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The Sudanese state has waged several civil wars against its own people, as the current regime commit gross human rights atrocities, war crime, crime against humanity and genocide in Darfur.
I strongly support unity of Sudan, but on the basis of full equality and a shared sense of belonging to the nation, with pride and dignity as citizens. How Washington turned its back on a foreign-policy triumph and let Darfur descend back into chaos. A former spokesperson reveals the web of lies, half-truths, and omissions that the United Nations has built in Darfur. After the Darfur genocide, the United Nations sent in 20,000 peacekeepers with a single mission -- to protect the region's civilians. My thanks to the Sudanese oppositions for singing the New Dawn Charter, this came into existence on 5th January 2013 in Kampala.
I supported it in principle; however in my point of view it needs some additional clear text, stating the right of self-determination for Darfur at the end of its interim period. In 2003, the Government of Sudan (GoS) under President Omar al-Bashir began its campaign of attacks on Darfur, an area inhabited mostly by ethnically black African tribes.
The digestion rights of the people of Darfur started since1956, through the first military coup in 1958, the first uprising in 1964, the second military coup in1969, the second uprising in 1985 and the third military coup in 1989 up to now. Measures they are the result of accumulative grievances and the overall rejection of the policies pursued by the NIF Regime. As the Islamic National Front regime in Khartoum prepares to celebrate its 23rd year in office since they hijacked the elected government by a military coup in June 1989, we are planning a mass demonstration in London to spoil their blood-stained party.

British Television Channel 4 filming crew have just returned from Sudan after filming a powerful documentary from the heart of the Nuba Mountains.
Bolad added that the situation in Darfur referred to the ICC by the United Nation Security Council resolution No 1593 on 31th March 2005 after a UN inquiry found serious violations of international human rights law in Darfur and the situation is threatening to the International Peace and Security. Humanity will not enjoy security without development, it will not enjoy development without security, and it will not enjoy either without respect for human rights. I still have a dream that one day, I will and I can be together with my family, friends, relatives and enjoying freedom, democracy, peace and development if we remain together that is why I urge you let's us remain together in prayer; unified in Love and the solidarity of Spirit that shall give us the gifts and strength to re-create the One World of Humanity, Equality, Liberty and Justice for All peoples! Behalf of a coalition of civil society for Darfur free denounce and reject the movements and opportunistic system the ruling National Congress and the way resolved the issues of Darfur in Doha. July 15, 2011 (JUBA) – The flag of the newly born Republic of South Sudan was officially raised at the United Nations headquarters in New York on Thursday before the 192 exisiting member states of the world body.
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About a week ago, I went to the Art Gallery to enjoy the beautiful works of the painter Alex Colville.
Yes, we came to this place from different countries and continents but we share a single common goal, which is safeguarding human rights across the globe. Politic is son of history, and the series of the Sudanese political history are connected each other.
The UN estimates 300,000 people have been killed and over 2.7 million displaced by the conflict to date. Tijani El-Sissi who accused the International Criminal Court (ICC) of impeding peace in Darfur. The coordinators of the camps of North, South- and West Darfur sent their condolences to the families of the deceased, and wished a prompt recovery to the wounded troopers. Visit our list of courses as well as dates for the Basic ThetaHealing® and Advanced ThetaHealing® classes.

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