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He was arrested after giving an undercover police agent a medical exam and medical advice; this was his third time impersonating a healthcare professional.
The hospital declined to press charges, stating that he had not been in direct contact with any patients.
His fascination with healthcare continued and he posed as a massage therapist at a rehab center in October 2015.
Police soon received an anonymous tip and the Sheriff’s Office, Palm Beach Narcotics Task Force (PBNTF) and the Florida Department of Health began an investigation.
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Back in 2013, she was honored for her volunteerism of up to 40 hours a week with students with severe mental and physical disabilities. Malachi Love-Robinson is shown in a booking photo released by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Feb. Malachi Love-Robinson, 18, was taken into custody after the undercover operation, during which he gave medical advice, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office announced. Authorities had received a complaint earlier in the month about Love-Robinson, who had been cited by the state health department for practicing medicine without a license in October 2015.
Love-Robinson opened a medical office in West Palm Beach and was presenting himself as a doctor, the Sheriff’s Office said.
Love-Robinson was booked on suspicion of practicing medicine without a license, and the Florida Department of Health served him notice to cease and desist along with several other citations.

In January, West Palm Beach police stopped a juvenile for posing as a doctor in a lab coat at an area hospital, the Florida Sun-Sentinel reported. No charges were filed.
The Boothbay peninsula has an amazing YMCA, with a full-Olympic pool, a heated therapy pool, indoor tennis courts, an indoor track, racquetball, squash and walleyball, basketball, sauna, weight room, and excercise equipment galore! The Y offers scholarships for families and individuals who can’t afford the standard memberships. Did you know that exercising with others is one of the best ways to stave off Alzheimers and other forms of dementia? Speaking of walking in nature, why not treat yourself to a walk among the gardens, woods, and fanciful fairy houses of the Coastal Botanical Gardens? A Florida teenager is charged with impersonating a doctor and running a medical clinic without a license. Malachi Love-Robinson, 18, was arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license after he performed a physical exam on an undercover agent. Love-Robinson operated the New Birth New Life Holistic Medical Center & Urgent Care on N.
The website offered holistic and alternative methods to traditional medicine, including air, water, heat, earth, light, phototherapy and food therapies. Love-Robinson employed a small staff and appeared to earn a modest income from his medical practice. The case demonstrates how easily an enterprising con artist can impersonate a doctor without a medical license.
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Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care is honoring Veterans and their pets with a complimentary pet exam in November! All month, we are honoring Veterans, Active Military Personnel and their pets by offering them a complimentary pet exam.

MALACHI LOVE-ROBINSON, PhD, HHP-C, AMP-C, and was operating the NEW BIRTH NEW LIFE HOLISTIC And ALTERNATIVE MEDICAL CENTER & URGENT CARE CENTER in WEST PALM BEACH, FL. He was investigated and cited by the Department of Health for practicing medicine without a license. Virginia danced her way into the White House a few days ago as she was invited to the White House's 2016 Black History Month celebrations. The investigation ended with his arrest on Tuesday after a Palm Beach Narcotics Task Force agent posed as a patient seeking a physical exam. Liked him more than punk azz Jason Derulo who wanted her loyalty when he was walking around with a neck brace for a year, but he got his sexy back and got the hell on! If I ever see her refer to herself as a doctor, I’m going to screenshot it and it send to the ABPP. Hospital employees stated that Love-Robinson would sometimes suddenly appear wearing a surgical mask, hospital logo white doctors coat and a stethoscope. I used to work at one of their counters back when people used to send pictures of their babies in the mail. BRVC doctors and staff are committed to the belief that pets deserve medical care as advanced as their owners receive, yet as personal as the friendship they provide us. When all she got in the genre is a 10 month certificate from the damn for profit University of Santa Monica. There were tons of Whites, Latinos and others who supported and participated in the movement…not just Black people. I feel you though…but unlike Iyanla, he had proper training and he sat for and got a license at some point.
I look forward to learning more about your organization and exploring ways in which I may be included and of assistance. Phil used to get dragged for dear life by mad real psychology associations and subject matter experts.

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