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At 12 Keys, we believe a holistic addiction treatment center offers a healthy way of overcoming addiction.
The philosophy behind such treatment is that each person is not just made up of disparate, unrelated parts, but rather related parts that create the whole person.
Holistic addiction treatment centers offer a different recovery experience than many traditional rehab centers. As a top holistic addiction treatment center in Florida, 12 Keys rehab focuses on the whole individual to promote successful recovery. Medically certified professionals and staff, many of whom are recovering addicts themselves.
The 12 Keys holistic addiction treatment center emphasizes an integrated approach to recovery. At 12 Keys, clients begin their recovery program with detox to rid their bodies of drugs, alcohol and toxic substances. You will also have the opportunity to partake in various physical fitness opportunities to address your individual needs. In addition to helping you recover physically, 12 Keys Rehab helps you regain your mental health through various types of therapy. As you work on your physical and mental recovery, it is also important to consider your spiritual recovery in a holistic approach to rehab. People arena€™t made according to one blueprint, and their recovery shouldna€™t follow a set, specific or inflexible plan. When youa€™re searching for a great holistic drug rehab center, you dona€™t have to look any further than 12 Keys Rehab Center. Holistic Detox Center: At 12 Keys Rehab, we take a holistic approach to keeping you as comfortable as possible during the detox process.
Expert staff: Our medical professionals and staff are both experienced and compassionate when dealing with addiction.
Low client to staff ratio: In order to benefit the most from individualized treatment, ita€™s important to have a low client to staff ratio.
Wide range of treatment options: 12 Keys Rehab Center offers a wide range of therapies to meet each clientsa€™ needs and we always include clients in the development of their own treatment model. Client preferences honored: Our holistic program honors client preferences and makes every effort to account for them when creating treatment plans. Comfortable surroundings: People recover faster when theya€™re in comfortable, pleasant surroundings. Great location: Our waterfront property, beautiful grounds and outdoor areas for rest and recreation help relieve stress and tension during the emotional work of recovery.
Only you can answer this question, but most people do benefit from a holistic drug rehab center. Anyone suffering from drug and alcohol addiction will benefit from holistic recovery at 12 Keys Rehab Center. Like most holistic addiction treatment centers, 12 Keys welcomes all who suffer from addiction and seek recovery. Traditional recovery programs can help you detox and mentally recover, but few offer the deep, personalized healing that 12 Keys Rehaba€™s holistic treatment center offers. Therea€™s no research specifically on holistic drug rehab to compare it to traditional rehab. Nationwide, 40 to 60 percent of people who recover from drug addiction relapse in some way. Once you arrive at 12 Keys Rehab, you will be amazed by how welcoming our staff and medical professionals are. Please contact 12 Keys for more information or for help with your drug and alcohol addiction. Expenses related to your treatment at 12 Keys Rehab are considered a cost of doing business.
Prescriptions, all meals, activities, and most incidentals, including the gym, are also covered.
Shingles can be a very painful condition and is caused by a reactivation of the same virus which causes chickenpox (herpes varicella-zoster). The virus shows itself in the form of red spots which can turn to painful blisters, both pain and irritation are common traits of shingles and treatment is often needed. Shingles holistic treatment will look at the whole of a persona€™s needs and class psychological, physical and social needs as one.
There are various methods that can be done at home to treat shingles and some come recommended by doctors.
It is important that you do not scratch the blisters as this can lead to infection; the use of calamine lotion can be beneficial to soothe skin and prevent itching. Two ease pain a mixture can be created by crushing two aspirins and mixing them with rubbing alcohol, the mixture can be applied three times a day to lesions to dampen down the sensitivity of the nerves. A common complication of shingles is postherpetic neuralgia; this is nerve pain after the shingles virus has gone.
We want to bring things into the light with this blog—concerns, questions, controversy, capture what’s on your mind, and hopefully enlighten a few passersby. Do you ever get confused with the terms “holistic” and “wholistic” or wonder what the difference is between the two? Holistic or Wholistic?Spirit-Guided Care: Christian Nursing for the Whole PersonEnergy Therapies in Christian Nursing? Kathy Schoonover-ShoffnerKathy Schoonover-Shoffner, PhD, MSN, BSN, RN, serves as editor of the Journal of Christian Nursing and as a per diem staff nurse in behavioral health in Wichita, Kansas. After battling with physical addiction and the harsh side effects of withdrawal, a holistic approach may provide a welcome relief.

In addition to reducing drug cravings, some holistic approaches have been shown to relieve physical discomfort and pain, at the root of many drug cravings. A complimentary holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment provides an additional level of emotional and physical support. Through the reduction of stress and anxiety relating to these life-circumstances or specific events, as well as use of alternative therapies to relieve chronic pain, multiple studies have revealed similar results- many holistic or alternative therapies compliment traditional, evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment with positive results.
