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Holistic Health For All is a mission for affordable, effective Optimal Holistic Health For All worldwide.
Holistic Health: Optimal Health on All Levels is Holistic Health Would you love Holistic Health to be a part of your life?
Main contact number: (01237) 423006 Please do leave a message if you reach our answer phone as we maybe on another call, teaching or temporarily away from the desk. We offer one to one and small group training ONLY, so you have maximum tutor contact during your training experience with us. This long, luxurious treatment uses massage and natural deep heat in the form of heated basalt stones to relieve muscle tension and stimulate the bodya€™s own detoxification processes.
Hot Stone Massage begins with placing warm, oiled stones on multiple acupressure points around your body, perhaps even tiny ones between your toes.
Hot stone massage employs a variety of strokes and techniques using the stones and hands, working over kinks in your muscles. This week we’re focusing on the importance of leisure and recreation for health and well-being. In my professional sessions and my own personal life, setting boundaries has been a recurring topic lately. Chakras (ancient Sanskrit word meaning "Wheel") are energy centres and serve as gateways for the flow of energy and life force (Ki) into the physical body cleansing and restoring it.
A Chakra is like a vortex of energy - a little bit like when you let the water out of the bath - a spinning cone of energy located roughly down the area of the spine. Everything on the physical plane vibrates at the lowest vibrational rate while on the spiritual plane everything vibrates at the highest vibrational rate.
The energy flow of the chakra can be in disharmony as a result of imbalance or stress in the emotional, mental or spiritual aspect of an individual.
It is almost impossible to divide symptoms into individual chakras, as illness is interrelated. Our goal here is to Explain Holistic Health, holistic treatment, holistic healing and treating disease. I am a Gestalt Therapist who loves doing Gestalt Therapy because it works and it is soooo fun!

I am a Holistic Therapist who went from healthy, to being told I had 3 weeks to live due to an incurable hyperthyroid disease.
You are unlikely to feel the intensity, since your muscles will be relaxed by the heat of the stones. Take a look at this week’s featured article to learn how making time for leisure in your life can affect both your body and brain. How often do you find yourself saying “yes” to something and then immediately feeling dread, resentment, or anxiety due to this new commitment? This chakra is connected to the sun, it's the way the ethereal body gets its energy from the sun.
It is associated with emotions, sexuality, creativity, and giving and receiving in cooperation with others. This chakra is related to the physical world - meaning both the material world and the physical well-being of our bodies. Phase 10  Optimal Health A++ Your body has optimal energy, strength and extra stress gives no symptoms.
Get a Health Assessment by Deepika Avanti The Health Assessment that we do is a holistic energetic Health Assessment. This Energetic Health Test Can Prevent and Correct Imbalances by Deepika Avanti This Energetic Health Test is the easiest Health Test you will have ever taken.
Gestalt Therapy was created by Fritz Perls and is body centered experiential therapy done in the present moment. Enjoy the afterglow - float slowly back to the real world and re-hydrate your body by sipping plenty of water. We should always look at ourselves and other people as whole beings: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, with the symptoms manifesting on different levels. There are believed to be no blockages that occur in this chakra; instead, it is developed to various degrees. Because it is at the centre of the seven major chakras, it connects the lower chakras with the upper chakras. When this chakra is balanced you are aligned with others, open with your emotions, and in tune with creative energy and actions.
When this chakra is in balance you feel stable, rooted in your sense of self and in your life, and connected with nature or your surroundings.

They also have a different colour associated with them and these centres can be open or closed if there is a problem. The more developed this chakra, the more open you are to being in tune with a divine or creative force. Ironically, if this chakra is well developed these rational mind skills can be transcended, and intuition and imagination become stronger and develop into clairvoyance. A completely open and balanced heart chakra can lead to unconditional love - of yourself and others - that can be inspiring to the world around you. When it is out of balance, the results can be jealousy, sexual problems, or physically, low back pain.
If this chakra is out of balance you can become pre-occupied with material possessions, and with your own desires, and the result can be anger and violence; physically you can experience constipation.
Again, illness is a result of an imbalance, usually caused by a mental decision, based on an emotional reaction to an event or events in our lives.
This chakra, out of balance, can result in trouble concentrating - or perhaps a tendency to overanalyse things all the time. So when this chakra is powerful and balanced, you approach the world and others from a strong place. Once the mind is made up, then life becomes an adventure of discovering how right your mind is, and experiencing the resulting illness, which can, and usually does, occur. It can also lead to arrogance (thinking you know more than others, or that only things that can be "proven" with a certain set of rules can be true) as well as vision problems.
You have self-acceptance, harmony with your surroundings, and the strength to resist negative energy and attract the energy and people that will help fulfil your desires.
Imbalance in this chakra can be manifest in someone who gives away love, but has trouble receiving it, or who gives, but expects something in return. If it is out of balance, you can experience lack of will, fear of new challenges, trouble coping, anger, hate, blocked desires, and physically, may suffer from eating disorders or problems with digestion. The Throat represents our ability to "Speak up" for ourselves , to "Ask what we want" to say, "I am" when we have throat problems it usually means we do not feel we have the right to these things.

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