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Homeopathy is a safe & effective system of medicine which has been used for over 200 years using remedies made from natural sources in a highly diluted form. It can be used to help with a whole range of acute or chronic conditions but it is also useful to restore & maintain a healthy constitution.
Once your beautiful baby has arrived, homeopathy is at hand to see you & your family through all stages of your lives. As well as being a useful aid to a healthy pregnancy & beyond, Homeopathy can also help with various fertility issues. Please feel free to ask Sarah for any advice on homeopathy, pregnancy or children, through our forum. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician developed the principles of homeopathy in the early 19th century and was based on the philosophy of the Swiss born Paracelsus, the 16th century doctor and alchemist, that also believed that what causes illness in large amounts will cure when given in a small amount. Homeopathic medicine is produced by using herbs, minerals and animal extracts in a water-alcohol solution and is manufactured by a series of dilutions and shaking the mixture vigorously during each dilution. Although the dilutions are so weak that it is nearly impossible to trace the original extract, it is believed that homeopathic medicine still contains the vital energy which will resonate within the patient's body. Homeopathic remedies come in a variety of forms and include tablets, powders, wafers and liquids and are used for treating a variety of illnesses and disease. When taking homeopathic tablets, they should not be touched but should be poured into the bottle cap and then put under the tongue. While taking homeopathic medicine you are also advised not to drink coffee and to avoid strong aromas such as peppermint, mint, camphor and even heavy perfumes. If you are suffering from any medical condition please contact your licensed medical practitioner. The treatments listed below relies on alternative healing with essential oils, and please note that no clinical trials or results are available and rests heavily on anecdotal proof.
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More and more, women are seeking gentle alternatives when it comes to treating some of the typical female concerns. One type of treatment used by physicians to relieve the complaints of menopause is the hormone replacement therapy. Based on a study within the American “Women’s Health Initiative”, in which 16,608 women participated, long time hormone replacement therapy was proven to be potentially damaging to health.
Hormones can be used in the form of patches, pills and injections.  You may be downright shocked when you find out about the origin of some of them. It is also astonishing that many women believe that the end of the menstrual cycle means that sexual activities become unimportant. In the treatment of menopausal complaints, healing plants have proven to have a harmonizing effect on the body and psyche thanks to their hormone-like substances, stabilizing the female hormone balance naturally and restoring vitality. GELEE ROYALE (royal jelly), a protein-rich secretion on which queen bees feed, in combination with GINSENG and VITAMIN E can help you to better cope with your body’s adjustment in menopause and reduce annoying complaints.
When tension with inner cramping, emotional hardening and an inhibited state is the problem, then this plant works well. Look at the dark blue blossom of Aquilegia Vulgaris on its metres high stem and it may appear to you like an eagle with its wings stretched out hovering in the air. If the hormonal changes affect the heart, then there will be nervous heart pain, tension and stitches in the heart, palpitations, anxious pulse, chest tightness, angina pectoris, oppressive nervousness and exhaustion.
If the symptom picture in menopause is characterized by unrest, nervousness, difficulties in falling asleep and sleeping through the night, then hop (humulus lupulus) works well. Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium) helps women who are suffering from bleeding at the onset of and during menopause (with bright red blood and hemorrhages).
The snow white yarrow with a somewhat reddish discoloration typifies pale women (bleeding tendency) with a friendly, warm charisma, but little courage or boldness. The black cohosh (Acetae Racemosa, previously Cimicifuga Racemosa) is suitable for changeable menopausal complaints such as migraines (on top of the head or in the back of the neck), tension in the neck, inner cramps as well as hot flashes, sweating, hectic feeling, palpitations, dizziness, urinary incontinence and tightness in the breasts.
If menopause brings with it a hyperactive thyroid with palpitations, irregular pulse, violent heart activity, fluctuations in mood and vitality, irritability and sensitivity to the weather, then gipsywort (Lycopus europaeus) can give relief. Mother nature’s inexhaustible reservoir has some treasures here too that bring effective relief without undesired side effects. The EVENING PRIMROSE, an Indian plant, has proven particularly effective for such women’s issues. It seems to be a fact that genetics play a role, and – that young mothers have to be less afraid of getting breast cancer later in life.
Also, make sure that there are plenty of fruits and vegetables on your menu if you are looking to reduce your risk of breast cancer. Children play a central role in just about every culture: Without children there is no future! As far as treatment of infertility is concerned, I wanted to mention a homeopathy project at the University Women’s Clinic in Heidelberg, Germany, which created a sensation a while ago. The alternative therapies performed at the University Women’s Clinic in Heidelberg had some astonishing results – first, with acupuncture and later with homeopathic single but also complex remedies. As treatment with acupuncture needles was too painful for some patients and it was conceivable that other methods which influence the body’s own regulatory system could be just as effective, the efficacy of homeopathic therapy was tested. The result of homeopathic treatment on 119 infertile women: 25 pregnancies = 21 % success rate!