Theories as to why holistic approaches to treating drug and alcohol addiction are effective abound, and most involve changes in the biochemistry, or better, a restoration of balance to the neural network within the brain and along the central nervous system. In some cases, these practices increase endorphins, affecting the body’s opiate receptors, which can reduce pain. Other mechanisms for the success of a holistic approach include increased neurotransmission of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).
Generally speaking, each is a powerful tool in complementing the recovery process by reducing drug cravings and stress or physical pain.
Though it may not be the first thing we think of when someone says alternative therapy, simply making time for a walk each day has been shown to increase natural levels of endorphins and dopamine. Exercise as well as yoga are effective in elevating levels of GABA, an important neurotransmitter, which inhibits nerve cell communication, and can reduce anxiety.
Acupuncture is a widely studied alternative therapy for drug and alcohol addiction because of its impact on the opioid receptors in the body. Studies verify that Reiki can reduce feelings of anxiety or depression significantly, and may show similar promise to yoga in addressing these stress-related symptoms. While guided meditation is effective in reducing blood pressure, and may be utilized as a tool in stress-relief or toward the development of improved coping strategies, research is still ongoing and its effectiveness as an alternative treatment is not yet known.
Though much research is still underway on the effectiveness of other complementary or holistic therapies, evidence supports the use of exercise and nutritional support, yoga, chiropractic, acupuncture, and reiki as effective complementary holistic therapies in the treatment of substance use disorders.
As with any holistic or conventional approach, it is best to locate a treatment style that is both evidence-based and one that will meet your needs.
At a holistic drug rehab center, youa€™ll not only have access to detox and traditional addiction recovery programs, such as 12 step meetings, but youa€™ll also have treatment options for mind, body and spirit. While both may offer treatment programs, holistic addiction treatment centers generally feature a lower client to staff ratio, more treatment options and an emphasis on helping people recover in mind, body and spirit.
Our specific services are targeted toward physical, mental and emotional recovery, but they frequently overlap in the impact each has on your life as a whole.
After successful detox, nutritional counseling and tasty, healthy meals replenish your body and help it begin to heal itself from months or years of neglect and drug abuse.
12 Keys is a dual diagnosis facility, meaning we can help people struggling with both a diagnosis of mental health disorders and substance abuse.
The 12-Step Programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and other a€?anonymousa€? programs recognize addiction as a disease that is spiritual as well as psychological and physical.
At 12 Keys Rehaba€™s holistic addiction treatment center, your recovery program can be as unique as you are. Our staff of medical professionals are highly trained at finding the right combinations of therapy, diet, rest, and medication to keep you comfortable during the process. Different types of counseling, exercises, activities and programs are offered to provide a a€?menua€? for our clients and staff to select the best program for recovery.
Although some activities are strongly recommended, a holistic approach means custom-tailored.
12 Keysa€™ holistic facilities make you feel like youa€™re gathering at a nice resort or family home, not a hospital. You can reconnect with yourself through nature, and learn to appreciate the little things in life that make sobriety so worth achieving.
Youa€™ll receive personalized attention from caring staff who have walked in your shoes and understand how you feel. Instead, at 12 Keys, youa€™ll feel like youa€™re in a safe, nonjudgmental place where you have the time, space and support to work on your own personal issues that will help you maintain sobriety.
If you have an open mind and a sincere desire to get well, you will benefit from our holistic addiction treatment. We provide you with a fully customized, personalized recovery program that honors your personal choices and needs.
The holistic movement itself is too young to have a great deal of clinical research behind it, and when combined with drug addiction and recovery treatment, therea€™s just not enough clinical evidence to draw specific conclusions when compared to other forms of addiction recovery. Take a look at the many testimonials on the 12 Keys website from clients wea€™ve helped over the years. A holistic treatment program may help you avoid relapse and maintain your new, healthy, sober and productive lifestyle. Our private and comfortable facilities will feel just like home and you will have no trouble settling into your recovery environment. With 12 Keysa€™ holistic addiction treatment programs, you can recover from drug and alcohol addiction in a supportive atmosphere that treats you as a whole person, not just another face in the crowd. After a bout of chickenpox the virus will remain dormant in the nervous system; it can remain this way for years, possibly a lifetime.
Holistic treatment provides an alternative to the use of drugs and relies upon natural remedies to treat the shingles virus. The first thing that must be done is to keep the rash as clean and as dry as possible, where possible the rash should be exposed to air. It is also possible to cover the blisters with an elastic bandage during the night to prevent itching and ease pain. At the first sign of the outbreak, a mixture of plain yogurt and zinc oxide rubbed along the affected nerve route 2-3 times per day can help to clear up the shingles in as little asA  48 hours.
