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Over the last few weeks, I have received emails from several people who have lost their voice and are asking what to do to bring it back. Extra attention may be needed to release a belief, identify a thought pattern, flush out a resentment, allow time to grieve, reflect on a shift in focus.
Care for yourself as you would a small child; rather than pushing through the symptoms, try finding a loving rhythm that lets you reflect, laugh, and heal. Do you have a remedy that helps your voice recover, please share it with us in the comment section below.
As a singer, actor or speaker, having a great warm-up routine is crucial to your success and longevity.
Simply put your name and email address below and click the “Click Here” button and you will receive your choice of singer or speaker warm-up videos to download. Happy Clients!After only 6 months of working with Tricia, I have unlocked so many incredible aspects of my voice that I never would have guessed existed!
In my FREE vocal warm-up video, I give you a whole-body, full-voice warm-up so you can do your best at your next performance, audition, or speaking gig.

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She is an awarding-winning performer, international speaker and experienced vocal instructor helping people develop a more strong, expressive and confident voice through her Complete Vocal System™. I’ve tackled songs I never thought possible, like The Prayer, which my singing partner and I now get standing ovations for!
Her audition tips are invaluable as well and I got my first community theater role as a result. With her help I have regained my confidence, tackled vocal fatigue, learned new techniques and rekindled my love for singing.

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