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Nursing journals are essential in keeping yourself updated with the latest trends and innovations. The journal features colorful clinical artwork illustrations that demonstrate nursing concepts in a humorous way. The American Journal of Nursing has the distinction of being the oldest running nursing journal in the world.
Published monthly, the American Journal of Nursing features the latest clinical researches, healthcare news, commentaries, legal advice and CE self-study articles for nurses.
The Journal of Nursing Care Quality aims to educate nurses about the importance of ensuring patient care quality and safety in rendering healthcare services.
The JNCQ also features timely insights about a wide variety of peer-reviewed articles and is considered the best resource for literature and research studies about nursing care and patient care quality. Nursing 2015 is a nursing journal that focuses in providing practical information to nurses in all fields. The International Nurses Society on Addictions publishes the Journal of Addictions Nursing to address the growing addiction problem nowadays.
As its name shows, Clinical Nurse Specialist™  is made to keep clinical nurse specialists up-to-date with their skills and knowledge as a clinician, consultant, researcher, executive and educator to their patients.
Since OJIN is an electronic journal, unsolicited and voluntary article contributions make it interesting to read. Advances in Nursing Science is an intellectual publication that discusses the innovations in nursing science and education. In the past years, the ANS journal has been classified as one the most read and assigned publications by different doctoral programs in nursing.
Clinical Simulation in Nursing is the official journal of the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning.
Each issue features clinical articles about simulations and educational tools to improve nursing learning. It’s not cheap to subscribe to nursing journals so pick the publications most relevant to your specific career path. Most ViewedRecent Posts25 Life Hacks Every Nurse Should Know 100 Funniest Nursing Memes on Pinterest - Our Special Collection 50 Best Bible Verses for Nurses Top 10 Nursing Schools in the US 25 Cutest Gifts for Nurses You'll Also Want 50 Vintage Photos of Nurses Being Awesome 10 Little-Known Ways Nurses Can Make Extra Money 20 Funniest Things Only Nurses Would Understand What's Hardest About Being a Male Nurse Today's Meme: Mission Impossible! Some holistic nurses practice colonic hydrotherapy, which is when a tube is inserted into the rectum and fluids are used to flush the colon.
Holistic nursing is a medical specialty that takes the entire being of the patient into consideration, rather than just diagnosing specific physical symptoms.
Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) is said to be one of the first acknowledged holistic nurses. Holistic nursing should not be considered an alternative to modern medicine, but rather an adjunct for improved health care. When used as a complement to traditional medicine, holistic nursing can include several alternative healthcare treatments, depending on the specific malady.
I'm a holistic nurse and for people who are looking into this career field, I want to say that it is an amazing job. I was a registered nurse when I got my holistic nursing certification from the American Holistic Nurses Association.
Holistic nursing though, puts more emphasis on the patient and their overall well-being which I think is the basis of nursing.
I have always admired homeotherapy and other holistic approaches because they make the connection between body and psychology. But if all nurses and doctors can be trained to use holistic approaches in addition to medicine, that would be a complete treatment. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Spiritual Dimension The spiritual dimension is characterized by a sense of personal meaning. Holistic nursing focuses on the whole health of the patient, as opposed to treating the symptoms of a present illness or condition.
In addition to following traditional medical practices, holistic nurses may also incorporate complimentary and alternative medicine. Today, holistic nursing carries on the work of Nightingale and countless others by providing their services and expertise to countless patients around the world. Those who are interested in becoming holistic nurses often start by pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Holistic medicine complements traditional medical practices by combining treatment of both the body and mind. 50 Books Every Nurse Should Read10 Collectible Barbie Dolls Inspired by NursingWhy Is Psychology Important for Nursing? By reading these journals regularly, you educate yourself about the newest trends and issues in nursing.
There are journals that tackle general nursing practice, pediatric nursing, oncology, OB-Gyne and many more. Their publications date back to the 1900s when the nursing profession was only beginning to gain recognition around the world.
As a result, their platform is used not only by nurses, but also by other healthcare professionals, journalists and even patients.
Updates about drugs, nursing care techniques, emerging diseases, patient care legal considerations and ethical issues are regularly featured in this journal. This includes updates on new FDA drug approvals, CDC warnings and guidelines, new state laws about healthcare and recent research studies.
Nurses, not only those in the psychiatric nursing filed, mostly encounter patients with addiction problems in every clinical setting. They publish original articles on current trends, issues, innovations, practices and researches in different addictive disorders.
