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This causes an electrolyte imbalance in your body, leading to dehydration and making it difficult for your body to function at its best.Many people are unaware when their body lacks adequate water. A 2013 study published in Clinical Autonomic Research says that dehydration is one of the most frequently reported brain-fog triggers, along with fatigue, lack of sleep, prolonged standing and feeling faint.In a 2011 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that mildly dehydrated people performed worse on cognitive tasks and also reported difficulty making decisions. Prev post1 of 3Next   Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Previous article 10 Risk Factors for High Cholesterol and How to Lower It Next article You’ve Been Doing It Wrong! UTI or urinary tract infection is a very common infection of the urinary tract that occurs when there is an overgrowth of bacteria in the urinary tract, causing inflammation, pain, burning sensation and frequent urination. Though severe infections require medical attention, at the early stages of the disease, herbal remedies are very effective and can help in complete removal of the infection as well. Effective Herbal Remedies for UTI Butterbur Butterbur is generally a recommended herbal treatment for migraines, digestive problems and various types of allergies. However, the herb is known to cause many side effects and is reported to cause drug interactions as well and hence not safe for consumption without the monitoring of a herbalist. Slippery elm Slippery elm works on the urinary tract by leaving a coating on the infected tissues so that it helps in soothing the damaged walls and also in preventing further damage by the bacteria in the urinary tract. Purslane Purslane is an ancient medicinal herb that is reported to have great healing effect on the urinary tract. Purslane also has a cleansing effect on the urinary tract and stimulates the kidneys to achieve better disposal of waste. Goldenseal Goldenseal is an immune boosting herb and possesses antibacterial properties as well. Dandelion Leaves Dandelion is an antibacterial and diuretic and both these qualities are excellent for treating UTIs. Dandelion helps in flushing the urinary tract of the bacteria and the increased urine production will eliminate the threat of bacterial multiplication.
Parsley Parsley is known to be a multi nutrient herb and is praised for its immune boosting properties. Continue treatment for seven days, the symptoms will be considerably reduced and the person will start feeling the effect of the herb on the urinary tract. Corn Silk Corn silk is nothing but the fibrous hair that you find on the corn and something, which we discard immediately as a useless thing. So, by having supplements of the essential vitamins everyday you can overcome this problem. The vitamin B6 also aids in the normal functions of the brain and induces much more brain activity. When there is a reduction in the energy producing cells in your body, migraine headaches tend to occur.
It also increases the efficiency of mitochondria, which is also responsible for migraine occurrence.
This vitamin also called as niacin is essential for more than 50 functions of the human body. Increasing the intake of this vitamin B3 would help you reduce the occurrence of migraine as well as keep it under control. This is popularly called as the anti-stress vitamin by medical practitioners as this helps you relax. It helps in the production of adrenal hormones and cortisone hormone that helps you keep the stress under control. This folic acid should be used in combination with niacin as these are the best vitamins to treat migraine headache. Vitamin C has proven ability to reduce the production level of neurotransmitters, which will keep your stress under control and this in turn will reduce the occurrence of migraines. According to experts, sleeping on the right side is not good for the placenta, which plays a vital role in the health of the baby. Also, it is considered that this sleeping position can prevent the nutrients from getting to the baby. Sleeping on the right side while pregnant can also put additional pressure to your liver since you weight more than normal. Adult people who have problems with heartburn can only worsen the situation by sleeping on their right side.

