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This course will enable you to work out a treatment plan for the individual that stands the best chance of bringing lasting results. Back problems affect nine out of ten people at some point in their life, and every year more and more working days are lost due to back pain. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive your Certificate or Diploma and will be entitled to use post-nominal letters HH (Health and Harmony). Where applicable, qualified students are eligible for cover from Professional Indemnity Insurers. Should Health and Harmony Colleges cancel any course, participants are entitled to a full refund, otherwise no refund is granted. Monthly payment plans are due on the first of each month, late payments include a $15 admin fee.
When you enrol with a payment plan, you are liable for all payments even if you discontinue your study. Our mission at TriLuna is to close the gap between those who need holistic health care and those who provide it.
ACHS.edu provides the Holistic Health Alumni Practitioner Directory to help potential clients connect with Holistic Health Practitioners. Although practiced for thousands of years, holistic energy healing is said to be the new frontier in energy medicine. This alternative healing therapy works under the premise that we are we are ultimately made up of quantum energy.
The holistic practitioner uses the spiritual intent to heal, while using universal energy to redirect and rebalance your energy centers. Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Reiki and Pranic Healing all use hands on healing for this approach. The content of this site is for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any illness. Theory of Asian Bodywork is just the tip of the iceberg, and it represents the foundation from which our student leap into other Eastern modalities. Students of the Personal Fitness Trainer and Holistic Health Practitioner programs often have the goal of becoming their own boss, and starting thier own business. For those of you dreaming to make a career change, longing to take control of your future — becoming a business owner can be a scary prospect.
If sitting still is ok for you then find a quiet place in your home or in nature.  Sit with your back straight and head in a comfortable position. Now take a few deep breaths.  Letting go of any stress or tension you might be holding, just let it go and feel your self relax more with every breath. Deborah Ball is a certified massage therapist whose mission is to give everyone the opportunity to achieve their goals for health and wellbeing at any stage of their life through a holistic way of healing and living.  She specializes in deep tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish, Sports, Tui-na, Reflexology, Reiki and Aromatherapy. We are so blessed to be living in an era when, both, Eastern & Western healing modalities are available to us.
That inspired me to create the Synergistic Massage– a method of integrating both, Eastern and Western healing tools.
The Synergistic methods of the back massage incorporate the Bladder (Shu) Alarm points as a tool for both assessment and treatment. This massage helps us to release energetic blocks, which restrict our flow of Qi and limit our health and expansion. It designs to free the Qi flow within the meridians, as well as increase the flow from the meridians into the muscles & joints. The western oil strokes and deep tissue manipulations released her muscles tension, alleviate her pain and restored her joint mobility. To learn more about the Holistic Health Practitioner certification program, schedule a tour! The session consists of rhythmic pressure applied by the therapist, as well as positioning of the client in different yoga-like poses. Not being very a flexible person, some of the moves felt very odd, but I definitely felt the effects of the massage immediately after.
Aromatherapy continues to be the fastest growing complementary healthcare modalities of the twenty-first century and yet it continues to be the least understood, not only among healthcare practitioners but also particularly within the mainstream. Aromatherapy is practiced by a diverse set of lay people and practitioners, including naturopaths, nurses, massage therapists, independent aromatherapy consultants, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists, reflexologists, and, at times and in some countries, by medical doctors. Aromatherapy can be used to reduce anxiety and agitation, to heal skin ulcers, to reduce the impact of stress on the physical body, and to expectorate mucus from the lungs.  Aromatherapy can be applied in hospice environments to increase quality of life, in maternity wards to support the delivery process and relieve postpartum stress, and in bodywork practices to enhance the therapeutic benefits of the bodywork technique itself. The average healthy person can distinguish between ten and forty thousand odors, many on a subliminal level.
Smell relays messages from our outer world directly to the brain, influencing the physical body, mind and emotions. Olfactory nerve cells regenerate every thirty to sixty days, clearly underlining their importance. Mother Nature always has and always will provide us with many gifts to live healthy and wonderful lives.  Understanding and respecting the many healing properties of the plant kingdom will not only help us humans stay strong and balanced but our education and love for nature will keep the balance of the natural world for all the beings that live and thrive on this amazingly beautiful planet that is our home. At Mueller College, our Holistic Health Practitioner students have the rare opportunity to pursue the topics that pique both their curiosity and passion. I was first introduced to Artemesia douglasiana, mugwort, growing in tall abundant patches along the banks of the Russian River in Guerneville, California where we lived for a time while I attended my Professional Herbal Training Program in 1984.
A visit to the local library to research mugwort’s use in dream pillows affirmed its long history as a psychic activator, stimulating the creative centers of the brain. So I harvested bushels of mugwort and numinous bundles of mugwort hung from the ceiling of our home to dry.
