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Viaguard is committed to providing confidential, affordable, accessible, clinically precise, medical and forensic services to the public and professionals.
VIAGUARD IS ONE OF A FEW LABORATORIES IN NORTH AMERICAN AND THE ONLY LABORATORY IN CANADA WITH THIS OF ACCREDITATION. Open Monday to Friday, 8.00AM to 6 pm, Saturdays 8 am to 5 pm, and Sundays (by appointment only). The only herpes test with 99% accuracy based on exclusive dual DNAffirm antigen technology.
Blisters,pustules or chancres need not be evident to, spread the disease, you may show no symptoms ,nor even suspect you have herpes, and this is very common, touching various parts of thr body after contacing an infected area will spread the infection. 55 million people in North America have herpes and the Accu-Herpes I & II test detects even asymptomatic cases where the virus exists in a latent form in nervous tissue before turning symptomatic.

Early detection is important because anti-viral drugs are most effective in the early stages and untreated herpes doubles the risk for contracting HIV (AIDS). The social, physical, and emotional toll of Herpes can be devastating, but anti-viral drugs minimize symptoms and spread. The painful symptoms often start with macules and pupules which develop into fluid-filled pustules and vesicles.
In all cases, the virus tends to establish a latent but looming presence in nervous tissue. In some cases, the virus may gain access to the brain and the damage that results can be severe. THE RELATIONSHIP TESTING ACCREDITATION PROGRAM IS BASED ON AABB STANDARDS AND PROVIDES FOR THE ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION OF LABORATORIES PERFORMING RELATIONSHIP TESTING.

Once an individual has been infected, the virus remains in nerve cell tissue and may alternate between a latent (asymptomatic) presence and random flare-ups. The vesicles rupture forming crusty lesions or soft lesions on mucous membranes without crusting. Routes of transmission include, a kiss oral sex, vaginal or anal intercourse, or inadvertent contact with exudate.

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