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Made using only the finest ingredients in state-of-the-art laboratories, our remedies were designed to be the best.
Pet owners face many ailments that are best treatedafter an in-depth analysis and evaluation. END GINGIVITIS BEFORE IT TURNS UGLY-ER Your pet's bad breath may be more of a nuisance than you realize. OK so I had a bit of a scare the other night, late in the evening Sammy (my Reiki Master Cat) began to show signs of UTI, straining, growling and hissing when trying to pee and followed by nothing coming out. I got super scared when the reality of not having a car (mine had been recently totaled in a rear end collision a few weeks before and I have been waiting for my move to New Mexico in July to obtain a new one) and not being able to take him to the emergency vet slammed into my brain. I gave him more this morning (3 pellets at 15 min intervals) because when I woke I found him laying down and not coming to get his food. I’ve put my version of Rescue Remedy in their water to help with the stress and will be doing this every day until we leave at the end of this month (July). I thought I would share what happened to us, in the hopes that it’ll helps some furrkids out there.
So, I below you’ll find the homeopathic list of remedies for UTI that I got when I took my emergency homeopathic course, sorry for the bad handwriting .
Please note that Cantharis is NOT on the list, but it IS the one that’s helped me quite a few times so I would get it. Coryelle Kramer is a naturally gifted seer, communicator and healer who has been connecting and speaking with animals, the Divine and spirits since she was a child. Enter your email to get all the latest blog updates from Coryelle delivered straight to your inbox. Welcome everyone, I'm Coryelle Kramer and I'm first and foremost here to help you, the animals and this planet through the work I do.
Coryelle did an amazing job at honing in on the issues I am facing with my teen age daughters.

Hi Elisha, I spoke with you at The Royal Winter Fair in Toronto on November 13th and told you about my (now) 11-year-old Smooth Collie, Sandi, and her problems with seborrhoea from March 2014 until last winter.
Life Cycle Adult fleas live on dogs and cats but they only live for 4 days if they lose their host.
Over 50% of a dog’s immune system is found throughout the small and large intestine and contains the largest volume of lymphoid tissue in the entire body.
Harley is a beloved Chihuahua who had a very sore right eye with irritation, tearing and light sensitivity. Phoebe is an elderly Sheltie who was rescued last year by Jackie Evans of Elderdog Canada in Nova Scotia – she is now Jackie’s “furever” dog. Yogi’s Story  Yogi is one year old and was rescued from Mexico from a litter of 6 but only 2 survived.
Facebook FeedRiva's Remedies for Dogs and Cats 1 day ago Welcome to Kennedy's Animal Nutrition Centre in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan who are carrying a selection of natural pet health products for dogs, cats and horses. Never give human medications to your cat unless you have been told to do so by your veterinarian. There's almost nothing worse than finding your cat has left behind a little surprise someplace other than her litter box.
You may have seen your cat nibble on some fresh grass from time to time -- but is it healthy for her?
You might be tempted to feed your cat homemade food to save a little bit of money … but is it safe?
Optimal HomeWorks well in a variety of homes, including those with young children and cat-friendly dogs. Optimal HomeRequires a lot of attention; is not optimal for individuals who are gone for most of the day. Optimal HomeA stable home environment is desired, as cats can reach 20 years of age or more.

At the end of the hour he was up and about eating, peeing, tussling with my other cat Tahu (Tah-OO). All that matters is getting them the healing they need as soon as possible no matter if that’s at home or on your way to the vet.
Come in and discover how as a Seer; I can be a conduit to your guides, to the spirits, to divinity and to the animals. She spoke in detail about things I had suspected, described what the future looks like, and where & how to focus my energies. Fatal was chronically tired, she was limping, she vomited on occasion and had a strong history of repeated bacterial and parasitic infections. Will bond deeply with their owners.Optimal HomeBest with children older than 11 years of age, adults and seniors.
Craves attention.Optimal HomeRequires a quiet place to rest, but generally gets along well with everyone.
Here you will learn more about me, my spiritual work and psychic practices, as well as the many varieties of healing tools I use for animals and for people. With her guidance, I am certain I will have a much better chance at rebuilding loving, caring relationships with my girls. Fits in well with other cats.Optimal HomeBest with children older than 6, adults and seniors.

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