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Nursing is one of the most vital and growing career paths in health care, and as more nurses are trained and the need for primary care increases to the point where MDs can’t meet the demand, nurses are branching out into new specialties, and starting practices in fields like holistic nursing, psychiatric nursing, and even massage and other treatments. Emergency nurses are responsible for providing immediate medical attention to patients either on the site of their injury or at a hospital or clinic. The EfCCNa offers a different perspective on emergency nursing, provided with a European slant on topics such as virtual nursing to critical care. With nearly 16,000 members in over 100 countries, SCCM is the largest multiprofessional organization dedicated to ensuring excellence and consistency in critical care practice. For seventeen years, Pediatric Critical Care has provides multidisciplinary and practical resources for nurses, including Internet peer-reviewed original content integrated with links to selected web supported documents. The Louisiana State Council of the Emergency Nurses Association provides a massive resource for nurses in that state and in other locations as well. A critical care nurse began this blog by sharing experiences and stories from the trenches. An RN in Montana pens a funny, quirky, and engaging blog about emergency rooms and health care in general. Through this blog, you can take a look at an inner city emergency room through the eyes of a veteran nurse who has a sense of humor and a sense of the absurd.
Trauma nurses everywhere can take advantage of the excellent information, images, and resources provided by this independent non-profit organization.
As a trauma or critical care nurse, you can become part of the largest specialty nursing organization in the world. The Oklahoma ENA is a nationally-chartered organization that represents the interests of Oklahoma’s emergency nurses and their patients.
A male critical care nurse blogs about working in critical care…but he also talks about his family, which consists of a wife, two boys, and another child on the way. If you’re an ER nurse in Arizona, join this group to connect to other trauma nurses in your state.
The mission for this organization is to influence excellence in emergency nursing and care through leadership, education, advocacy, mentoring, and collaboration. Holistic nurses emphasize health in all areas of life and provide both medical treatment and advice on how to maintain physical health, mental health, relationships, and moods to promote good health in the long term and prevent ailments caused by chronic bad health habits. An LPN is one of the partners in this practice that offers Swedish and therapeutic massage and polarity therapy. Carmen is a holistic nurse practitioner who is open about her experiences in this profession.
Dorothy Whitton is an RN who understands the need for alternate health paths for people who want them. Lilia is an RN and critical care nurse who is dedicated to her life as a Reiki practitioner. This organization was founded in 1987, and has since stayed at the forefront of the shifting paradigm in holistic health care. Judy has 23 years of public health, school, mental health and addictions nursing and three years of experience as a clinical nurse educator. Kathy Lipinski, RN, MSN, RMT, CH, also is a healer who works through hypnosis, Reiki, and other resources to help patients reach their health goals.
Among the partners at this institute is a person with medical training and who also experienced an integrative medicine fellowship with Dr.
After 30 years in the traditional medical field, Michele now offers skills that enhance her knowledge of bedside nursing and teaching.
Gale Lyman is an RN who has become a holistic nurse educator and the founder of a center that focuses on offering clients both alternative and conventional options for self care. The majority of the governing board and the advisor to this organization are RNs who promote the use of holistic nursing practices to help people understand the mind-body-spirit connection with healing.
Although an RN for more than a decade, Karen decided to take her care for individuals to another level by adding advanced medical and therapeutic bodywork modalities to her practice. Many holistic nurses who have logged years in the traditional practice of medicine often started out wanting to develop alternative healing skills. A Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice has also achieved a PhD in energy medicine and a ThD in spiritual healing…now Dr. Elaine Kiener is a registered nurse who now is the Creative Energy Officer (CEO) of ASK ME House, LLC, where she helps clients find the ability to care for themselves through facilitating change in the healing process.
A male in the holistic health field as is rare as a male in the nursing practice, but Douglas Brown is making a name for himself through his homeopathic healing programs.
