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Eczema can be frustrating and uncomfortable for everyone involved.  Kids have to deal with itchy patches of red, irritated, rough and even scaly or oozing skin.
According to an article on WebMD Health News, a study was done at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York on 14 children suffering with eczema who were treated with herbal tea, herbal creams and acupuncture. Results of a study conducted in Japan on adult patients has also yielded strong positive results for TCM and improvement in eczema symptoms.  87% of patients were symptom free after 3 to 4 months of treatment, and 12% were substantially improved. Eczema, like most skin conditions, is usually a reflection of an imbalance occurring INSIDE the body. The optimal source is a non-heat treated cod liver oil will also provide essential vitamins A and D. For more comprehensive information on healing eczema, be sure to check out my ebook The Eczema Cure. Changed the detergent and doing double rinsing….btw, what kinda detergent would you suggest for me to use on her clothes?
Hi Emily – My daughter is 6 months old – is the eczema ebook relevant to someone her age?
If cost is an issue, I’d start with the book and then come see me only if you need the extra support. My husband gets red blotches on his skin but only during winter and when it is warm out and he can wear short sleeves it clears right up. Have been to at least a thousand doctors & tried every possible medicine but Nothing Worked for me.
Also to add to the misery when i was 11 or 12 a Homeopath Doctor possibly prescribed me steroids in the homeopath medicine.
Btw, Of my diet i have realized that i am allergic to Fish, Eggs, Chocolates & Some Nuts. Both my kids have eczema and I’ve tried so many medications, creams, lotions, baths, etc. I was reading a book that stating that night shade plants such as tomatoes, potatoes and eggplants promote inflammation and should be eliminated from the diet of psoriasis sufferers. Group Beta Strep (GBS) is a type of normal bacteria that is commonly found in the human body. During pregnancy, women are typically tested for GBS during 35th to 37th week of pregnancy because if a mother is colonized, there is a chance that her baby may develop Group B disease.
According to the CDC, if you have tested positive and are not in the high risk category, then your chances of delivering a baby with GBS are 1 in 200 without antibiotics and 1 in 4000 with antibiotics. Premature babies, with their less mature immune systems are more vulnerable than babies born full term.
In newborns, GBS is the most common cause of sepsis (blood infection) and meningitis (infection of the fluid and lining surrounding the brain) and is a frequent cause of newborn pneumonia. Conventional treatment to prevent GBS transmission at birth is intravenous antibiotics, 4 to 6 hours prior to delivery for women who have tested positive for GBS.
While no mother wants to pass potentially harmful bacteria to her baby through the birth canal, it is important to note that a baby also receives essential healthy bacteria and other micro-flora when passing through the birth canal. Antibiotic use during pregnancy and birth puts this natural, healthy exchange of micro-flora at risk. While antibiotics are the research-documented way to prevent GBS infection, midwives use natural protocols with great success. Ideally, an expectant mother will begin treatment at about 32 weeks, after confirmation of the presence of GBS. The treatment will strengthen the immune system and help to restore healthy vaginal flora, enabling the body to correct bacterial overgrowth. Chop fresh garlic onto a salad, or mix with olive oil to use as a dressing or dip French bread into this as a condiment. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and has been shown in vitro (in laboratory petri dishes) to kill bacteria and also yeast. Sew a string through the middle of the clove or tie a piece of white thread very tightly (so it cuts a bit into the garlic)  and leave the thread hanging out, as if it was a tampon thread. Crush the garlic clove and insert the mush on the end of a tampon (then removed) or your finger. A crushed clove will be more effective because there is more surface area of the garlic is exposed, but is more challenging to insert. Douche with wheatgrass 2x per week alternating with vaginally inserted plain yogurt 2x week.
If you are successful at eliminating the Group Beta Strep, it’s a good idea to continue the treatment until your baby is born to give yourself the best possible chance that the bacteria will not be present at the time of birth. Speak to your alternative health practitioner to design a protocol to treat GBS naturally that’s right for you.
This post was fact-checked and co-written by Amy Tinney –  licensed midwife, registered nurse, and supermom.
The thing I have been told about GBS is that you can test positive one day and negative the next, so a woman that tests negative at week 35 is not necessarily negative when comes time to give birth.
