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She will teach you the importance of  balanced Nutrition and Lifestyle to promoted the Well being of the Entire body, mind and Spirit. You’ll also receive “7 Keys to Living a Passionate Life” that will launch you on the path to aligning with your passions! Dare to strip down the layers that are holding you back and get the health you really deserve. Using only the principles of Holistic Nutrition, I managed to turn both my health and my life around. Having engaged Sandra in order to expand my knowledge of health and nutrition, I had a dual challenge of addressing weight loss and athletic performance having started a challenging workout regimen. Sandra has helped me discover that a life full of health and happiness is not impossible to achieve – all it takes are small, daily habits.
How To Look Good Naked & Feel Great Doing It is a fun and simple guide to get you going after the health you’ve always dreamed of!

The guide is broken down into three parts: the basics, simple rituals, and recipes – all with the mission of showing you how to get healthy and love your body.
While working together, I’ll teach you some awesome health tweaks that won’t make getting healthy a stressful thing. My focus is on implementing simple food and lifestyle habits to get you feeling great from the inside out. I show people what it takes to create a healthy lifestyle that delivers the results they want.
The truth is, all physical change begins internally and it’s only when we begin to truly honor our inner goods that we can really feel great naked. Though I managed to get by for many years, eventually I found myself completely burned out with zero energy and feeling pretty unhappy with myself. Sandra was able to show me how to meet all my macro & micro nutrient needs driven by the workout regimen as well as ensuring my caloric intake supports a healthy weight loss.

As a former professional figure skater, I believed that the only way to lose weight was through caloric restriction and a good workout regimen. You’ll get 10 amazing new recipes that will have you in and out of the kitchen in under 30 minutes.
I speak from experience, sharing my own personal struggles that demonstrate that transformation is real and it is possible. In a world where the idea of perfection is glorified, a so-called flaw or two can be enough to keep us from feeling our best.
Sandra showed me that it is possible to lose weight while still enjoying rich and delicious foods.

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