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Foods that we eat are digested completely to produce energy so that your body carry on with its functions. In order to maintain proper metabolism to extract energy for healthy body functions, you need to include B vitamins in your diet. Magnesium plays an essential role in improving your energy level through increased metabolic rate.
The free radicals damage your muscles and tissues and it is this antioxidant that protects your body against such radicals. You don’t necessarily have to depend on nutritional supplements or energy drinks to feel energetic. Excellent Foods To Give You Energy Lentils This is the perfect food choice for people suffering from low energy levels, as lentils release energy in a slow and sustained manner once they are consumed. The slow burning complex carbohydrates in lentils can increase your metabolic rate and rev up energy levels. The high insoluble fiber content of oatmeal can maintain blood glucose levels and it will leave you feeling full for a longer duration of time.
The high protein content of eggs can leave a person feeling fuller for a longer duration of time. Melons Melons contain a host of essential vitamins and minerals which can maintain energy levels.
The high levels of magnesium which fuels cellular function for all day energy, also makes melons a top food choice for boosting energy. Edamame contains appreciable amounts of the trace mineral molybdenum, which improves cellular function and aids in balancing out blood sugar levels. Additionally, dark chocolate contains theophylline, theobromine and caffeine which has a stimulating effect and can give a quick burst of energy. Yogurt contains high amounts of the specific B group of vitamins namely vitamin B2, vitamin B5 and vitamin B12. The energy production takes place at a cellular level where the required amount of food broken down by the digestive system is completely absorbed by the body.This entire process is known as metabolism. These vitamins help in metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates and boost the central nervous system.
In a recent study, it was revealed that the food habits of the Americans do not fulfil the optimal levels of magnesium in their body. Vitamin C increases the energy level and the metabolic rate in your body, by suppressing the oxidative stress. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
There are numerous so called ‘elixirs’ or ‘pick-me-up’ drinks and energy bars in the market which claim to boost flagging energy levels. Sustained energy comes from eating nutrient packed natural foods, which contain good amounts of fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates along with essential vitamins and minerals. Lentils are packed with essential amino acids, slowly digestible proteins, complex carbohydrates, besides a host of vitamins and minerals.
Furthermore, the high iron content of lentils can also help to maintain energy levels throughout the day.

In fact, consuming just one small fistful of nutrient dense walnuts can boost energy levels instantly. Eggs are often referred to as a high energy food source as they contains numerous vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids.
In fact, nutritional research has shown that eating melons regularly can boost energy levels by almost twenty three percent. These B-vitamins help to break down carbohydrates from the foods that are consumed into glucose in a more efficient manner. Increasing the rate of metabolism will not only help in avoiding accumulation of unwanted fats, but will also help in reducing your body weight.Though the rate of metabolism in a human body is genetically determined, but there are few factors like proper diets and physical exercises that help in speeding up the metabolic rate.
Production of most of your body energy takes place solely due to B vitamins and a deficiency in them can cause weakness and fatigue.Decrease in the level of certain B vitamins like B6, thiamine, B12, folic acid and niacin may lead to low mood, lack of concentration, lethargy and increase in risk of developing some serious diseases.
In order to let your body continue with its biochemical reactions like regulating energy metabolism, protein synthesis, etc. When the proper functioning of your central nervous system degrades, your body starts conserving the already produced energy for survival.Hence, an oxidative stress can cause a huge drop in metabolic rate. It helps rid the body of harmful toxins while providing a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.Green smoothies include a number of green vegetables containing chlorophyll, which helps in detoxification and getting rid of heavy metals like those found in pesticides and industrial pollutants. It also stimulates the liver’s bile production and boosts mineral intake as well as absorption.Its high antioxidant and vitamin C content will also strengthen your immune system. However, these supposed miracle foods can rev up your energy levels only for a short duration of time.
Some super foods which can help you to maintain energy levels throughout the day are mentioned in this article. Bananas happen to be one of the few fruits which contain good amounts of both simple and complex carbohydrates.
Eating foods rich in B vitamins can help to convert carbohydrates into functional energy efficiently. Melons are loaded with B-vitamins, particularly vitamin B1 and B6, which are vital to sustain energy levels. The B group vitamins play a pivotal role in breaking down the carbohydrates (from the food that is consumed) into glucose. Eating foods rich in complex carbohydrates can help to maintain blood sugar levels and prevent a sudden dip in energy, as the body absorbs complex carbs more slowly.
The high satiety value of brown rice ensures that you feel full for a longer duration of time. Consuming protein rich foods like fresh yogurt can increase satiety value and help to maintain energy levels for a longer period of time. To be more precise, it is the vitamins that regulates the basal metabolic rate, improves health and helps in boosting the energy levels. The food items that contain B vitamins include asparagus, whole grains, melon, spinach, eggs, beans, fish and lentils. Start your day with this green smoothie to provide energy and boost metabolism.Put one cup of kale (coarsely chopped), one green apple (coarsely chopped), one ripe banana and one-half cup of fresh parsley leaves in a blender. Lemons, especially the peels, contain an antioxidant called d-limonene, which has been found to activate enzymes in the liver that help remove toxic compounds.Drink a cup of warm water mixed with the juice squeezed from one lemon.

