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Walking into Francis Treuherz’ home in North London is like walking into the long history of homeopathy. Francis has chosen to highlight many writings that are most relevant to the current conflict in which homeopathy is embroiled. As the reader works through the varied biographies a dramatic picture builds up of Hahnemann’s life where we know the outcome but are shown the different roads along which he travelled. You can buy your copies directly from Francis by with a cheque in the UK or by PayPal from abroad. Homeopathy in the Irish potato famine throws light on the dark era of Ireland and also connects the broken links of Irish homeopathy and brings us the real picture. This poignant collection of materials about the "great hunger" not only enlightens us about a dark page in Ireland's history, but also fills some of the gaps in our own incomplete and imperfect picture of Irish homeopathy. The book is another milestone in the career of Francis Treuherz, confirming his place as a member of that valuable species: the homoeopathic scholar. This new book by Francis Treuherz (an inspired historian and homeopath who practices in London, and was the editor of The Homeopath) is a very readable, informative, and sympathetic account. It is valuable to read the story of a homeopath who had the courage to face unspeakable suffering and try to do something about it.

This little book is, really several books rolled into one: two biographies, some homeopathic philosophy, a proving, two historical accounts, a materia medica, and a repertory. Fran Treuherz has provided us with a magnificent glimpse into our history and has given us a very complete materia medica for a little used remedy. Read published articles about how homeopathy has helped various conditions, case studies, interviews with Francis and other very resourceful articles and stories.
Over his lifetime Francis has respectfully collected thousands of homeopathic texts and items that reflect homeopathy’s rich history and profound information. He highlights the early period when Hahnemann attempted to turn the tide of hundreds of years of medicine using treatments via opposites and material perspective, changing that to the use of similars and a vitalist approach. In this book, Treuherz explains that his book began as a talk presented at the Irish Homeopathic Conference at University College Galway, as part of the 150-year commemoration of that tragedy. He works in London NW2 and at the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living which won the CAM 2003 prize for the best complementary and alternative health centre in the UK. The question for someone not so acquainted with the history of homeopathy is where to start and where to finish, in appropriately selecting reading materials from classical authors and biographers.
This book emphasises the process by which Hahnemann and followers introduced the core principals of energetic medicine.

Each writer interprets Hahnemann in his own way, but each with such delight and personal and professional fulfillment, and we may learn from them all. Dr Kidd’s work has been discussed in the book, which shows him as a pioneer in successfully using homeopathy in epidemics. The subject aroused such interest and emotion that he decided to make the information he had gathered more widely available. Wishing to treat the diseased potato with homeopathy, he realized that you had to "take the case" of the potato and find the simillimum. He was a young homeopathic physician who decided to assist dying people in Ireland, with homeopathy.
The core of the book is a stirring account of the concerted, selfless work performed by Dr.
A detailed account of the proving of Solanum tuberosum aegrotans by Benoit Mure is also given, which gives account of symptoms where the medicine can be used.

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