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Pink Eye, also called Conjunctivitis, is inflammation of the conjunctiva and cause swelling, itching, burning and redness inside the eyelid. Run a washcloth under hot water, wring out the washcloth, and place it over the affected eye. Take preventive measures if you have Kids or guests in your home while you are suffering from pink eye. Conjunctivitis refers to redness and inflammation of the outer eye covering the white part. It can be caused due to bacterial infection, viral infection and also due to some allergy or reaction of chemicals.

Alternatively, you can also directly apply lemon juice outside the affected area using clean finger. Being a common eye problem for both adults and children, you may don’t have to go for a doctor if the situation is not severe. Cut a fresh lime in half, close the affected eye and use one half of the lime to wash the outside area, try open your eyes when the affected area still moist with lime juice, wash the lime juice under running warn water, dry with soft towel, rub another half of the lime with a Q-tip, clean the inside part of the eyelids and tear ducts but not touch the eyeball, repeat the Q-tip process but remember use the new Q-tips at least 3 times within 10 minutes. It is commonly known as Pink Eye and is characterised by swelling, pain and redness of the surface of the eye. Since conjunctivitis is very contagious one needs to take special care. Here we mention natural remedies for Conjunctivitis.

Then add salt and dip some cotton balls in it and let the solution cool to room temperature. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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