I, too, was positive with my first child… to make a long story short, was put on antibiotics and he was born perfect – thankfully! I used garlic when I tested positive for my first test, but I wish I had known to do it the first time to avoid all the re-testing and annoyance that came with it. I tested positive with both kids, and didn’t get antibiotics because labor went so fast. I can also show you a story from a mom who had it in her urine early in pregnancy and used garlic suppositories and had a home birth. The one thing I have read is that garlic is very temporarily effective so I’m opting to not go that route. I can’t do anything garlic, as with this and my first pregnancy it has made me sick to my stomach to even smell. Anyone who’s uttered these words  clearly has not experienced the exquisite wails of a baby who seems inconsolable for days on end.
While I can only imagine how hard it must be for your little one, moms and dads, I feel your pain.
But never fear…Solutions abound in the form of safe, natural remedies for colic and reflux that are often very effective.

Also, for babies with reflux, mom should avoid mint tea which can exacerbate the situation. Is he gaining weight, having lots of pee diapers, and (other than screaming and looking uncomfortable) generally thriving? At feeding time have baby start nursing until you feel milk let-down.  Then remove baby from breast and pump until you see foremilk change to hindmilk, then allow baby to relatch. A gentle and highly effective treatment process, it can help identify and relieve any nerve blockages even while the baby is asleep. When I see colicky babies in my practice, I typically have moms eliminate only the likely food triggers first. I just spent several days staying with my friend and her newborn twins, offering support and fresh home cooking! My friend is doing her very best to pump, but having a hard time producing much breast milk.
We also tried mixing up different burping techniques – the stroke up the back, the pat on the back while on the shoulder, the dance around the room with baby on shoulder doing pats and rubs on the back. Both of my boys were colicky babies, but I didn’t know much about treatment for it with my first and just suffered through it.
I took several remedies such as using a sleeping baby sack called the Zipadee-Zip, white noise machines, essential oils, and simply just cuddling my son. LO was suffering from colic since his birth time and wasn’t getting settled with any remedy. Parents have to cope with trying to figure out how to soothe their child’s discomfort and prevent it from getting worse or reoccurring.
Patients with severe symptoms saw improvements in as little as three months of treatments, and after 8 months, symptoms were reduced to very mild. My baby’s eczema is quite manageable now but I’m curious whether you or anyone has a child who has undergone TCM treatment? Eczema is one of the most common conditions in my practice ranging from mild cases that resolve quickly to much more complicated cases that can take awhile to fully heal. I have a severe case of it on my scalp, which drives me up the wall and on the side of my nose. It was full of a lot of good information, but I am feeling kind of stuck as to where to even begin considering his age.
I would suggest you set up a free 15 minute consultation through my office and we can discuss what direction to go next with your son’s eczema.
It’s hard to say since each case very unique, but I will say that it tends to be easier to treat in children.
It’s hard to say since each case is unique, but I will say that it tends to be easier to treat in children.
Though i along with my parents have tried every possible medication but still i have strong belief that there must be something in this world that can help me with my eczema. With this Citrus Clear Repair Moisturizer, their skin feels as close to normal as I think it possibly can. Do you believe that patients suffering from Eczema would benefit from night shades as well? If you are working with a traditional OBGYN, you may not be given the option to try alternative therapies, but these options do exist.
However, since most babies are born at term, 70% of babies who develop the disease are term.
GBS infection can be fatal for newborns, and up to 20% of babies who survive GBS-related meningitis are permanently handicapped, including hearing or vision loss, varying degrees of physical and learning disabilities and cerebral palsy. And therefore, antibiotics should only be used if all other methods of correcting bacterial imbalance have been exhausted.
That way it can easily be removed with very little effort. Putting the clove in gauze will prevent direct contact and decrease effectiveness.
Many women taste garlic in their mouths as soon as it is in their vagina- so it is less pleasant to treat while awake.
Before you go to get the culture, wash perineum and rectal area with soap and put on clean cotton underwear.  GBS usually lives in your large intestine, and from there contaminates the vagina. When I knew I was going in for my GBS test I took several raw garlic cloves and swallowed them with water for about a week before the test. It would almost make sense for all pregnant women to follow a version of this protocol just to ensure there is no growth by the time delivery happens. My midwife also had me do goldenseal suppositories and I tested negative after a week of that plus lots of garlic! Tested + for GBS in urine at 13 weeks, and was told by dr that I would automatically get antibiotics at birth because of that. It showed up at around 16 weeks and it hasn’t gone away, even with all of my natural attempts with probiotics, essential oils, etc. This information is important for mothers like myself that cannot receive pennecillin due to allergies.
I was positive with my first baby, so I had antibiotics, and with my second baby they didn’t even bother testing and did antibiotics then as well. Pressure sustained during birth may cause the main nerve of the digestive system to spasm, one of the creators of Colic.
