at the office, we make ourselves go to the gym even when we’re tired or not in the mood, we make ourselves gag on green juices that we hate or deprive ourselves of the food we really want. Takes a bit of patience to wait for the drumsticks to cook all the way through, but so worth the wait. To offer solace and respite from circumstances and things I don’t want to deal with anymore. An added bonus of eating an unrefined diet of whole foods is that your tastebuds re-adjust and become more sensitive, so that carrot, apple or sweet potato tastes as sweet as candy. And it’s incredibly common, especially if you live in the northern states (ahem, Chicago!). We eat what we believe is a healthy diet, we exercise, take our vitamins, go to bed early and avoid risky, dangerous behaviors.
Food is important, certainly, and it can be incredibly healing if used the right way, but it’s not everything—especially when used in the way that most people are using it right now. To ignore others’ expectations and standards of what you should be doing and how you should be living? We feel guilty if we want to do something different, either because others try to make us feel that way or because we have our own feelings of guilt by branching off and wanting something different than our peers, family or friends around us. I realized that when I was done with the treatment, my body and mind were not the same as before.
I learned that there are combinations of foods that could change the way I feel and the way I act. During our meetings, she offered advice, and resources to help us reach our individual goals.
Suzanne knows what it's like to find yourself finished with doctor appointments, treatments and tests and then wondering "Is anyone there to help me figure out what to do? Her programs help you make positive changes to stack the odds against your cancer from returning.

There’s still lots of controversy out there about whether they are worth it or not but, like everything, it comes down to how you feel and whether you enjoy them and feel they work for you!
This isn’t the end of the world but learning how to deal with it in a healthy way is important. We are constantly working on something, never giving ourselves time to just kick back and relax and do nothing for once. And then that candy practically hurts your mouth it’s so sweet (and not in a good way).
The further up from the equator you get, the more likely it is that SAD is something that you have, will or are currently dealing with, even if you don’t realize it. We get so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, frustrated and hopeless, less than happy and joyful.
Before I started working with Sue I tried everything under the sun to try and figure out what types of food would work for me both diet and mind. As I’m already a healthy person, I never felt the need to do a juice cleanse but since studying a little bit more about nutrition on my Holistic Health Coach course, I now consider any burst of nutrients, minerals and phytonutrients into the body to detox, cleanse and alkalise a good thing! Supporting them in creating a loving relationship with themselves and their body and work through any health issues that they maybe have, ranging from digestive issues, sugar addiction, stress. We don’t let ourselves go out and have fun, or flake on our work, or do anything we’re not “supposed” to do.
My favorites are onions, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes, but I’ve also made this with zucchini closer to the summer (photo below of that one).
Tapping our foot, we think, OK, I’m doing everything right, when will the bliss come along? I am still motivated to continue a healthier lifestyle, and will keep on going to the gym and making better food choices. This is due to the fact our digestive systems have to work so hard to process the acidic food and drink we eat such as meat, dairy, alcohol and processed foods and don’t get me wrong our digestive system is supposed to work for us but sometimes it needs a break. Lydia trained with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and now sees clients on a one to one basis and creates personal programmes to support their individual goals.

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