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Learn the Correct Way to Wash Your Hair Related Home Remedies to Increase Stamina and Energy July 1st, 2015 How to Prevent Heatstroke June 2nd, 2015 Top 10 Fruits with Highest Water Content May 2nd, 2015 8 CommentsVivian January 1, 2016 at 5:19 pm ReplyLove your blog. UTIs are extremely dangerous if they are left untreated as the infection can spread to the bladder and kidneys and cause serious and life threatening conditions. Butterbur has antispasmodic as well as anti inflammatory properties as well which can help in treating UTI as well. This will also prevent burning sensation and pain in the urinary tract as a result of the bacterial action. Purslane has a cooling effect on the body and reduces the burning sensation associated with urinary tract infection. The berberine and other alkaloids that are present in goldenseal help in the destruction of bad bacteria that is causing the UTI and also in helping the immune system to act against the infection, thereby speeding up the entire recovery time. Dandelion tinctures can be prepared at home by adding thin slices of dandelion roots to 100 proof vodka and allowing it to get infused for eight weeks in a cool, dry and dark place. Rich in vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and helps in protecting the body against free radical damage, it is also good for treating kidney stones and urinary tract infections completely in 6-7 days time.
Once the symptoms subside, which will be after 6-7 days, take parsley tea once a day for another 3-4 days to ensure that the infection is completely done away with. Taking this infusion helps in coating the walls of the urinary tract and preventing further bacterial action and burning sensation as well. Make sure you eat spinach, foods made with whole grains, tuna and shrimp on the regular basis.
Riboflavin is a water soluble vitamin and helps in tissue repair and offers good energy to the blood vessels present in your body. For example, this particular vitamin helps in the functioning of central nervous system, metabolism of fat and cholesterol and maintaining the blood sugar levels in your body. The panthothenic acid helps the human beings metabolize the fats, proteins and carbohydrates in your body. This vitamin is highly used for treating depression, headaches, inflammation and other problems in your body.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Generally, experts recommend sleeping on the back, while sleeping on the right side is considered as the worst according to them.
This risk is doubled during the final semester of the pregnancy, and therefore you need to avoid sleeping on the right side as much as possible. This is a result of the additional pressure put on the arm while sleeping, which leads to reduced blood flow. Headaches and LightheadednessHeadaches and lightheadedness are some of the possible signs that your body lacks water. However, slippery elm alone may not be sufficient alone for treating the infection as such. Though there are no side effects associated with this herb, it is best not to take it along with other medications as the mucilage might prevent proper absorption of the medicines. Apart from that, purslane also has antibacterial properties that destroy that bacteria that is causing the infection as well.
500-100 mg goldenseal capsules or tablets can be taken three times daily or 2-3 ml of the tincture for treating UTIs.
A tablespoon of dried dandelion can be used in a cup of hot water and steeped for fifteen minutes.
A tea can be prepared by adding a handful of fresh and crushed parsley leaves to one cup of water. Parsley must not be consumed continuously after this as it has diuretic properties and too much consumption can lead to dehydration.
It can last from a few days to few hours causing to lose concentration from all the activities that you perform.

If you are suffering from frequent migraine attacks, read this article to safeguard yourselves. This vitamin is involved in the production of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, histamine and serotonin in your body. This is one among the best vitamins to treat migraine headache so keep a stock of these tablets and take one every day. A drop in your body’s hydration level leads to a reduced amount of fluid surrounding your brain, which protects it from mild bumps and movement.This triggers nagging headaches as well as migraines.
Due to lack of water, your body produces less saliva, which contains antibacterial properties. It must be used along with some other herbal remedy for relief from the symptoms completely. For acute urinary tract infections, an infusion can be prepared by adding 250 grams of purslane to one cup of water and simmering it until the water becomes 100 ml.
Goldenseal interferes with the way the bad bacteria adheres to the wall of the unary tract and prevents the multiplication of bacteria. Take this tea 2-3 times a day to encourage the flushing out of bacteria and also to increase urine production. To stay hydrated, drink fluids and eat foods rich in water content.At times, your body may lose water more than usual.
This leads to an excess growth of bacteria in the mouth, causing bad or stinky breath.Along with bad breath, you can have a dry mouth.
It is important to drink plenty of water during this time as dandelion is a diuretic and may cause dehydration. This can occur due to vigorous physical activity, excessive sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, diabetes and frequent urination. Water works like a lubricant, which keeps the mucus membranes moist in the throat, thus preventing dry mouth.4. Rhonda January 2, 2016 at 5:03 am ReplyThanks for this information on how much our body needs water! Constipation and Other Digestive IssuesWater helps lubricate the digestive system and keeps the digestive tract flexible and clean. Lack of water in the brain can affect your decision making, memory and mood.Dehydration can even cause symptoms of brain fog, such as forgetfulness and difficulty focusing, thinking and communicating. This helps keep your bowel movements regular and prevent constipation.Plus, excessive fluid loss due to diarrhea or vomiting may also harden the stools and lead to constipation.
Lack of water in the body can even cause heartburn and indigestion.A 2003 study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition notes that fluid loss and fluid restriction increase constipation.
Sudden Food CravingsThe next time you have sudden hunger pangs or food cravings, drink a glass of water before grabbing a snack.
When dehydrated, your body sends false signals to your brain that you are hungry, when actually you are thirsty.Craving a salty treat can be due to loss of water and electrolytes in the body.
Simply drink a sports drink that contains sodium, or make your own lemon water by mixing the juice of 1 lemon in a glass of water along with 1 teaspoon of salt.Some people experience cravings for something sweet. In this case, opt for fruits like watermelon, papaya or berries that are sweet as well as high in water content.6. Reduced Urination and Change in ColorBelieve it or not, if you are not using the restroom every few hours, your body is probably lacking water. A healthy amount of water intake results in regular urination, about four to seven times a day. As your body releases toxins through urination, not urinating at regular intervals can be problematic.Also, keep an eye on the color of your urine.
Clear or light-colored urine indicates a well-hydrated body, while dark yellow or amber-colored urine indicates concentrated urine and is usually a sign that your body lacks water.

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