The high carbohydrate content in bananas makes it the ideal food choice to boost waning energy levels.
To increase blood glucose levels and to replenish lost energy, eat L-arginine rich foods like walnuts regularly. Edamame also improves the transportation of oxygen throughout the body, which can improve energy levels. Furthermore, dark chocolate contains a host of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins which can leave you feeling energized.
Consuming fructose rich fruits like ripe pineapple can help to boost energy, by increasing blood sugar levels. Do this daily, first thing in the morning, until you experience improved health.Mix one-half cup of lemon juice, one tablespoon of honey, and one teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a cup of hot water. Plenty useful tips Delta Mclean June 20, 2014 at 7:19 pm ReplyReally love this page Rafia July 10, 2014 at 1:53 pm ReplyVery useful and helpful remedies! The natural sugars present in bananas which are easily digested by the body can also increase energy levels substantially. These nutrients aid in energy production by metabolizing carbohydrates faster and more efficiently. Mineral irons that are present in the foods get completely absorbed by your body with the help of vitamin C, increasing your body’s metabolic rate and energy level. Raw JuicesRaw fruit and vegetable juices, such as that of apples, carrots, grapefruits, spinach, blueberries, oranges, cucumbers, beets, and lettuce, are highly beneficial for nourishing your body as well as removing harmful toxins.Juices extracted from green vegetables are particularly beneficial because they contain chlorophyll, which aids in the removal of cancer-related toxins. Epsom Salt BathEpsom salt baths increase the magnesium level in the body, which is required for detoxifying cells. Being loaded with nutrients, fresh juices also give a boost to your immune system.You can simply drink a glass of raw fruit or vegetable juice two or three times a day or replace one meal daily with fresh juices. For a juice fast, drink five to six glasses of fresh fruit and vegetable juices daily for a few days.In addition to juice from a single fruit or vegetable, you can create a juice blend by juicing five carrots, four celery stalks, one beet, one small apple, one small cucumber, and half a lemon. For better absorption of the nutrients, drink the juice slowly rather than quickly gulping it down. Virginia October 8, 2014 at 3:35 am ReplyVery helpful,will be trying these home remedies for my headaches. It contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a potent antioxidant that may help protect the liver from toxic damage.A 2011 study by researchers at the Newcastle University found that it may protect against Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Furthermore, regular consumption of green tea will help aid weight loss, improve metabolism, and control hair loss.Drink two to three cups of green tea daily. Oil PullingThis simple therapy works as a great natural detox for the deep tissues in the body.
It also fights issues like toothache, bad breath, and gum disease due to the antimicrobial effects of the oil used.It is believed that this traditional Ayurvedic technique also provides relief from headaches, constipation, candida infections, congestion, cold sores, joint pains, and various other ailments.

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