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WARNING: Do NOT confuse yourself any further by picking up another diet book, health magazine, or take any more nutrition advice until you read every word of this important message.
If you’re like millions of other motivated – yet frustrated – health seekers, you’ve been crying this tune for some time now. You need to turn off (or at least slow down) the flow of information and, instead, focus on acquiring the RIGHT information that will give you clarity and a deeper understanding to move you closer to your health goals. If you’re serious about eating healthier, eliminating nagging health issues, and getting as healthy as possible so you don’t die of a preventable (genetic) disease, lose function as you age, or regain any weight you’ve previously lost, then what you’re about to read will save your life - or at the very least, prolong it. We’ve become gluttons for diet books, magazines, newsletters, emails, blogs, videos, and tweets. But just as too much junk food can lead to obesity, too much junk information can lead to cluelessness. How many more diet books and close-minded health experts do we need before someone puts an end to all the MADNESS? The solution, after all, isn’t MORE information, but rather acquiring the RIGHT information that will create better habits and healthier choices. So what are you to do – continue struggling with preventable health problems or banging your head against the wall in search for the answers to your most important health and nutrition concerns?
If you finally want solid, concrete, and evidence-backed answers to your health and nutrition questions, then you’ve come to the right place.
If you’re intrigued by how your body works and want to understand the inner workings of how food and your body interact in keeping you healthy or making you sick – without requiring a PhD in biology to make sense of it all – then keep reading. Getting a definitive answer to your health and nutrition questions is like crawling across broken glass on your naked knees!
My name is Yuri Elkaim and even though I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certifiied Kinesiologist, and highly sought-after High Performance Health Coach having helped more than 71,000 people to greater health and vitality over the last 13 years, I can completely relate to your frustration.
Despite having now shared my wisdom in countless magazines, newspapers, and TV shows across the nation, the world of health and nutrition was a big mystery for about 24 years of my life. For years, I was confused and suffered from many health challenges – including a life-altering autoimmune disorder. After 8 years of relentless searching and visits with medical doctors, my health questions remained unanswered and the solutions appeared out of reach. But then fate intervened as I stumbled upon a natural nutrition school where I invested thousands of dollars in tuition and hours of study to finally get the health and nutrition clarity I had been seeking.
My newfound understanding of health and nutrition allowed me to navigate a confusing world of information overload. But after graduating as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and having helped thousands of people, I realized that almost everyone was (and is) still dazed and confused about how to get rid of their health challenges and enjoy the healthiest life possible. Why You Should Grab Your Spear, Shield YourselfAgainst the Enemy, and Become Your Very OwnHealth Spartan. TV commercials and magazine ads brainwash you into believing that Wonder Bread with DHA is good for you (and your kids) and that your bones will wither away and crumble unless you drink lots of milk.
Supplement companies – with their images of ripped cover models – have led you to think that protein is the holy grail of health and that NOT eating enough protein is the reason you can’t build muscle, lose weight, or rev up your metabolism.
With claims like these, it’s no wonder that you are still struggling to achieve the level health (and peace of mind) that you desire.
Will your health be snatched away from you (and your family) by utter confusion, information overload, or from dubious marketing tactics pushing the latest fad diet? You want to feel confident that you’re making the right health decisions for you and your family. You want a fundamental understanding of how your body works so you can cut through the weeds of misleading information and hype so you can finally improve your health, lose weight, enjoy all-day energy, reverse your health problems, and live longer.
You believe that your golden years are a time to explore the world and do what you want to do – not a time for sickness and dependency. If so, then you’re about to enjoy clarity, confidence, and peace of mind so you can finally reap the numerous benefits that I just mentioned above. Once and for all, you can be the MASTER of your health, your body, and your diet and get on with your life. You can now reclaim control of your health and understand the complex relationship between food and your health in a simple and convenient way. Introducing the ONLY Solution That Gives You Clarity, Peace of Mind, and Helps You Master Your Health inLess Than 1 Hour Per Week! As I mentioned earlier, because you, me, and every other health conscious person out there is becoming increasingly fed up with all the nonsense and conflicting diet advice, I decided to finally put an end to it - once and for all! Over the 2 past few years, I set aside more than 1,000 hours and plunged into the depths of the scientifically literature – and the work I’d done with hundreds of my personal nutrition clients – to compile the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand platform for mastering your nutrition and health. I then cross-referenced everything I experienced, read, and learned and condensed it into bite-size, digestible pieces of must-know information that would be easy for YOU to understand. Evidence-based findings about fats, cholesterol, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, supplements, superfoods, and more. Our final “collage” was put through over 6 months of behind-the-scenes testing with numerous clients before even making it available to the public.
