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The definition of homeopathic medicine is based on the Greek words homeo, meaning "similar", and pathos, meaning "feeling" or "suffering." Pathos comes from the root pathisi which means "disease". There are numerous examples of homeopathic remedies that have been used for hundreds of years and are still being used today.
Apis is the name for honey bees and the homeopathic medicine called Apis is made from the stingers of bees. While many people will have a bad reaction to being stung by a bee, minute quantities of Apis are actually used to treat stinging pain that feels hot and swollen, including hives. Prepared as a homeopathic remedy, belladonna is harmless and used to treat fevers, headache and infections that cause heat and throbbing such as tonsillitis or ear infections in children.
While homeopathy has been used for hundreds of years, there are still some misconceptions around its use. One of the biggest misconceptions of homeopathy is that it is similar to vaccination: both introduce a foreign substance into the body as a way of keeping it healthy.
Homeopathy introduces substances that do not cause illness; they cause only symptoms in their full strength form.
Herbal medicine may use full strength preparations of specific herbs, either in pill, tincture or lotion form. While no medical training is required to effectively use homeopathics, you may feel better consulting a professional homeopath.
Homeopathy is one way of treating yourself naturally that proponents say leads to no adverse effects or reactions.
A homeopath may be a general medicine practitioner that also makes use of traditional medicine.

A doctor who is concerned about a patient's well-being should not hesitate to call upon specialists when necessary.
It is not unusual for homeopathic doctors to also hold credentials in other medical disciplines. Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that focuses on the use of medications created using all-natural ingredients. One of the first points to consider is the educational background of the homeopathic doctors you are considering. Once you know where the homeopathic doctors on your list obtained their credentials, check into the general requirements for graduation. As with any healthcare provider, it is very important to only consider homeopathic doctors that have a reputation of establishing a solid rapport with patients. Make sure to ask if the homeopathic doctors on your list are comfortable referring you to another physician if your health issues are outside the scope of their practice. Choosing the best physician among the homeopathic doctors in your area may taken a little time, but the effort is well worth it. In essence, homeopathic means "similar feeling" or "like disease." Homeopathic treatments function on the idea that "like cures like", or the law of similars.
The idea behind the practice allows that if you give a patient an extremely diluted - by as many as a millionth percent - remedy that contains a substance that would cause distress, it will tip your body toward trying to heal itself.
Ingesting and even handling this plant could cause symptoms including fever, heart palpitations and even death. Vaccination, however, introduces germs into a healthy body to produce an immune response that will keep you from getting ill with that virus in its full strength form.

In their diluted form, they would cause no symptoms in a healthy person, but may stimulate an ill person back toward a healthy state.
While homeopathy and herbal medicines may sometimes work together and even use the same substances, they are two different practices. Homeopathy may also use those same herbs, but diluted to the point that the actual herb is gone, leaving behind only its essence. To find a practitioner near you, visit the North American Society of Homeopaths or The Society of Homeopaths in Europe. If you want to try a natural medicine but are nervous about reactions or side effects, consider speaking to your doctor about pursuing homeopathy as an answer to your health concerns. In homeopathic medicine, symptoms are treated with very diluted substances which would, if used full strength, create the same symptoms in a healthy person. In fact, a homeopathic treatment is diluted so much that there is none of the actual substance left, which makes it harmless and likely to do no damage as it treats. By treating a person in this way, that person's body is stimulated to heal the symptom in question.

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