Being a clinical nurse specialist is an independent practice and this journal will help you weigh if you need help in updating your skills and knowledge in this field.

Updates on clinical information vital in today’s practice are discussed comprehensively in each issue.
Featured articles address clinical and psychosocial concerns of patients to achieve quality nursing care. If you want to learn more about the role of holistic approach to patient care, you will find the contributions of experts in this field helpful in understanding this practice. It aims to address the issues and obstacles nurses face nowadays in the field of nursing research, education and clinical practice.
Before publishing contributions online, the OJIN Editorial Review Board members recommend submitted articles for publication. Featured scholarly articles and research papers are scientifically sound for academe so faculties of post-graduate studies in nursing commonly use their publications as part of education programs. This journal is dedicated to providing innovations and more effective methods of learning for nursing educators and students. She is working as a staff nurse in the pediatric ward of a private city hospital for more than two years. Holistic nurses often recommend complementary medical treatments to assist patients in attaining better health.
She was known as “The Lady of the Lamp” because she brought comforting light and a gentle smile to war-wounded soldiers.
The holistic nurse is a degreed professional registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN), with an additional education in holistic nursing, usually a certificate or a degree. The patient is carefully evaluated and the nurse recommends a particular combination of treatments. Macrobiotic diets and food combining may be prescribed, sometimes in combination with hydrotherapy (water therapy). They provide patients with human caring and a respect for their personal dignity that is sometimes lacking elsewhere in the healthcare industry. It makes me want to wake up in the morning and I come home knowing that I've made a difference.
It's the right kind of health care job for people who are looking for more emotional satisfaction from their work. The combination of modern health care and holistic nursing sounds like the ideal combination. I think the success of treatments would increase largely and treatment time would probably decrease. Every nurse knows about Florence and her devotion to caring for those who could not care for themselves. Nurses may take the patient’s environment and mental health into consideration when they are treating a person for any reason.
In 2006, the American Nurses Association (ANA) recognized holistic nursing as a speciality area of practice, which meant that the field could be clearly defined and regulated. By looking at the larger picture, holistic nurses can provide a better experience to their patients and provide them with an opportunity to purse lasting health and wellness. Nurses in various healthcare settings like hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities will find this journal useful for career advancement. Their administrative and clinical nursing topics vary greatly for each issue since they target all nurses as their readers regardless of specializations. It is important to become well-informed about the issues and trends in addiction as this problem needs special attention in planning patient care. They also focus on discussing prevention, intervention, management and treatment of substance abuse or misuse as well as other addictive problems. Common topics discussed include drug updates, quality assurance, evaluation tools, nursing program development and management strategies.
The journal puts an in-depth focus on timely holistic care topics that will be practical to multidisciplinary nursing practice.
Activities that will help you earn continuing education credits are also featured in each issue for nurses pursuing to earn CE units. Peer-reviewed articles from experts in different fields of nursing are featured to keep readers aware of the latest issues in nursing practice. Journal topics vary but emphasis is given to general nursing practice, education, research and other relevant parts of the healthcare sector.
You can find timely research studies, and emerging nursing theories and updates on the development of nursing science that can have direct impact to nursing care in today’s practice.
The nurse becomes a partner with patients by forging interpersonal and lasting relationships. As a nurse, she was efficient and thorough, but she also treated each patient as an individual whose personal needs mattered -- the definition of a holistic nurse. In addition to assessing the patient’s physical condition, holistic nurses will review the patient’s history and immediate environment. Holistic healthcare practices include aromatherapy, shiatsu massage, yoga, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), meditation, hypnotherapy, energy healing, and many other modalities. The patient may be encouraged to partake in a nutritious diet to help flush harmful toxins from the body and increase energy levels. I was amazed at the number of different treatment options the holistic nurse could use to help him with his treatment. I feel closer to the people I help treat, I really feel that I am making a difference in their lives.
I think that the modern doctor tends to see only symptoms- an aching body part, a system that's not working correctly.
I hope that the number of holistic nurses will increase and I hope that doctors will start getting trained in holistic treatments as well. Because she emphasized the connection between patients and their environment, she is considered one of the first holistic nurses. The holistic nursing outlook believes that the patient cannot be treated as the sum total of their symptoms, but as a person in need of overall healing.

Holistic nurses may also provide supplementation with natural herbs and remedies where they do not interfere with the patient’s current medications.
