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A handy guide, Home Remedies provides families with ordinary household remedies to treat over 100 common ailments safely, effectively, and inexpensively in an easy-to-use A-to-Z format.
Blackheads get their distinctive black centers when they come into contact with air; unlike whiteheads, which are protectively sealed beneath your skin, blackheads are subject to oxidation.
If you need to eliminate a blackhead overnight, dab a little toothpaste onto your blemish, dermatologist Adam S. If your blackheads are on your forehead, nose or chin, over-the-counter acne strips may be able to make them disappear almost instantly, cosmetic dermatologist David Herschthal suggests in "Marie Claire." You can find strips at most drugstores and follow the package directions to apply them to your skin and peel them off again.
From coconut for diarrhea to Oolong tea for eczema, from Listerine for acne and dandruff to pickle juice for hiccups, the "People's Pharmacy" NPR personalities Joe and Terry Graedon report the best of the anecdotes they have heard over the years, in this easy-to-use, Q-and-A paperback guide to home remedies, healthy diet, and foods that heal. When originally published, this book was one of the first to provide drug and health information to consumers. Discover easy remedies to help care for everyday health problems with cures from a wide range of sources. Stibich recommends in "Ladies Home Journal." Your toothpaste will dry out your blackhead and reduce inflammation, making your blemish considerably less noticeable by morning.

Strips are a good solution for once-in-a-while blemishes, but if blackheads are an ongoing problem, you may need a dermatologist's help to clear them up completely. Packed with practical information, easily accessible, and grounded in medical science, this indispensable guide comes from two totally reliable sources: the People's Pharmacy and National Geographic. Get time-tested, natural easements for coughs, cold and flu viruses, aches and pains, digestive complaints, sleep disorders, skin conditions, and even get some tips to help babies and women’s health.
A dermatologist can do an extraction or prescribe prescription-strength medication to make your blackheads disappear, but you can also treat blackheads at home.
Apply the mixture generously to your skin and let it harden for 30 to 40 minutes before softening it up with a warm, damp towel to remove it. Use this emergency remedy sparingly, though, Stibich warns -- over time, the fluoride in toothpaste can make you even more prone to breakouts. Joe and Terry Graedon have since written 14 more books, including Best Choices from the People's Pharmacy (Rodale), which has sold more than 400,000 copies in numerous editions.
Heartburn, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), can have serious consequences and should not be ignored.

They combine their expertise to bring a unique approach to traditional, natural, and home remedies.
Drugs that doctors prescribe for the condition can be very difficult to discontinue, however, and have potential side effects. After the sugar dissolves, I add half a teaspoon of baking soda, stir it briefly, and drink the mixture immediately. The turmeric that makes mustard yellow was traditionally used for digestive upset in Chinese medicine.
Although papain does nothing to suppress acid, some people report that papaya relieves heartburn. Anyone who is allergic to latex should avoid papaya since there is cross-reactivity between latex and papaya, which could be very dangerous.

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