Pears are rich in antiviral caffeic acid and both eating pears and drinking pear juice can help reduce the severity of the virus.

Holistic therapies involve a total wellness approach, rather than a focus on specific symptoms relating to the addiction. Types of holistic therapies used to treat addiction include acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage, Tai Chi, Ayurvedic, Chinese, or herbal medicine, Reiki, yoga, guided meditation, homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy, and exercise; the effectiveness of only a handful of approaches has been studied.
While genetics most often plays a key role in addiction, environmental and socioeconomic factors, as well as a history of past physical or sexual trauma, can leave someone vulnerable to drugs or alcohol.
Drugs and alcohol wreak havoc on this vital communication network, and holistic therapies like acupuncture, Reiki, yoga, and even exercise do much to induce a positively associated physiological response to decrease stress, perception to physical and emotional pain, and improve overall feelings of well-being. If you’ve ever experienced a “runner’s high,” then you’re familiar with both the endorphin and dopaminergic response.
Gamma-aminobutyric acid is an amino acid that reduces nerve cell communication, resulting in a reduction in anxiety and stress-related symptoms.
Acupuncture, for example, stimulates the hypothalamus, which relates to many functions within the body’s nervous system, as well as the pituitary gland, key in regulating hormones within the body. Some, like chiropractic, involve physical manipulation of the body, others like Reiki or acupuncture, are forms of energy medicine, and some are biologically based, as is the case with herbal medicine or nutritional therapies.
Some are more widely studied than others, as is the case with regular exercise, yoga, chiropractic, and acupuncture.
This combined with nutritional therapy can provide a well-rounded approach to improving overall physical health, while restoring these natural pain and stress relievers.
Studies also indicate a reduction in depression associated with increased GABA neurotransmission among those who practice yoga. Stimulation of these receptors increases the body’s threshold for pain and can reduce cravings for opiate drugs like heroin. Study results are inconclusive, however, due to its other known health benefits, it may still be used as part of a comprehensive plan to treat a substance use disorder.
A holistic drug rehab provides the individualized support and attention that can help many people recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Not only does it help your body heal and regain strength, but it also imparts many psychological benefits, too. As part of a holistic treatment program, we incorporate different types of therapy and counseling into your recovery program. At 12 Keysa€™ holistic addiction treatment center, you have the space and opportunity to practice yoga, meditation and other alternative forms of spirituality that promote a well-rounded recovery. The process of removing all the toxins from your body can last several days or several weeks, but under the caring and watchful eye of our holistic detox center professionals, you will come out of detox feeling stronger and ready for the next steps of recovery.
12 Keys staff typically works with only a handful of clients at a time, so therea€™s always someone for you to talk to when you need it. Our treatment program respects your personal and religious convictions and preferences, without trying to force anything on you. Activities, personal time and time to explore new hobbies and interests are all part of the holistic treatment program.
If you have tried traditional recovery programs before with little success, we can help you see your addiction from a whole new perspective that gives you the strength to take back control of your life. These are real people who have done the hard work of recovery and have succeeded in maintaining their new, healthy lifestyle. Diabetics, for example, relapse when they stop taking prescribed medication or no longer comply with diet and exercise programs intended to combat their disease. Our caring counselors will work with you to determine your needs given your current situation.
The reactivation is commonly caused as the result of a weakening of the immune system which can occur through, old age, stress, poor nutrition or as a result of medication being taken for other purposes.
You should never you adhesive dressings to cover blisters as this will only lead to increased irritation. Use of the two terms has been going on for years, and has especially conflicted Christians (including me). Holistic therapies seek to improve the physical and emotional well-being of an individual toward empowering their recovery success. It feels good, and moreover, because it involves the opioid receptors, these practices can reduce cravings for opiate drugs. Other therapies may emerge as more or less powerful as research progresses into the effectiveness of each.
The effectiveness of yoga at stress reduction is the primary mechanism for its success as an holistic therapy in treating drug or alcohol addiction. Contact us today about a comprehensive treatment plan that will help you on a path to a new and rewarding life in recovery. Our compassionate staff members also have important credentials including counseling certifications, state certifications and more to work with addiction and recovery. You need to learn new and effective ways of caring for yourself, productive ways of spending your time and simple ways to relax and recharge. The rate of relapse among diabetics is comparable to that of drug recovery, with 30 to 50 percent of diabetics relapsing on their treatment programs. Cognitive behavioral therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, biofeedback and other forms of therapy may also be recommended for your recovery.

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