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What's In the Veterinary Materia Medica?A photographic index featuring over 100 key, common, and minor homeopathic remedies and their symptoms that are used in the homeopathic treatment of dogs, cats, horses, birds, cattle and wildlife diseases.Each remedy of the veterinary materia medica details the source, veterinary uses, and the factors that improve or worsen the symptoms treated (these are called modalities).
After taking the case, reportorizing the symptoms and selecting the most fitting remedies, the Materia Medica is where you will go to choose the most similar remedy to the case.

The use of this term in MeSH was formerly restricted to historical articles or those concerned with traditional medicine, but it can also refer to homeopathic remedies. The remedies are arranged by Latin name and contain the personality types of pets that may fit and help to confirm the remedy choice in treatment.

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