We found that sometimes, if we worked at it long enough, we produced a burp we didn’t know was hiding in there and it sometimes helped prevent colic from striking later. My LO loves the breathable, soft-fleece material that it’s made of and it soothes and comforts him. In fact I cut out various foods from my sons diet like milk, and changed up some of the veggies he ate to reduce bloating.
We aslo overhauled his diet in hopes that that would work, Sleep eventually became the best option and Im glad that the Zipadee-Zip really does work. Eventually there were some dietary changes, ear plugs for us, some medicine and a Zipadee-Zip that eased things.

I used colic drops, Karo syrup and many more but the final remedy which worked was babies magic tea. I breast-feed him as well as feed him some table foods, so we would both need to go on the elimination diet if that is the best route. She gave me rhus tox in liquid form that eliminated the symptoms (itch, weeping, cracked skin) in just a couple days. If you’re looking to treat his eczema from the inside out, I would highly recommend reading my ebook (listed in the post above). If we can discuss this further & the treatment is really effective i will not mind traveling to where ever you are located.
I became addicted to topical steroids and was hospitalized with an excruciating withdrawal, I moved from Los Angeles to Florida where I saw about a 20 percent improvement. Rather, it means that the care provider must plan labor and delivery and newborn care with this in mind.
I also used probiotics vaginally (inserting capsules as well as bio-k yogurt with a needless syringe). 4th I started taking probiotics orally around 34 weeks at an increased dose and tested negative! I, of course, will receive antibiotics at labor, but if I could get it out of my urine, I would!
We all want what’s best for our children and sometimes we have to make difficult decisions. I had a lifestyle conversion shortly thereafter, and this pregnancy has been very different so far. CST can release the blockage gently and heap relief on the child, all with the gentle touches of a practitioner. I also had a very bad labour and as a result he had issues with his neck., which was address by CST. We found some good strategies to help, and I just sent her this article and recommended she look into probiotics.
Then I had a vega test for food sensitivity and found I was sensitive to oats, wheat, almonds, coconut, bananas and night shades. After years of trying every shampoo out there to try to get it under control, I have found some natural methods that work well. If you notice him touching or playing with the cats, make sure to wash his hands thoroughly after contact. The typical treatment for is antibiotics, but effective, alternative treatment for GBS may be a better option for you and your baby. I did a douche every day with a hibiclens and water solution (don’t remember the ratios). Wondering if these remedies can be done safely throughout pregnancy, or would I wait till a couple weeks before being tested then start? Over 60% of babies that get early-onset GBS are born to mothers that tested negative and therefore didn’t receive antibiotics.
The one nagging thing was this early detection of gbs in my urine, which I know means that there’s a higher risk of the baby becoming infected.
Another strategy (not during feeding, but while baby is still awake afterward) is to use a gentle, warm hand moving on the belly in a circular motion, following the path of digestion. Basically I cannot eat ANY of my favorite foods (really struggling with coconut and bananas – this is even though I experience no symptoms). Like PrissyMA310 above I too did get relief by using the Zipadee-Zip and I noticed that he falls asleep within 20 minutes when I place him in it. So my question to you is, is it possible to have a super mild case of eczema without the typical flare up that seem more severe?
The only way to completely remove the effects, though would be to remove the allergen from his environment. It cannot get lost – but it can get pushed into the pocket between the cervix and the vaginal wall. I had been taking it for the yeast already for about a week already but stopped realizing it was controversial during pregnancy. Even this blog post mentions that if it’s in your urine you are more likely to develop GBS disease. So, I started drinking water kefir almost everyday early on, and within the last week (week 34), I started eating even more probiotics, as well as consuming a raw garlic clove a day, echinacea tincture in my water, and cleansing with colloidal silver at night. But two days ago I realized I have been taken Fermented Cod Liver with Butter Oil, this whole time – do you think that is sufficient dairy to cause an issue? The eczema returned after a couple weeks, but the rhus tox would clear it up in a few days. To ensure things stayed that way, the last month of pregnancy I continued with the garlic regime and low sugar. I finally tried the colloidal silver once a day (on top of everything else…I was seriously getting sick of sticking things in my vagina at this point! In time, my outbreaks became further and further apart until they went away completely after 30 months and 4 little bottles of rhus tox. I wish there was s comprehensive list of safe alternative treatments for common ailments during pregnancy! I was told by a few alt practitioners that because my tongue was coated it was likely all through my system. I just wanted to post that it is possible to achieve a negative result even after a positive urine culture.

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