That’s why you can count on Super Nutrition Academy to be your ultimate, research and experience-backed, non-biased, ultimate resource for all your health and nutrition answers.
With over 13 years of personal coaching, clinical, and teaching experience, interviewing a group of leading experts, and spending an additional 1,000 hours summarizing the current literature into easy-to-understand and easier-to-apply information and resources, you’ll finally have ONE resource to help you master your diet and health that is as reliable as the morning sunrise! Each month, you’ll have access to a new Module designed to help you master ONE area of nutrition and health.
Each module features 4 in-depth video lessons (PowerPoint-style and live) to help you understand and master that given month’s topic.
In total, these 48 nutrition lessons will equip you with just about everything you need to know to better your health and diet in a simple, organized, and unbiased manner. By the end of our time together I GUARANTEE that you’ll know more about nutrition than most doctors and dietitians, giving you total control of your health and the power to make the healthiest decisions for you and your family. If you sought out individually offered seminars covering these same topic areas, you would pay at least $395 to as much as $995 for each one. These highly engaging videos allow you to watch and learn at your own pace from your computer or favourite portable device.
Want the convenience of LISTENING to each lesson while working out, walking your dogs, or driving your car? Each lesson’s workbook is an indispensable learning sidekick, giving you written descriptions for each lesson.
To give you a quick reference for the most important points and action steps from each lesson you’ll also receive a “Cheat Sheet”.
Each “Cheat Sheet” gives you a 1-page synopsis of the most important information points from the lesson, along with any health-boosting action steps that are suggested. This would be similar to having a professional note-taking service do all the work for you and give you a nice and tidy explanation of what was covered. Having helped thousands of people improve their health, I can tell you that the most IMPORTANT thing that will accelerate and maintain your ability to transform your health and your body is creating the right health habits.
For instance, a 2005 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed that the key to successful weight loss is not the diet itself, but actually FOLLOWING THE DIET! Weight Watchers (low calorie), The Zone Diet (low glycemic index), The Ornish Diet (low fat), and The Atkins Diet (low carb). Here’s what they learned: all of these diets worked when the participants in the study followed them. What this tells us is that instead of looking for that “perfect diet”, you need to learn how to adhere to healthy eating – whatever that will be for you. And that’s exactly what you’ll do with the Health Habit Mastery Handbook and Conditioning Audios inside Super Nutrition Academy. For instance, Module 1’s Health Habit is called “Sugar Buster” (which ties in directly with what you’re learning about in that module) and will help eliminate your cravings for and dependence on sugar.
And it couldn’t be easier thanks to the 2 habit conditioning tools you get with each module. First, the Health Habit Mastery Handbook is your step-by-step guide to developing NEW habits. Each month, you’ll receive an updated “chapter” to this handbook with the NEW Health Habit for that particular module. By the end of our 12 months together, you’ll have a go-to handbook containing all 12 habits and how to master them. These are the exact same habit-forming strategies I used to help me pursue a career in professional soccer. Second, each module’s Habit Conditioning Audio will help you anchor and fortify each of your 12 Health Habits. This 10-15 minute audio will guide you through a strategic process – used by top athletes and “change” experts – designed to help you embed each habit deep into your nervous system (where all change takes place). These audios help to put you in more control over your thoughts, beliefs, and habits so that you can make the changes you want to make instead of living in a quiet (or not so quiet) state of frustration. Simply listen to each month’s audio in a relaxed environment before going to bed or first thing in the morning and watch your life transform before your eyes! By the end of 12 months, you’ll have firmly imprinted 12 incredible health habits that will seem as natural as brushing your teeth in the morning. As student of Super Nutrition Academy, you’ll have access to all the materials and tools (mentioned above) and on-going support inside our online “Campus”. Learning should be an interactive 2-way process and that’s why Super Nutrition Academy’s campus life provides the ultimate platform so that you’ll never feel like you’re on your own.

Finally put an end to years of confusion, information overload, and frustration with respect to your health and nutrition. But you do need solutions to your health problems and a solid understanding of why they occur and how to ensure that they never happen (or come back). Discover my controversial 7th principle of energy nutrition that will upset more than a few scientists and doctors. Uncover the 2 "brother" molecules that purify your blood and boost your energy…almost effortlessly…and the 2 simple ways of getting more of them. In Lesson 3, you'll "crack the carbohydrate code" and be shocked at how many carbs, proteins, and fats, are consumed by the longest living humans.
