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There are many ailments that can be helped via safe natural means. Michelle Honda can help people with a wide variety of issues. If you are not local to the clinic, Michelle Honda can conduct telephone appointments with you very easily. Renew You Holistic Health offers a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation with a Renew You staff person to assess and discuss your particular situation. After I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, I immersed myself deeply in the study of holistic healing. The following herbs bring relief from the congestion, fever, and achiness of a cold – many are also immune boosting. Mullein is another super start herb. Another must have herb for congestion, sore throats, and coughs.
Elderberry is a really superior herb for so many things, so one of the most versatile I use. So many awesome ideas…I will definitely be sneaking back here come our next round of sickness!
Even with holistic herbs to treat asthma, you would need to consult with a professional before using these herbal treatments.  Since it will work as a complementary drug for asthma, it should not be in conflict with the pharmaceutical drugs that are also prescribed to you.
There are many other herbs out there that are used for treatment of asthma and each one has different benefits. Holistic Health Practitioners do not diagnose disease, treat disease, prescribe drugs or pharmaceuticals, or perform invasive procedures.  It is the role of the HHP to educate the client about herbs, essential oils, dietary supplements, nutrition and other homeobotanical remedies in order to promote optimal health and wellness. So if you are anywhere in North America, you can now successfully receive high end, specialized help for your Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

I know we share the same passion when it come to herbs and natural healing…and I love that. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Our urge to breathe in air is so great that when you have an asthma attack, you overwork your body just to get the much needed oxygen that our body needs constantly. In fact, it is one of the most common childhood diseases that have no known cure yet but it can be regulated.  Asthma is a serious condition and a health care professional has the say as to what medication you need. You must use this only in moderate amounts for safety so you won’t experience some of its side effects such as headaches, water retention and high blood pressure.
This gum plant is used as an anti-spasmodic, hypotensive and as an expectorant that is used not only for asthma but for other bronchial conditions.
Many herbal products are also out in the market today that swears of being purely natural and easily accessible for asthmatic patients. If you are local to the clinic in Hamilton, Toronto or Mississauga Ontario – by all means come in for your appointment. You inspire me to reach more natural remedies when my children are sick and to try making my own herbal candy and elderberry syrup. It can also be fatal to have an asthma attack and it should be prevented or have instant remedy for it when it strikes. You cannot replace the medications for asthma with herbs but it can be complemented with the use of several medicinal herbs that help in treating asthma. Licorice tea helps in soothing sore throat and cough on top of its use for asthma treatment.

Right dosage of Ginkgo Biloba helps in reducing the sensitivity of the airways of asthmatic patients. The Native Americans of California used Grindelia for treatment of skin infections and also used it for asthma treatment which was later recognized by the Catholic missionaries who used it to treat their patients. Cases of statements vary from one patient to another so the kind of herbal medication to use depends on many variables.
I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2004 and heal myself naturally with food and lifestyle.
I urge you to speak with a holistic healer or medical professional before making any diet or lifestyle changes.
DGLE or deglycyrrhizinated licorice extracts would be the best to use for asthma treatment. This site provides information about my personal healing journey and provides additional information gathered from research on alternative cooking and holistic healing.
Coltsfoot’s use is quite controversial as scientists have proven that the young flowers of Coltsfoot are carcinogenic and attacks the liver. Finally, don't miss my tips on how to create a "green" kitchen by decreasing kitchen waste.

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