Key findings were that based on the results it was understood that for women with infertility not caused by a condition of the fallopian tubes or a pathological spermiogram, homeopathic treatment makes sense. Another advantage: In contrast to hormone therapy which often leads to miscarriage, miscarriages are not increased when being treated homeopathically.
Another finding was that pollution load (pesticides, heavy metals) had a negative effect on female fertility. In other studies, the positive effect of the Asian CORDYCEPS mushroom on fertility was proven. In an animal study for example, not only did sperm quantity increase, but the sperm was much more mobile too.
The most common reason for infertility in women is the so called polycystic ovary syndrome.

So if you want to stay healthy and feel good physically and emotionally right into old age, then take responsibility and initiative.
Ferrum Phosphoricum is most suited to alert, sociable, open-natured people who are sensitive and sympathetic, but who like to take action if something has upset them, particularly where protecting their family is concerned. Ferrum Phosphoricum may be given for the early stages of infection, respiratory problems, earaches, fevers, and digestive, circulatory, and urogenital disorders. Signs of dehydration may appear in heat exhaustion, such as a headache, dizziness, and blurred vision. Signs of shock include cold clammy skin, shallow breathing, a fast pulse, dilated pupils, unconsciousness, and vomiting.
If the person is conscious, drinking cool water slowly helps replace the fluids lost through sweating. Caution: For cases of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, call for emergency medical help immediately. Treat the person for shock by lying in a feet-up position to get more blood out of the legs and towards the heart and brain. Have the person sip on salt water with 1 tsp (5ml) salt mixed in 1 liter or quart of water. Stay with the person until emergency help arrives and monitor breathing, pulse, and other symptoms. Mental-Emotional: in heat exhaustion or heatstroke, the person may be delirious, have hallucinations, or lose consciousness. A well-chosen homeopathic constitutional remedy that considers the person holistically, that is, not only the physical symptoms, but their mental and emotional states as well, will be very beneficial to anyone suffering from heat exhaustion, because it is the most individualized medicine you can get. Please feel free to call the clinic to book an appointment or to come in for a free 15 minute information session. Take frequent breaks in a cool or shaded area to let your body cool off so it can withstand brief periods of heat exposure.
Drink plenty of fluids – this is the most important action you can take to prevent heat emergencies.
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Any ailments or issues which may arise during the pregnancy can be helped with homeopathy, like morning sickness, heartburn, haemorrhoids, backache, birth anxiety etc.
She sees patients for a whole range of ailments but specialises in treating couples with fertility issues as well as children & adults with behavioural problems including autism.
In saying this, the theory behind it is that the cause of an illness is similar to its cure, and in homeopathy a very diluted natural substance is given to that which would cause the symptom of the ailment if given in a larger amount.
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The word “menopause” comes from the Greek word “pausis” (cessation) and the root “men” (month). When you choose this type of treatment, the naturally decreasing levels of estrogen and progesterone are kept up for many more years by artificial hormones.
For example, there could be cases of gall stones, proneness to thrombosis, disposition to breast cancer and uterine cancer. Estrogen, for example, cannot be synthesized in a lab and must be obtained from the urine of pregnant horses.
However, because of lifestyle and environmental influences, these days some women have fatigued ovaries already in their forties. A turnaround in the body can be brought about simply by taking contrast showers – first hot, then cold. It symbolizes the woman who works like a lioness, who constantly overworks and pays little attention to her own health. The women needing this remedy are often career conscious, ambitious and very determined, which takes away from their peace and inner harmony. As the plant climbs up on natural supports with its shoots, it is always on the lookout for opportune means to leap onto.
Because of the hormonal imbalance, they react with a lack of self-assurance and self-confidence. The somewhat jittery personality is expressed in the lively fluttering blossom stand of Acetae Racemosa.
It is to be used in the days before your period, but is also effective for the common complaints during menstruation.
Many studies proved that the body can use the gamma linolenic acid to synthesize vital messengers for the metabolism. Often, hormone replacement therapy is being blamed for the increased risk in breast cancer.
So it is no wonder that herbalists, healers and shamans have tried to help infertile couples all along.
In order to cleanse and detoxify your body it is especially important for couples who want to have children to drink plenty of fluids on a regular basis. 1.6 million couples in Germany alone are unwantedly without children, as reported in the Medical Tribune. Not only that there are no side effects, but homeopathic therapy leads to a normalization of numerous menstrual and menopausal dysfunctions too. In women who had taken Cordyceps, the production of reproductive egg cells was increased because a number of key enzymes were activated.
It is usually given to people who are generally fit and energetic, but restless and agitated when ill.
They will avoid confrontation, but their moods change frequently and rapidly, and they can be stubborn in their demands for attention and sympathy.