Unmask the MASSIVE metabolic difference between glucose and fructose and what that means to fruit consumption and your waistline. The shocking TRUTH about protein, building muscle, and post-workout protein shakes that could be costing you a lot than just money! Unravel the CLASSIFIED cholesterol that may be harming your health and explore the amazing relationship between the cholesterol in your food and that which is in your blood. Discover underground facts about vitamin and mineral supplements that nutraceutical companies have been hiding from you and learn the truth about the best way to get your daily doses of these micronutrients.
Explore the deep, dark secrets of your digestive system and uncover 2 buried treasures that will BOOST your digestive strength in a matter of minutes.
It has the surface area of a tennis court and is considered your "GATEWAY" to incredible health or a lifetime of health problems. IMMUNITY - learn how it works and the simple steps you can take to building your internal defences.
Discover the dietary SOLUTIONS to 4 of the western world's most dangerous diseases - obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer! What you need to know about the 3 MONSTERS controlling 80% of the food industry and the sneaky tricks they're playing on you! The "food additive conspiracy" that’s lining corporate wallets with massive amounts of money…and damaging your nervous system! The “liver connection” that absolutely destroys your skin – making you look years older than you really are - and how you can keep your liver squeaky clean - it's easier than you think! The SINGLE most important thing you can do to live longer and why this group of rats can save your life! It is hard to choose one module that I liked best since I received valuable information in every lesson. I have been changing my diet and trying to get into an exercise routine for the past 10 years and my biggest downfall has always been SUGAR. I have had a long time interest in fitness and nutrition, ever since my adolescence and I am now in my mid-40’s. I wouldn’t be entirely honest if I didn't admit that I had some skepticism regarding how much value I might receive from Super Nutrition Academy.
Bottom line is that Super Nutrition Academy is a very nicely detailed, yet condensed volume of invaluable information for anyone interested in the subject material. I have only completed Module 1 so far, but I am very much looking forward to the following 11 Modules based on what I have learned so far. I am a long distance runner and as you know this is an area that invovles many sport drinks and gels and other special products that provides you "all the mineral and carbohydrates and vitamins that you need" to complete a race. So I don't like these products and I try to find natural foods that will help me accomplish my goals.
Super Nutrition Academy has been a very informative and powerful learning resource regarding health issues. If it was not for Yuri and Super Nutrition Academy I would be stuck in the "cookie cutter" ways of thinking about nutrition. I have to admit, I have not gotten all the way through the whole 12 modules of the academy but, from what I have done I have really enjoyed it. Super Nutrition Academy is ONLY for people who are motivated and committed to finally mastering the complex world of nutrition (in and easy-to-understand format) and its impact on your health. You want an end to the information overload and confusion, and you want to get to the bottom of what really matters to you – your health. You’re sick and tired of depending on ridiculous magazine articles, diet books, and heavily biased experts that all have conflicting points of view. And maybe you’re going through a rough patch with your own eating habits and need to get your act together. It’s about 10 minutes before your alarm clock normally goes AND you eagerly jump out of bed. As you go through your day, armed with your newfound knowledge and tools, you are conscious of how you’re feeling and the subsequent healthy choices you’re ready to make. While others are falling prey to uncontrollable cravings and zombie-like bad eating habits, you have the self-control and proper habits to make healthier choices. You feel great about yourself because you’re living congruently with one of your top values – your health. Because you’re now in control of foods you eat, you feel comfortable going out to eat with friends.
But you also feel secure enough to allow yourself to indulge once in a while since you understand the power of balance and moderation. Instead of debating with your friends about which foods are healthy, you’ve become the “go-to” expert in your circle of influence. When discussing topics like cholesterol, hormones, or blood sugar, you’re ahead of the game and surprising your doctor with your profound knowledge of nutrition and health and how you’ve put it to work in your life. I know it's hard to put a price tag on bulletproof health, a toxin-free, lean, and attractive body, and having the confidence and “know-how” to be in full control of your health.
But when you consider the rising personal health care costs (especially for those living in the US without health insurance), you’d better do what you can NOW to avoid ending up “in the system”.
For example, according to the American Diabetes Association, people affected by diabetes (in the US) have medical expenditures more than twice as high as those who do not have diabetes, with total annual health care costs for a person with diabetes topping $11,744!!!
That’s insane and very scary considering that 25.8 MILLION people (and counting) currently suffer from Diabetes (in the US alone).
