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When you get the flu, viruses turn your cells into tiny factories that help spread the disease. We've all been sick at some point in our lives, but did you know you may have been closer to DEATH than you realized!? The Jordan 12 "Flu Game" returns from 1997, Under Armour honors America on the Curry 2, And Puma links with Rhianna on the Creeper for the ladies. Edward Group exposes the mysterious illness that is popping up late in the flu season across the US.

Most of the kids did well but Lizzy had a difficult time with the shot and went for the spray. Eat it plain or mixed into tea or applesauce 4 times a day until cold symptoms are alleviated.*Manuka honey is best for its outstanding antibiotic properties, but the price is definitely prohibitive. The honey-cinnamon mixture worked effectively with the very basic honey.Easy enough, right? Since there were four doses in that dish, they cleaned it out and I made a bigger batch to last for the next few days.Much to my surprise, their cold symptoms started to clear up about a day and a half after they started taking the honey and cinnamon mixture.

By our second day at home, my husband was telling me to go to a doctor to get my cough treated.
I also love that there’s nothing harmful in either ingredient, as long as everyone taking it is older than 1 year old.

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