Susan brings the experience of integrative and complementary nursing experiences in hospitals and private settings to her practice focused on holistic self-care and health promotion. Toni Gilbert, RN, believes in the power of balancing the mind, body, and spirit as a way to gain a healthy lifestyle. AONN is the largest national specialty nurse organization dedicated to improving patient care and lifestyle quality by promoting the role of oncology nurse and patient navigators. Psychiatric nurses deal with mental and behavioral disorders and may recommend talk therapy, medication, or an assortment of other methods for diagnosing and treating psychiatric problems. Cassandra is a psychiatric nurse who uses a holistic approach to help her patients integrate body, mind, and spirital elements for a healing experience.
Bobbi is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who applies both psychotherapeutic and psychiatric approaches to help patients with their treatment strategies. Steven Gordon is a Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who treats ADHD, depression, anxiety, PDD NOS, and other issues that need a supportive life coach. Julie Twigg, CRNP-PMH, offers a comprehensive and holistic service that addresses individuals with mental health issues or concerns. Laurence Grisanti, PMHNP, is a firm believer that returning to a state of balance and harmony is everyone’s goal.
Experience a real-time interactive dreamwork experience via the Internet, provided by the International Society for Embodied Imagination. Rhoda believes in walking the walk, and incorporates yoga, meditation, and a healthy lifestyle into her own life as she seeks to help others. Terri Squires is a board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in Kansas who practices a combination of traditional medication and alternative mental health treatments to help treat mental health issues.
If you suffer from years of failed psychiatric help, try the approach offered by Traci Marando Harkins, APRN-BC.
If you want to be happy, think about looking into Benchmark’s services for child, adult, geriatric, and whole family wellness solutions. As an adult who suffers with ADHD, depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorders, you may know that help is waiting for you. This unique therapy solution takes clients into a holistic approach to mental issues by using nutrition and exercise physiology in combination with medicine and psychiatry to achieve results. ISPN provides a foundation that can help support psychiatric nurses while advocating for a health care policy that promotes equitable treatment and care for individuals, families, and entire communities.
The medical and nurse staff at Amenda Clinic bring holistic, natural, and integrative care to the health field forefront with naturopathy, biofeedback, acupuncture, medication management, and other traditional and alternative treatments. Jill Ridley is a psychiatric nurse practitioner in private practice who seeks to integrate behavioral and physical health care as a way to decrease the stigma attached to mental illness.
With a focus on services to help children, adolescents, adults, and families overcome the challenges in their lives, this group also reaches out into community to provide training and services to outpatient mental health centers, juvenile justice centers, psychiatric hospitals, and school-based and private settings. This clinic provides a website that demonstrates an open and serene experience to mental health issues. This clinic, located in Midlothian, Virginia, provides a wide range of services to address behavioral health matters. This small agency of therapists provide psychological services to children and adults in Franklin County, North Carolina, and surrounding areas. Lucy is a Jungian therapist who follows Jung’s path to the point of visiting Africa to study the Bushman of the Kalahari. The APNA is a psychiatric nurse’s best friend when it comes to resources, continuing education, jobs, and networking.
This New York center provides a wide range of services to treat conditions that range from ADHD in children and adults to weight loss and maintenance treatments and ensuing issues.
Sally French specializes in individual, couples, and family therapy as well as psychotropics management.
Teena McGuinness is an advanced practice psychiatric nurse who wants to improve access to mental health care for all Americans. The CSCS is a society of advanced practice psychiatric nurses who hold master’s or doctoral degrees in psychiatric mental health nursing. Rehabilitation nurses help individuals with chronic disease or disability and develop coping mechanisms to optimize their health and lifestyle in the face of sometimes intractable illness.

This organization is focused on supporting Illinois rehabilitation nurses who work with people who have actual or potential physical disabilities. The ARN’s site is filled with information about rehab nurses and nursing, the history of this organization, and about its Foundation, which offers grants for research and projects that address the issues involved with rehabilitation nursing. The ACRM is a member organization filled with rehabilitation professionals who are dedicated to serving people with disabling conditions through research.
This state organization of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses provides Florida’s rehab nurses with the ability to meet, learn, and network with peers.
The Maryland chapter of the Association of Rehab Nurses meet every other month from September through March and hold half-day education workshops in April. ONCC is a non-profit organization that develops, administers, and evaluates programs for certification in oncology nursing.