Plus, with Super Nutrition Academy, you won’t have to re-arrange your life just so you can attend class. Alternatively, you could spend thousands of hours researching and learning this stuff on your own. What you’ll get in Super Nutrition Academy is the compilation of my 13+ years of real-life experience, 5 years of university education in kinesiology, health sciences, and a specialization in holistic nutrition, and an additional 1,000 hours of independent research, bringing clarity to the most confusing areas of nutrition and health. Just solid, research-backed holistic nutrition education giving you a powerful understanding of and motivation for eating healthier, along with how-to steps for developing 12 incredibly important dietary habits to live your healthiest life ever. An overwhelming raw food certification program (by one of the “gurus”) costing you $799 consisting of 70 hours of tedious, unstructured videos from his living room couch. A 9-week health educator program from a leading health centre which will set you back a whopping $8,595, while requiring your physical presence for all 9 weeks! Know MORE about nutrition than most doctors, allowing you to be in better control of your health. I'm so convinced you'll be knocked off your feet when you go through Module 1 of SNA that I'm willing to let you in for just $1. If you don't like it or don't find it useful, then simply let us know and you'll never be billed again. It is so important to me that you truly understand the fundamentals of what it takes to be healthy. You will be blown away by the sheer quality and attention to detail of every lesson and develop a level of health and nutrition understanding envied by most health professionals. Upon joining Super Nutrition Academy you’ll quickly notice any confusion you’ve had about important health and nutrition topics evaporate into thin air. The combination of these two components will help you eat and live healthier consistently so you don’t fall prey to yo-yo results as you would with a diet. If Super Nutrition Academy doesn't live up to any of these three points within60 days of enrolling, simply contact us and we’ll give youa full, no questions-asked refund.
In our fast-paced information age it’s important to stay on the cutting-edge of new developments within health and nutrition. That’s why, as new information comes across my desk and new challenges need answering, I do my best to give you clear-cut solutions by rolling out Special Health Reports on what you need to know most. And, when you join Super Nutrition Academy today you’ll benefit from of 2 these Special Reports – absolutely FREE – just for trying out the Academy.
Your first bonus report is called “The Truth About Multivitamins: What Your Health Food Store Isn’t Telling You”. With all the health claims and sneaky ingredient labels in the supplement industry, this report gets to the heart of the matter and exposes the truth you need to know to make a more confident decision about multivitamins. Since probiotics have become all the rage in the last decade it’s important to know how they can benefit you but more importantly how to choose a probiotic that actually does what it promises.
The Holistic Performance Nutrition annual conference is coming up in November and we are super excited to share with you our presenters! Post by Emily WhiteRecently there has been huge interest in the possibility that there is a powerful link between the human brain and gut bacteria. An iridology examination will also be performed to see the levels of stress on various organs and glands such as the heart, kidney, liver, stomach, thyroid and adrenal. Credit hours can be applied towards the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition’s Registered Nutritional Consultant training program.

You’ve been purposely confused, overwhelmed, and kept in the dark about your health and nutrition.
No longer will you have to tirelessly surf the web or go from one diet book to the next only to be more confused than ever. For instance, in Module 1, you’ll develop a rock-solid understanding of Carbohydrates and Energy Nutrition. Perfect for visual learners who need to see graphs, charts, and illustrations for maximum retention.
You’ll hear my voice (just as in the video) over your headphones teaching you everything you need to know.
You’ll get everything from the videos and audio, including the graphs and illustrations, in text format.
The problem is that less than one in four were able to stay on their given diet for just this one year! It will teach you the basic science behind how habits develop and how you can condition new ones in just a few minutes each day. These strategies are also used by top athletes around the world and by everyday people in desperate need of losing weight, quitting smoking, overcoming addiction, and much more! Here, you’ll be able to post questions (answered by yours truly) and connect with other students. The mysterious "equation" that determines why certain foods are more acidic than others and the surprising findings about vegetarian protein. From how much you need, to digestibility and absorption, to the best protein foods you didn't even know existed.
The 5 ways they "pretend" to help you lose weight and the 4 FRIGHTENING side-effects Atkins and other high-protein pushers don't want you to know about. Uncover the MOST important reason that your body needs the right kind of fat…and the cellular consequences of ingesting the wrong one(s). The wonder vitamin that may help you prevent 16 types of cancer and the best way to get it into your body.
Discover the amazing mineral that will take years off your skin and make you look like you just got back from the spa [hint: it's in a number of foods you're probably already eaten] .
Unravel the mystery of colon cleansing, what your "poo" says about your health, and the 3-step formula to conquering constipation. Get to the root cause of why allergies develop as well as the greater DANGER they're telling you about. Now you can, with this time-proven self-test that you can do for yourself and your family in just minutes!
The groundbreaking NEW health paradigm that you'll never hear from your doctor - at least, not for the next decade or so - that will change the way you think about health! So, I consider myself to already possess a fairly well read in the area of health, wellness and nutrition, with a decently solid foundation.
