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PAREEK FOUNDATION FOR HOMOEOPATHIC RESEARCH, Agra INDIA was established in 1956, our organization is committed to bring Homoeopathy to the forefront of mainstream medical systems, the world over, through evidence based reasearch work, high standard classical Hahnemannian Homoepathic teaching. Approximately 300 patients per day and 84,000 patients per year seek Homoeopathic treatment from the various clinics and hospitals under the organization. It is caused by a virus called the Herpes simplex.Under some occasions, cold sore does cure by itself but it takes a long time.
There is no recommended cure for cold sores, but there are a number of preventive measures you can take to prevent cold sore.

By this Licorice has an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory property that aids in reducing the chances of one contracting a cold sore. Moreover, whole milk also contains L-lysine hormone that is responsible for inhibiting the activities of amino acids.
Whole milk is one fastest way to get rid of cold sore by fighting the herpes virus.3) Puts Your Hands AwayPhoto by gagilasIdeally it may be impossible to keep your hands entirely off from that painful sore on your mouth. It heals cold sores faster upon few days of its use upon the appearance of cold sore symptoms.5) Soften The Sore With Petroleum JellyPetroleum jelly helps in softening the cold sore.

It also protects it against further infections from bacteria by forming a strong shield around it.

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