APHON supports and advances nurses in their practice as pediatric hematology and oncology nurses. The Oncology Nurse Advisor is a valuable resource for any nurse who works with cancer patients. EONS is a pan-European organization devoted to the support and development of oncology nurses. NCONN is all about nurse navigators, or registered nurses who are dedicated to guiding patients and their families through health care experiences. ONS provides resources, education, information about clinical practice, and publication to over 35,000 registered nurses and other healthcare professionals who work with cancer patients. UKONS is a UK oncology nursing society that provides information on best practices, education, events, forums, and other resources for oncology nurses in the United Kingdom. Many nurses work with all types of patients and have strong knowledge in a wide range of health concerns. This is the place to visit if you are a medical, nursing, or tech professional who is contemplating becoming Board Certified in your specialty or if you want to add cardiology or electrocardiography as a sub-specialty. This non-profit organization advocates for all public health nurses, providing groundwork so that all individuals are insured the same quality of healthcare now and in the future.
New Zealand is home to a group of nurses who work within a faith-based foundation to provide holistic health care.
This faith-based organization in Australia began in 1996, and now provides networking, education, resources, and consulting services to their members. Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC is a legal nurse consultant with 22 years of experience assisting attorneys with medical malpractice and personal injury cases. PCNA is the leading nurse organization dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular disease through preventive care and risk assessments as well as through treatment goals.
Members of SPCN are nurses who care for children and young adults with CHD (congenital heart disease).
We want to bring things into the light with this blog—concerns, questions, controversy, capture what’s on your mind, and hopefully enlighten a few passersby.
Do you ever get confused with the terms “holistic” and “wholistic” or wonder what the difference is between the two? Holistic or Wholistic?Spirit-Guided Care: Christian Nursing for the Whole PersonEnergy Therapies in Christian Nursing? Kathy Schoonover-ShoffnerKathy Schoonover-Shoffner, PhD, MSN, BSN, RN, serves as editor of the Journal of Christian Nursing and as a per diem staff nurse in behavioral health in Wichita, Kansas. The IIHI blog written by Lourdes Lorenz and guest bloggers discusses, Holistic Nursing practices. No matter how stressful a situation is, at work or at home there is one sure fire way to let it all go. I was honored to represent the AHNA at the Association Leadership Council Meeting at the AIHM, and will be co-chairing a Governance committee.
A holistic nurse is a Registered Nurse with training in the specialty area of holistic nursing. A holistic nurse looks beyond the client’s physical symptoms and diagnosed illnesses, and works with them to understand underlying causes, their overall wellness and life circumstances. There’s still plenty of demand in traditional nursing fields like critical care and psychiatric nursing, and anyone looking at a long term career as a nurse should check out all the available fields before committing to a specialty. These nurses deal with life and death situations regularly, and provide crucial treatment under intense pressure. Learn more about this organization, including its offerings in education, research, and advocacy. Take advantage of new courses, tips on hurricane and other disasters, and a weekly teaching tip. Although the main topic is about nursing school, Robert has moved beyond that experience to topics about employment, patient encounters, and treadmill musings. This blog has been around since 2007, showing longevity through the quality of the site and its materials. They offer education opportunities, resources and research, and a private members-only section that provides information only for those nurses dedicated to this organization. AACN represents the interests of more than 500,000 nurses who care for acutely and critically ill patients across the globe. This site is filled with great information about education, resources, advocacy, and events. The blog is filled with a combination of fiction, real experience, reporting, and drama, all sure to please any reader. Administrators, students, educators, flight, or pediatric nurses all can enjoy the continuing education, resources, community, and accreditations offered by this professional venue. Meet up, scarf up the resources, enjoy the courses and the help with research from this organization. Both partners are licensed massage therapists who believe in a holistic transformative healing experience. She offers a wide variety of resources free on her site for anyone who seeks a way to become healthy and stay healthy through living a naturally holistic lifestyle.
She works through hypnosis, visualization and meditation, Reiki and healing touch to help individuals through a wide variety of trials such as quitting smoking and childbirth.
