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Imagining having the energy and vitality to live out your dreams, the fearlessness and knowledge that nothing can hold you back, and that you have a healthy body, mind, and spirit to support all your dreams. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition), a Certified Life Coach, and someone who has personally struggled with health and body issues, I can help you achieve your goals with expertise and understanding. Healing your physical being, mind, and spirit means you must first balance your body’s systems. Let’s talk about your training goals, your fitness challenges, and how proper nutrition can help you enhance your results in the gym and on the field. Reduce stress, rediscover your vitality, and live your best life everyday with an in-depth, holistic look at your environment, lifestyle, and emotional triggers. It’s no surprise why many athletes, individuals, and families are turning to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to promote optimal health, sports performance, and energy levels. As an entrepreneur, I used to complain that I just did not have enough time to do what was needed to make my business profitable and still have a life. Fotosearch Stock Foto's and Stock Footage Royalty-vrije BeeldenStock fotografie & royalty-vrije stock foto's gelicenseerd door Publitek, Inc. I also traveled to some of the best health retreats in the world to help expand my knowledge and wisdom. What would life be like if you had control over your emotions – rather than your emotions controlling you?

I work with a variety of health issues including healthy weight loss, food addictions and disordered eating, nutrition for athletes, low energy, moodiness, chronic fatigue and insomnia, mental health, allergies, hormonal health, blood sugar balancing, adrenal fatigue, nervous system disorders, heart health, Autism, ADD and ADHD, poor digestion and chronic muscle and joint pain. Together, we will teach your hormonal, digestive, and nervous systems how to work together in harmony once again.
We can sort out the root causes of your weight changes and how our services can assist you in achieving optimal wellness. By sitting down with Nabila we discovered that it was not a matter of having enough time, but not having enough energy.
I've now moved my business to the cottage in Bancroft, Ontario, where I'm adding "treehugger" to my "health nut" title. Call Nabila today for a complementary 30-minute session so that we can come up with the perfect plan for you, your family, or your organization!
By following a few simple health principles as outlined by Nabila, I was able to gain more energy and accomplish more in the day. Fotosearch helpt u bij het zoeken naar het juiste stock beeld, royalty-vrije foto, stock fotografie, plaatje of grafiek.
My husband, Yvan, and I are living off the grid, relying on the sun and the wind to provide all our power. Mindful Nourishment focuses on bringing back harmony and balance to the body and re-establishing its natural healing abilities.

Whether it’s teaching you about the various natural ways to boost energy, how to incorporate a vegan diet into your lifestyle, or how to optimize your performance with proper sports nutrition, we can always create a customized package to suit your individual wellness goals. Als u foto’s aanschaft dan kunt u deze meteen downloaden of ze kunnen op een cd-rom of dvd worden gezet en goedkoop en snel per post worden bezorgd. We achieve this through balanced nutrition using whole natural foods, supplementation where necessary, positive lifestyle changes, stress reduction techniques, the removal of toxins from your food and environment, as well as helping you reduce or eliminate harmful thought patterns. I want to help you identify who you are really meant to be and to give you the tools to get there. When I am lacking in energy, having trouble concentrating or feeling moody, I reach for my maca powder.
I knew that after meeting Nabila it was meant to be that she would be my nutritional guide, not only to give me precise nutritional advice, but also to teach me the meditative side of eating.
I struggle with disordered eating and she has been able to meet my requirements on that level as well.
I was going on a vacation recently, and Nabila was not only encouraging, she went out of her way to research restaurants in the area I was going, and emailed them to me!!

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