I decided to enroll in the program and give it a trial run primarily on the basis of my experience with Yuri’s Eating For Energy program. Specifically, I am no longer as fearful or adverse to carbohydrate consumption as I was prior to beginning the program, and I feel like my body is better off for it. But you also get in a lot of suspicious substances, day in-day out, not only when you participate in a a race, but also when you train. Super Nutrition Academy (and Eating for Energy which is an amazing book) gave me valuable information about how our body works, what is the importance of whole foods and how nutrients are metabolized inside our body. Have just spent 6 months reviewing and applying all my previous sports nutrition knowledge helping my wife beat follicular lymphoma and modules 5 & 6 are where it's all at. I have taken college nutrition courses for years on end with little results for great health. There is just so much information out there it’s nice to have one resource that is so insightful and science based with lots of research to back it up. I learned the basics and more about foods, supplements, exercise, physiology and psychology (to name a few topics).
And you’ve come to the right place because nothing will motivate you more than truly understand exactly how certain foods are fortifying or destroying your body. You’ve given yourself plenty of time to get ready for your day and prepare a healthy breakfast for yourself (and your family). Not only do you look great but you feel like you truly deserve to feel – happy and confident! You don’t fear food and you no longer feel that uncontrollable pull from the oversize chocolate cake for dessert. And if even they did, you would have the confidence and power to get right back up and keep on going without beating yourself up! That way, you can experience it firsthand for yourself before you decide to go any further.
You’ll finally have clear-cut answers to what matters to you most with just ONE enjoyable lesson per week. Super Nutrition Academy’s education is unparalleled and so too are the Health Habits you’ll be developing.
This 33-page shows you exactly how to choose a good multivitamin and helps decide whether you even need one at all. First off the rank is the amazing Caryn Zinn who is bringing us her expertise in nutrition.
That is of course if you want your friends and colleagues to come within a 2-metre radius of you. The majority of deaths are preventable, in my opinion, because these diseases are caused primarily by poor diets and low levels of physical activity. However, once you start on a customized Cardio Health Support Program you will find your energy levels will increase and your ability to deal with life's stresses improves.
Feel free to print these off if you’d rather hold them in your hand and take notes while eating your morning breakfast.
So I will process better charts, graphs, pictures visually, but the material also sinks better when I listen to an explanation. The thing I have enjoyed the very most with Super Nutrition Academy is the wealth of information and the delicious recipes.
From the Eating for Energy program I appreciated the thoroughness, depth, detail, and genuine balanced viewpoints. He comes across as genuine and he espouses his views and opinions in an impartial manner, supported by documented research.
This is a breath of fresh air and I would recommend Super Nutrition Academy to anyone who is tired of the same old ways that just don't make sense anymore. Thus I could lose the weight yet still be able to eat any unhealthy food I wanted to when I wanted to because I was active. This enabled me to not only lose the weight but keep it off because I understand the dynamics of eating the RIGHT foods. In fact, your zest for life is shining through and inspiring them to do better for themselves as well. Especially when you can get the MOST of the answers you're looking for, no matter how new or experienced you are to understanding your nutrition and health, as a student of Super Nutrition Academy for just $1. The risk of arterial disease has a strong correlation to low nutritional levels in the body.
In this lesson, you'll discover the deep, dark truth about omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that food manufacturers are not telling you. I like to be able to complement these 2, and it offers also more tangible opportunities to actually work with the material as I’m not bound to my computer.
The food is so extremely delicious and satisfying that your body is not interested in snacking between meals.
Yuri continues this structure with the Super Nutrition Academy but goes deeper into each of the critical areas as they apply to the world of Nutrition. In fact, the original research on which the material is based is very clearly provided and this allows those of us who are really keenly interested in health and wellness to follow up with further reading of the supporting evidence on various topics, if we are so inclined. Having said that, I think that one of the most interesting modules is Module 6, because it explains how our immune system works and why we get sick. I think the program as a whole is important because learning one part without the others will not help in understanding our bodies and what they really need to be well. However if we knew just how harmful it potentially could be- I’m sure we would all think twice about it.
In other words, addressing the body's nutritional levels gets to the root cause of the problem.
Not only do I develop the program, but I monitor your progress on a weekly basis to ensure you're able to follow the program diligently and to see if there are any changes in your health condition.
I think, once you understand that, you'll want to know what kind of diet will boost your health, and how cleansing can help as well. I mean it doesn’t make sense to carefully plan out your diet and avoid potentially harmful ingredients in food, only to absorb them through our skin from slathering on cosmetics! I especially enjoyed the cheat sheets because this way, I knew which material was the most important to grasp.

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