She is a teacher and healer who shares her profound sense of gratitude for this healing and spiritual path. If you are a licensed nurse in Minnesota who takes a mind-body-spirit-emotion approach to the nursing practice, you may want to seek the support and networking provided by this group. Healing from the heart is about healing at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Now, with the acceptance of a mind-body-spirit healing acceptance, she is dedicated to inspiring individuals to be all they can be through help with hypnotherapy, guided imagery, stress management and meditation, and other practices.
Founded in 1997, this organization is an ideal example of how far holistic nursing has advanced in the U.S.
The organization seeks to serve as a bridge between traditional medical and alternative healing practices. She specializes in cancer, geriatric, pregnancy, and in infant massage as well as pain management. Julie and Robyn, a Certified Natural Health Professional, offer their services in nutrition and biofeedback to help individuals balance their lives and their health. Her private practice now includes thousands of clients from around the world, and she also is a very well recognized author, public speaker, teacher, and mentor. She brings a wealth of personal and traditional knowledge to her practice, as well as to her website.
Betty was an RN for over three decades, and now also holds a master’s degree in education and a doctorate in holistic health. She lectures and presents workshops for hospitals, community groups, national support groups, and colleges as she spreads the word about the value of traditional medicine combined with integrative techniques. She uses guided imagery, therapeutic touch, meditation, archetypal Tarot, and dream interpretation to help bring the mental and spiritual power back into healing and disease prevention.
Over 2,000 members provide a network of professional patient advocates who seek to better manage the cancer care treatment for their patients. She specializes in depression, anxiety, addictions, relationship issues, and other life transitions.
This holistic method assesses both physical and mental issues to lead to the best patient outcomes possible. His practice website offers a lot of information for prospective and current patients who want to know more about his therapeutic practice. Her practice is two-fold, as she helps patients identify any physical, neurological, or chemical imbalances as well as reduce the symptoms that may hinder patients from functioning in a healthy manner.

His goal is to help individuals be successful in their goals by using a balance of psychiatric medication and psychotherapy as a path to mental wellness.
Based upon Jungian practices, groups of five or more people meet in a private room to discuss dreams as a means to delve into the creative imagination. She is a psychiatric nurse who has helped a wide range of people with an equally wide range of mental issues, but her main focus in her profession is to help others seek a healthy balance (along with some humor) in their lives. Terri specializes in clients who suffer with depression, sleep issues, dependency issues, mood swings, and anxiety.
She believes in treating her patients with a holistic approach that examines present symptoms as well as underlying causes and uses treatments such as nutrition and homeopathy as well as traditional psychiatric treatments.
They provide services in Illinois as well as in nursing and assisted living facilities in Illinois and in Kentucky, with a goal of providing a multidisciplinary approach to emotional, behavioral, and cognitive issues. Alan Simons, ARNP, provides that help through medications but also through skill building techniques and therapy that can help you build confidence and meet the world head on with renewed hope. Allison provides plenty of chances to learn about this methodology through her blog and her site, which also offers materials on how to get started on the virtual and literal path to wellness.
Through evaluation, medication management, psychotherapy, and working with your budget and health insurance company, Cheryl seeks to provide a safe, trusting, and healthy environment for her clients.
Membership in this organization provides a voice for their advocacy as well as provides the psychiatric nurse with opportunities for networking and leadership. Without proper support and help, parents can become frustrated with partnering and behavioral issues in the home. Their philosophy is that the key to healing mental illness comes from a total wellness in mind, body, and spirit. She’s a believer in lifelong learning, and considering her interests in Spanish literature, mental health care, and nursing, she appears to walk the walk when it comes to a balanced and happy life.
Tom Rodriquez is the driving force behind Houston Mind-Body Counseling, an integrative practice that looks at the physical as well as emotional issues in play. Not only can a prospective client chose a provider online, but this clinic also thoroughly explains their processes, including insurance, privacy, and philosophies. They offer these services to adults, couples, families, and adolescents and provide and encourage alternative as well as traditional solutions. A focus is on individual therapy, but the settings often aren’t traditional, as these therapists meet the client at the office, but also at homes and in schools. Her site is a fascinating view into how Jungian therapy might work for some individuals who could benefit from dream therapy and analysis and depth psychological work. Since 1986, this organization has grown to be the largest professional membership organization committed to PMH nursing and wellness promotion.