In the ensuing years I made and sold thousands of dream pillows from mugwort wild harvested in San Diego, with reviews ranging from “I couldn’t sleep with it in the house,” to “It changed my life.” The only modification to the blend was to slightly reduce the amount of mugwort due to the complaints that it was too stimulating to actually allow sleep. Mugwort has also been employed for thousands of years as a medicinal herb and for burning at acupuncture points, known as moxibustion or moxa, to stimulate chi in the meridians.
These days, most of us sprint from the moment we wake up ’til the moment we go to sleep.

While this story might be an exaggeration of your life, you can probably relate to the stretched-out, beat-up, pulled-apart feeling such a day would create. When you’re at work, you focus with all you are on tackling and successfully completing each task. Taking a few minutes each day to think through these different aspects of yourself will help you maintain that mystical aspiration: balance. In this world with all the technology that we have at our fingertips to help us connect one to another, we are more disconnected and impersonal than ever. It’s hard to get over the lump in your throat, sometimes, but if ever a cliche had meaning, it is at this point: Fake It Til You Make It. There are a number of successful therapies for the treatment of back problems, but the trouble is that every patient is unique.
You´re not tied down to fixed start dates, although you are expected to complete within one year. This cover is considered essential for the professional practitioner and their clients in today´s climate. Health and Harmony Colleges reserve the right to change policies, procedures and prices without notice. Failure to remit payment may result in the debt being referred to a debt collection agency for recovery or legal action. Searching our trusted network of top-rated Holistic Health Practitioners is easy, give it a try today.
It is the wave of the future, now practiced in modern hospitals and holistic clinics.You may have come to this site because you have tried everything to recover from a serious illness or extreme pain.
Your energy can be influenced by universal energy and other energetic biofields (or auras).
Because of this, it can help manage extreme pain and may be beneficial for patients in pre and post surgery.Holistic energy therapy complements modern medicine and may transcend some of its limits. Learn about the most popular energy healing methods that can give your health a beautiful boost. Balancing your mind, body and spirit to live fully in the now and living a life full of health, joy, love, and peace.
What most people also don’t realize is that Mueller College students who choose to specialize in the Eastern modalities can become members of the American Organization of the Bodywork Therapies of Asia, an organization dedicated to supporting Eastern philosophical approaches to health and well-being by promoting Asian Bodywork Therapy.
Each program devotes an entire course to helping them understand the responsibility of running their own show.
The door of the mind stands open all the time, and these unpleasant mental states can pad in when they will. As meditation deepens, compulsions, cravings, and fits of emotion begin to lose power to dictate our behavior.  Then we become master artists of our own life. Synergistic Massage combines the nurturing Western oil massage with the therapeutic power of the Asian bodywork methods. The assessment provides insights regarding the conditions of the internal organs and their affect on the back. When our Qi flows freely within the meridians, we are empowered to utilize our extremities to move forward, grow and create a meaningful life purpose. The Meridian massage incorporates the classic western massage movements of effleurage, petrissage, cross-fiber and friction – along with meridian pump technique and about 50 therapeutic pressure points. The combined Eastern & Western methods had helped her to reach a deep state of relaxation. The meridian pump technique, the therapeutic acupressure points around the scapula, as well as distal therapeutic points for shoulder pain, had opened up both physical & emotional blocks. Defining aromatherapy, on the other hand, is a complex task and one that requires sensitivity to the diverse practices and philosophies that are encompassed by different practitioners. As a result, this pursuit of knowledge leads them to fill their bodywork toolbox with subject matters that speak to them. I had been practicing herbalism for several years but, had not been introduced to this amazing herb. I was also encouraged to include some other balancing herbs in the pillows to “guard against nightmares,” although I made no claims about producing pleasant dreams.
We would wake every so often during the night to recount our incredible dreams, so vivid you would swear they were real.
Note that if you use the mugwort of commerce, Artemisia vulgaris, more is required since it is much less potent than the mugwort (Artemisia douglasiana) that graces the West coast of North America.
He completed Professional Training in 1984 with  world-renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, who instilled in him a love for the plants and the Earth. We’re swamped with the needs and wants of other people, whether those people are our boss, our kids, our friends, or perfect strangers. When you’re at school, you’re straining your nerves and sinew to pay attention and really understand the material.
It can be difficult to take time to quiet the thoughts spinning in your mind long enough to make decisions and have great ideas, but there are ways. I love getting a massage: being able to completely relax my body and mind, , and take the time to follow the trails of my thoughts is an experience like no other. All over my social media network I saw people heralding the joys of Christmas shopping online instead of in stores. You’re the only person that you know, and you don’t even have the comfort of imagining that you might understand what is about to be discussed in the classroom. Once you enrol in your chosen course, we will send you the initial course materials and you can get started straight away. All of our students are entitled to apply for student membership and progress to full membership status when they have completed their course. This includes, massage, Reiki, Acupuncture, dance, art, music, horseback riding, nutrition, personal training, gymnastics, karate, etc.