This speciality area draws the bulk of its inspiration from Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), who pioneered modern nursing as it is known today. Several mainstream schools and colleges are beginning to incorporate aspects of holistic medicine into their programs, so many potential holistic nurses can stay within one school for the duration of their training.
Unlike the other popular nursing journals around, OJIN is an electronic journal fully accessible online. Nurses who are trained in holistic healthcare practices often work in hospice settings and long-term care facilities. They may inquire about stress levels, family relationships, work history, upbringing, religious affiliation, and any other aspect that might affect the patient’s life. Additionally, holistic nurses will sometimes practice colonic hydrotherapy, also known as high colonics, where toxins are flushed from the bowels with injections of water. The nurses form a personal bond that also extends to the patient’s family and friends to help ease the stress caused by illness. There was aromatherapy, massage, exercise therapy, therapeutic touch methods, meditation, acupuncture and more. What the holistic nurse offers to the patient will vary across practices, but the focus on complete and overall wellness is always the same.
Her work during the Crimean War helped advance the field of public health and contributed to medical knowledge during an era where fatal infections and unsanitary hospital conditions were common.
They present difficult nursing topics in a fun and engaging way so you can easily understand tricky nursing concepts.
Holistic nursing offers a welcome alternative view of healthcare along with excellent, traditional nursing care. I think this is great because I feel that a person's lifestyle, experiences and psychology have huge impact on bodily functions.
She later went on to establish the first secular nursing school in the world in 1860 at St. Board certification in holistic nursing and medicine is also offered by the American Holistic Nurse Certification Corporation (AHNCC). Due to the high patient load and often intense time constraints placed on nurses, it can be easy to simply treat the physical being and move on to the next patient, resident, or client.
It is important to care for the whole person and to see them as just that; a whole person, not just a patient or diagnosis.
Nightingale also believed that healing the whole patient was the key to successful treatment. Her vision of holistic medicine inspired a whole generation of nurses and continues to do so today. It involves thinking about and assisting patients with the effects of illness on the body, mind, emotions, spirituality, religion, and personal relationships. The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) was established in 1980 as a way of advocating for this speciality nursing practice that draws so much inspiration from the work and legacy of Florence Nightingale herself. Holistic care also involves taking into consideration social and cultural differences and preferences.
Shouldn't our care of each patient be individualized?Holism is more than certain actions performed or words spoken to a patient. Holistic nurses are often described by patients as those nurses that a€?truly care.a€? While there is nothing inherently wrong with being task-oriented or goal-oriented in your nursing care, if a nurse is overly task-oriented or appears severely rushed, it can leave patients feeling like they are just a number or a diagnosis or worse, a burden. Between things like patient needs, fellow nurses, doctors, charting, dealing with family members, and more, nurses have a lot to worry about. As nurses we must find a way to balance all of the duties and responsibilities that come with the title.
Once we do this our duties and responsibilities become our privileges and success.As nurses we can not only use holistic nursing care to enrich the lives of our patients, but to enrich our own lives as well.
One way to increase these experiences and provide better overall care to our patients is through holistic nursing care. The key is not necessarily about how long you spent interacting with a patient, but how you used the time you had with them. Nurses should strive to always make the most of the short time they have with each patient. As nurses we need to promote a patients psychological and emotional wellbeing in order to facilitate physical healing. When we do this our relationship with the patient changes and grows into something more positive than before.
At the end of the day holistic care is not even about how many holistic actions you performed. What matters is having the intention to care for each patient as a whole and being present for that patient while you can. Holistic nursing can be practiced in any healthcare setting.For those highly interested in the concept of holistic nursing, there are special certifications and titles that can be obtained after a through education on the subject. Whether you are a seasoned holistic nurse or a newbie that wants to get involved, just focus on the patient-nurse relationship and encourage healing in whichever ways you are ablea€¦ and remember: What would Florence do?AboutLatest Posts Daniel Bair, LPNDaniel Bair, LPN is a 2012 graduate of practical nursing school.
Being relatively new to nursing he offers a different point of view and a fresh take on nursing and related topics. He loves to dispel myths and misinformation about healthcare and nurses through medical writing. Experience caring for geriatric populations in acute and long-term care settings has provided invaluable experiences and has increased his appreciation and fondness for the elderly population. In addition to geriatrics, patient advocacy and holistic nursing care are areas of special interest.

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