Signs of shock may appear where there is a either pooling of blood in dilated blood vessels in the extremities or not enough fluid in circulation. In heat stroke, the person has lost so much water, usually through a combination of dehydration, sweating and sun exposure, that the body is unable to regulate temperature. The person is likely nauseated, and water is less likely to cause vomiting than other fluids and is quickly absorbed into the body.

Heat stroke is a dangerous and life-threatening condition because the body is unable to regulate temperature, sweating stops, and the body temperature increases quickly. Just think, out of more than 4,000 different remedies there will only be a handful or two that will be suited to the individual. Wear a hat when in the sun and light-coloured cotton clothing to absorb sweat and let air circulate and heat escape. Drink cool fluids and avoid caffiene and alcohol, which make the body’s temperature-regulating mechanisms less efficient.
The selection of the remedies needs to be evaluated bases on the most characteristic symptoms of the patient. Then there are other conditions such as infertility, premenstrual syndrome and menstrual complaints.
Some conditions for which hormone replacement therapy is contraindicated include starting the therapy after a heart attack, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, endometriosis, myoma, liver complaints, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, migraines, epilepsy and obesity. Tubes are inserted directly into their bladders to collect the hormone containing urine and process it into hormone preparations.
There are women who do not have any complaints whatsoever as a result of the endocrinological changes, but most do experience some degree of discomfort – be it the typical hot flashes, sweating, heart palpitations, nervousness, sleeplessness or inner restlessness. It just needs to be channeled and cherished, and the completely natural changeover to more tenderness needs to be accepted.
This sun plant matches distressed women who are low-spirited and see everything too gloomy in menopause. A Harvard study done in 1995 on 120,000 nurses showed that one in 29 women treated with hormones must expect to get breast cancer between the ages of 60 and 70. So why then are there so many books and fertility clinics that deal with our unfulfilled desire to have children?
There are, of course, many other treatments and therapies available apart from the ones mentioned above.
They are prone to sudden, explosive anger, marked by the desire to strike out or even to bite. While their temperament is generally imaginative, cheerful and lively, it may alternate rapidly with an indifferent, depressed state.
Because heat exhaustion affects circulation to vital organs, such as the brain and heart, it is vital to find emergency medical attention, move the person out of the heat, treat the person for shock by lying in a feet up position to move more blood out of the legs and towards the heart and brain, and to replace water and salts. This is a life-threatening situation since sweating stops and the body temperature rises quickly. Extreme heat can occur both indoors and outdoors, but problems can occur even if the heat is not extreme. These measures let the body’s own temperature-regulating mechanisms recover to cool the body.
In this way, the homeopath can match you, as a person, more closely to the remedy you require. So the word “menopause” was created to describe the time of transition for women, traditionally indicating the end of fertility by the permanent ceasing of monthly menstruation. Then there are other complaints which can cause menopausal women anguish, such as exhaustion, lack of motivation, tension in the breasts, dry mucous membranes (particularly in the genital area), water retention, edemas, loss of bone density, weight gain, emotional sensitivity, irritability, aggressiveness or depression. It is the hormone-like natural substances which can steer complicated biochemical processes into normalized paths. Regular body training could reduce the risk of breast cancer in women before menopause by more than half.
Acupuncture, osteopathy, homeopathy and herbalism, relaxation techniques and fertility massages, colour therapy, essences or Bach flowers – the list of therapies is long. A healthy diet should include lots of vegetables and just a little animal fat, because this is where environmental toxins could be hidden.
When brushing your teeth, bacteria could end up in the blood stream through small injuries in the gums and cause inflammatory responses in different parts of the body. Intolerance to drugs, multiple pregnancies and other side effects are often the disadvantages of conventional treatment.
Talk to your doctor about your choices.  Or, call the office at (519) 603-0505 to book a free information session to see what homeopathy can do for you. Easily moved to laughter or tears, they are highly prone to weepiness when ill, but are soon consoled by hugs. Here it is vital to move the person out of the heat, cool them down, and seek emergency medical attention immediately. The way a person responds to heat is affected by humidity, wind, clothing, the living and working environment, physical activity, age, and personal health.
A remedy that resonates well with a person’s energy has the power to effectively support the body in its efforts to heal itself.
An awful thought that “medicines” produced by having horses suffer are used to reduce the complaints of menopause. Just as an interesting aside, vegetarians have been noted to have far fewer of these problems in menopause.
JOHN’S WORT, has shown to have good results with its excellent tolerance and non-addictive properties. Other very effective therapies include EXERCISE and RELAXATION, PELVIC TRAINING, BODY PERCEPTION, GROUP DISCUSSIONS and MEDITATION. Other common traits are a dislike of stuffy rooms or fatty foods, a lack of thirst, and a preference for fresh air. It is believed that in women who have periodontitis the chances of the fertilized egg nesting are smaller. The woman needing this remedy tends to be very busy and uses all her energy in trivial activities. Bornstein, you should exercise four hours per week in order to effectively protect yourself.

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