This knowledge of practical application is invaluable to our Holistic Health Practitioners.
Their divergences become a point of confusion; I recall in my own training how confusing it was.

It Synergizes them together in a unified modality, allowing us to embrace the special gifts each of them has to offer. Evaluating the emotional Bladder Shu points along the external line of the BL meridians helps us understand the origin and reason of various back pains, and their link to specific emotional stress. She can now care for her newborns with renewed strength, as she has restored her overall well-being. It is a system of massage that is often performed on the floor and features assisted stretching moves. Paolo guided the students through each movement, walking around as he dictated the protocol of the massage.
In our herbology course for example, these massage therapy students gain an understanding of herbal fundamentals starting with obtaining and storing herbs, making teas, tinctures and salves. Inquiring about its properties and uses, I was informed that it produced vivid epic-length dreams.
I always considered that to be a function of the dreamer’s state of mind whilst they slept.
Our home had turned into a dream pillow, so I hung the drying screen for the fresh roses above our bed to soften the effect and placed double terminated crystals, “herkimer diamonds,” under our pillows to focus the dream energy.
It contains an essential oil and the volatile organic compound thujone, the active ingredient in ABSINTHE, a slightly mind altering narcotic derived from wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) and other botanicals.
By the time we’ve dealt with deadlines, emergencies, road rage, and dinner, we’re too exhausted to do anything but flop into bed. I’ve been trying to learn and practice various strategies for prioritizing my day, tapping into my whole potential, and giving balance to my diverse sides.
When venturing into the stores myself, I see people brush past each other without looking up, and I am saddened to realize that I purchased many items today without looking the cashier in the eye at all. Your face and arms and legs belong to someone else who seems to have no idea what to do with them. In fact, it’s a critical key to success in almost everything: act like you belong there, like you know what you’re doing. You will complete and submit your assignments to your tutor progressively and they will be sent back to you assessed along with your next modules. This meeting is to meet with professionals who offer these services and explain how TriLuna works, and how we can work together to achieve our mission. Furthermore, through the Holistic Health Practitioner certificate program, students have the opportunity to specialize in several different Easter, or Asian modalities of massage therapy. Most practitioners choose one approach, missing out the benefits of the other.  Over the years working with clients and students, I found ways to combine and synergize these two approaches, as I realized the gifts of both and the power of their merge.
With the Synergistic Massage – we can enjoy the nurturing aspect of the Western oil movements, and their therapeutic effect on physical symptoms. The neck head & facial massage provides a deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation. The back massage strengthened and balanced her entire body, specifically her nerves system and internal organs. The client stays fully clothed during the massage, preferably in clothes that are comfortable and allow for movement.  There are no oils or creams used traditional Thai massage. It was actually quite informative to hear the verbal instructions being given as I was receiving the massage. Additionally, they learn how to use herbs in a holistic practice by exploring the therapeutic applications of herbs, the extraction method and the active principles of medicinal plants. Since San Francisco was too distant to commute to my usual employment as a stage hand, I decided to make dream pillows to sell at local stores to bring in some income to help pay our rent and feed the family. I chose Lavender to raise the spirit, Rose to open the heart, and Chamomile to relax the mind and body. Subsequent research on mugwort revealed that it also had aphrodisiac properties, which explained much about our time in that place.
A master medicine-maker, John produces herbal products for industry including an herbal balm for relieving pain and healing RSI and connective tissue injuries. It’s important that we respect our various sides, and it’s important we find ways to balance the pulls on each part.
With the speed of internet and the United States Postal Service, we can send gifts right from our couch to yours without even having to see you or anyone in between. You will learn a bundle of techniques, approaches and ideas from a broad spectrum of proven therapies. We can deeply relax under the covers, be pampered with the soothing strokes of the oil treatment. Everyone else is moving forward with eyes straight ahead and that grim set to their mouths which tells you to keep away. No other course offers such a collection of holistic methods, so any therapist who wishes to expand not only their knowledge, but the vast potential of their practice, would benefit from this course. Yet, we gain the energetic value of the Eastern techniques: the therapeutic pressure points that balance Body-Mind–Spirit and provide healing beyond the physical body. I was asked to change lying positions, and it really was unlike any other bodywork I had ever received before. But dreaming ensues in the REM (rapid eye movement) state of the sleep cycle, which is very near waking, so I opted to leave this out. A gifted teacher with more than twenty five years in adult education, John teaches herbal medicine, holistic nutrition and dietary supplements at Mueller College, as well as Self-Heal School of Herbal Studie, his own school in Ocean Beach, California. Additionally, non-therapists stand to gain from this knowledge too, as anyone may study to practice as a holistic back practitioner.

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