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If you’ve been listening to the medical community intermittently recently, you may have heard the word “holistic” dropped every so often. The main focus of most holistic medical systems, regardless of their country of origin, is to return the body to a state of balance. The term “holistic” bas been used to describe a number of alternative systems of medicine and health, such as the aforementioned TCM and Ayur Veda. Denver Holistic Medicine offers several holistic skin care services aimed at helping patients rejuvenate their skin naturally. We offer holistic care for every skin type in conjunction with nutritional counseling to encourage healthy skin and natural beauty.
Our skincare services use acupuncture, micro current stimulation, Chinese herbal medicine and other innovative, natural methods that leave your skin healthy, rejuvenated and glowing. I became a naturopathic doctor to study and practice the cross-cultural medicines of the world, from botanicals to cutting-edge scientific discovery. As a native of Los Angeles, I love the ocean and being out in the beauty of nature. As an alchemist for good health, I provide acute care and ongoing wellness and longevity programs that nourish both the body and soul.
In 2005, I received my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. I currently practice medicine at my new location in NW Portland at Sante Aesthetics and Wellness.
One of my great passions is teaching, and helping others gain a better understanding of the body and how it works.
Girls and young women around the world live in terrible and unimaginable poverty—not only of dollars but of opportunity. You might have heard it, but you may not have much of an idea of what it means and simply dismissed it as medical jargon. Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with the offshoot systems in Japan and Korea, as well as the Indian Ayur Veda system are both holistic in approach.
The body is generally viewed as a combination of different parts and elements, which come together harmoniously when a person is in imperfect health.

On occasion, it has also been used to describe more modern systems that focus on natural cures and treatments. Our skin care services provide patients with treatment options that not only breathe new life into their skin, but also promote overall health and well-being. Our Denver Holistic Medicine team believes in giving each patient the tools and resources to not only have healthy, glowing skin, but to feel just as good on in the inside. Our skin care services offer options for men and women alike who are looking for a less invasive and side-effect laden alternative to some traditional Western dermatological treatments such as Botox, collagen injections and face lifts.
I am an advocate for natural living: I have worked in primary care, midwifery and women’s health for 20 years, and I am the mother of 3 daughters born safely at home. Health is a dynamic process that requires preventive action and many of us are simply unaware of how to go about it.
As I pursued my pre-med courses at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, painting and ?ne arts became an important part of my studies. The term is used to describe an approach of medicine that performs the usual task of diagnosing and treating a problem, but spreads out to encompass other aspects of the patient. Essentially, both systems focus on correcting the physical and mental imbalances that cause problems in both the body and mind.
An imbalance occurs when one of those aspects becomes greater than the others, which in turn is attributed to the physical ailment that a patient suffers. In more recent times, some doctors with Western training are employing the holistic approach in their diagnosis and treatment procedures, which is an approach that is welcomed among Western medicine practitioners in the Far East. My classes and speaking engagements range from corporate wellness to national conventions to hands on botanical medicine weekends in the bush and natural skin care workshops. Essentially, the “holistic approach” hopes not only to improve physical health, but also to bring a balance between the body, mind, and spirit to improve health in the long-term. This stands in contrast to Western medicine, where problems are taken as separate considerations from the general state of the body.

For example, if part A and part B are in equal amounts, then they counter each other and are in balance. This combination of two philosophies once seen as conflicting is not quite common, but is reportedly starting to catch on in Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan.
Sturm has years of clinical experience, specializing in holistic women’s and children’s health. Education has myriad positive effects, not only for the individual girl, but for their entire communities. As I began my practice, I started my art business to combine my interests in art, science and medicine.
As such, holistic medicine also touches upon aspects such as lifestyle and social interactions. For example, while a Western doctor who abides by Western medical philosophy might recommend mild doses of Tramadol for pain relief, a TCM practitioner or someone who believes in the holistic approach might be more inclined to ask the patient about things like his emotions or personal problems. She is a strong proponent of the integration of Eastern and Western practices in order to restore a sense of balance and vitality in each and every patient she treats.
This medical philosophy can be applied to everything from pain relief to muscle training, from physical training to social skills.
This is done because it is believed that the body’s negative responses can be reflective of imbalances of the mind or spirit. In such a case, the best way to bring about pain relief would be to restore the balance between part A and B, either by reducing part B to part A’s level, or making part A equal part B.
They get married later, and as health education increases, HIV exposure is reduced, pregnancies are later and healthier, and infant and maternal mortality rates improve.

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