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This treatment consists of a full consultation (for first visit) followed by a thoroughly relaxing and healing body massage including neck, head and face, leaving you feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. Homecare essential oils can be blended in either oils, lotions, gels or creams and tailored for individual ailments or concerns e.g. Aromatherapy is a science and an art of using concentrated essential oils extracted from plants for their therapuetic properties, which can be used to improve health and prevent disease. The name dates back to the 1920’s but different cultures and civilisations, such as the Ancient Egyptians and the Roman Empire, have used plants and herbs for religious, medical and cosmetic purposes, as well as in rituals, embalming and preserving for centuries. The world of psychotherapy and holistic medicine is a rich and varied one, and we make it our business not only to keep up with current research and thinking, but also to give our own views on issues that affect us and our clients. STREETS AHEAD MAGAZINE BY SONIA MANNINGSEPTEMBER 2011It works the other way too, of course. PathSTREETS AHEAD MAGAZINE BY SONIA MANNINGAUGUST 2011There is nowhere else like this place in the area, with so much expertise, breadth of knowledge and with such a commitment to working as a team to ensure our clients are helped and cared for in the very best way possible for them as an individual. Is Stress Ruining Your Life?STREETS AHEAD MAGAZINE BY SONIA MANNINGMAY 2011Too much to do and too little time?
A Meeting of MindsSTREETS AHEAD MAGAZINE BY SONIA MANNINGMARCH 2011Exploding the myth of the therapist’s couch and other misconceptions… Generally, we view therapy as something of an American phenomenon mainly because of our consumption of transatlantic films and TV programmes. A Change for the BetterSTREETS AHEAD MAGAZINE BY THE EDITORFEBRUARY 2011Most relationships go through, to use that well-worn phrase, ‘ups and downs’ - we can all relate to that.
A Path to Being in ControlSTREETS AHEAD MAGAZINE BY THE EDITOROCTOBER 2010When Tracey split with her husband five years ago she was left devastated, angry, upset and alone. Women in BusinessSTREETS AHEAD MAGAZINE BY THE EDITORAUGUST 2010You would think that it would be quite stressful itself working with people that are suffering from a multitude of ailments from stress, loss, depression, anxiety through to phobias and acute health problems.
THE JOURNAL MAGAZINE BY A CLIENTNovember 2012It took some time to agree to a therapy session.
THE JOURNAL MAGAZINE BY SONIA MANNINGOCTOBER 2012Addiction is among the cruellest of all conditions. THE JOURNAL MAGAZINE BY SONIA MANNINGSEPTEMBER 2012The eyes are the windows to the soul, goes the old proverb. The Power of SoundTHE JOURNAL MAGAZINE BY SONIA MANNINGMARCH 2012Have you ever noticed how you just get used to some sounds and get to the point where you don’t even notice them?

Turning SAD into HappyTHE JOURNAL MAGAZINE BY SONIA MANNINGFEBRUARY 2012I am in such a different place now to where I was last year. Eat Your Way to HealthTHE JOURNAL MAGAZINE BY SONIA MANNINGJANUARY 2012Food is medicine – or it can be if you eat the right food.
BY SONIA MANNINGNOVEMBER 2011There’s not much time for reflection in the way we live our lives. BY SONIA MANNINGOCTOBER 2011Rekha is a client at Anam Cara and her story demonstrates our belief that as everyone’s situation is different, so the approach to tackling their problems should also be unique. Why Do You Feel Unwell?THE JOURNAL MAGAZINE BY SONIA MANNINGJULY 2010The power of your mind and spirit is extraordinary. Anam Cara commentary Middle-aged men are the people most likely to take their own lives, says the Samaritans. Anam Cara commentary "I began to get a headache like I had never had before" says 37-year-old Priscilla Chandro. Anam Cara commentary It is news that might leave those prone to four-letter outbursts wanting to, well, swear. Anam Cara commentary Yoga is more efficient at alleviating lower back pain than conventional medical treatment, a trial has found. The Rev Canon Ken Gardiner has spent the past five decades exorcising demons from his flock in commuter-belt Kent.
Exploding the myth of the therapist’s couch and other misconceptions…Generally, we view therapy as something of an American phenomenon mainly because of our consumption of transatlantic films and TV programmes. Counselling and Psychotherapy, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Solihull, Tamworth, Birmingham.
All of our practitioners are experienced, qualified and insured, as well as registered members of their professional bodies, a number of which are shown below. With over 50 stand-alone therapies and treatments as well as many unique and integrated programmes to choose from, we have the specialist knowledge and expertise to create bespoke programmes of care that precisely address your needs.
Requirements: All students work on one another during the practical training day as we believe it is important to not only carry out the treatment but also to experience the treatment yourself, so we ask all students to attend with no nail extensions on or nail polish. Using natural, organic essential oils and carrier oils in the correct dilutions can induce many improvements in the body, physically, psychologically and spiritually.

The oils can be applied in various ways including massage, baths, compresses and inhalations. They are aromatic volatile substances found in leaves, flowers, seeds plant stems, twigs, tree bark, resin, heartwood roots, fruit pulp and peel.
We believe it is vital to be aware of the latest research, social trends, scientific developments – in fact anything that may affect our work and our clients’ lives. Poor nutrition increases your susceptibility to illness, creating biochemical imbalances in the body’s systems.
If you’re anything like most people in this country, and indeed in the West, you like to be doing something all the time.
On the other hand, sounds like the cry of a baby or waves coming to shore can generate a huge emotional response.
How else could you explain how people can walk over hot coals or broken glass without suffering injury?
You can always trust that the standard of care you receive will remain high and the integrity of our practitioners will be absolute. The nail industry is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world offering many opportunities to qualified nail technicians.  Gel Nails produce a natural look, they are flexible yet strong, Non yellowing, Non porous, Lift resistant and offer a super shiny finish.
These oils are chosen mainly by the client for their wonderful aroma, aided by the therapist’s advice on the therapeutic effects of these wonderful oils on the body’s systems and of course any client’s concerns. Aromatherapy has been used for their health benefits for centuries and is a very effective treatment for stress-related problems. In Aromatherapy a synergistic effect is often achieved by blending two or more oils together to achieve a therapeutic effect on the body. By enabling a person to relax deeply, to let go of all their cares- even just for a while- it is potentially powerful enough to activate the body’s own innate self healing ability.
Below you will find articles written by us for local magazines and also national press articles which we found interesting - these have been reproduced and commented on by Anam Cara founder Sonia Manning.

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