The website is a testament to helping others help themselves through thorough explanations about treatment and a quiz that asks readers how well they maintain a balanced life.
She also is the Departmental Head of the Psychiatry at Bancroft in Haddonfield, New Jersey, where she works with developmentally disabled, intellectually impaired, and brain-injured individuals.
This site is one way to achieve that social justice, as she provides access to advanced nursing education in a distance-accessible format. Members work with governments at all levels to help expand mental health programs and to improve access to those programs — especially in under-served areas and populations. They offer great services such as ongoing educational programs and events that help their members network and expand their careers. This group offers meetings throughout the year, which include education offerings, and they set goals and meetings that can help members enhance their careers through networking and learning. Although the developed skills are all about nursing and animal rearing, the goals are those of a stand-up comedian who smiles no matter what happens. This is an active organization that supports its members through education, resources, and advocacy.
ACRM assists those researchers, educates providers, and advocates funding for future research.
Florida’s organization is large, divided into thirteen districts that cover the entire state. They take their meetings around the state, providing rehab nurses throughout the state with a chance to meet other members and advance their nursing practices through advocacy, collaboration, and research.
They have, to date, certified 32,000 oncology nurses, and they continue to promote their values of excellence in patient care and professional practice. They offer their members education, events, products and publications, and help through a career center as well as a chance to meet other peers and network professionally.
This magazine provides news, information, education, resources, and other information that can help oncology nurses meet daily challenges on the job. This European group supplies education, advocacy, research, awards and grants, and the ability to network with peers throughout Europe. This organization is focused on oncology nurse navigators, providing networking, advocacy, resources, and cutting-edge information to help improve the daily care of cancer patients and their loved ones.
Use this resource to advance your career, make professional connections, and improve patient care. You don’t need to be a member to gain access to many of their resources online, but as a member you can help increase the voice of advocacy provided by this organization. Some nurses work in religious organizations and provide health care in a spiritual setting or other specialized institution.
Go for the gold with certification by using their prep courses, study materials, and other opportunities to be the best. This is a grassroots effort that encourages nurses to work together to help resolve the nation’s health care crisis.
If you work with cardio patients, you might find all the support and resources you need at this site. About 400 members from every state are engaged in research, networking, and support for each other…and they wholeheartedly welcome new members. Founded in 2009, this organization adopted a mission to counter the national assault by the health care industry on patient care conditions…if you feel the same, then join up today for this advocacy.
A holistic nurse views each individual as a whole human being including the physical body, emotions, thoughts, belief systems, attitudes, assumptions, and expectations, all of which are carried in the human energy field surrounding us and influence our mental and physical health. This process provides tools to assist each individual to become an active participant in their own health and wellness. The sites on this list are representative of the range of careers available to a dedicated nurse. She’s also a guest blogger at other nurse sites, and she’s a member of the Better Health blogging network.
This professional organization highlights the acceptance of holistic healing throughout the country and is devoted to representing holistic nursing as an official nursing specialty. She offers services such as healing touch, aromatherapy, and integrated energy therapy in her practice, and she offers seminars on various holistic topics for the general public.
Their focus is on developing a life balance based upon a holistic approach to stress, grief, anxiety, panic, and other mental or emotional imbalances. This is where Bonnie Compton can help, as she becomes a parent coach who can help parents find solutions that help families find a joyful bond with each other and their children through the convenient application of appointments conducted by phone. This center focuses on individual, group, and family or marital psychotherapy along with exceptional stress management services. Use of the two terms has been going on for years, and has especially conflicted Christians (including me).
Weil has been long known as the father of integrative medicine, and Kim brings that same experience — a combination of traditional and ancient arts that heal body, mind, and spirit. We react when we are worried about a bill in the same way we would react if a tiger were chasing us. Nurses are in a difficult position, many times they do not have control over what happens around them.
When you choose or create a positive emotion over a negative one, you feel better. A great way to start is with deep breathing.
When we are in a scared mode it is instinctual to hold your breath and to tighten up your body.

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