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When people are not able to pass stool daily, they generally assume it to be constipation .
The medical definition of constipation is if any two of the following symptoms are present for a period of twelve weeks or more (whether continuous or not) in the last twelve months.1) Fewer than three stools per week.
To understand as to why constipation occurs, the functioning of colon (large intestine) needs to be understood.
Although there are other medical reasons for having constipation, the prime most reason is not having a healthy lifestyle.eg.
Homeopathic philosophy lays great stress on leading an active and healthy lifestyle while treating such diseases.
Nux Vomica is a master homeopathic medicine used most widely to deal with constipation cases. I have found Homeopathic medicine Bryonia Alba  best suited in constipation when stool is highly dry, large and excessively hard.
In my practice I have found Homeopathic medicine Opium to be best suited for those cases of constipation where stool is passed as round, hard, black balls like sheep dung.
Silicea is a homeopathic medicine of great importance in constipation with painful constriction of anal sphincter.
I have found Both Alumina and Silicea to  best indicated for constipation when passage of stool is difficult despite it being soft.
Top three homeopathic medicines for constipation in children that i have found to be very useful are Calcarea Carb , Sanicula and Chamomilla .Homeopathic medicine Calcarea carb is a prominent remedy for constipation in children.
Each of the above mentioned homeopathic remedies for constipation is equally effective for constipation in infants.
I would rank  Nux Vomica as the number one homeopathic medicine for constipation in elderly people. In pregnancy, whenever there is constipation, I have found the best homeopathic medicines are Bryonia, Nux Vomica and Sepia: Homeopathic medicine Bryonia can be used when stool is very hard and dry . The top grade homeopathic Remedies for constipation with fissure that I would consider mentioning here are are Nitric Acid, Bryonia and Natrum Mur.
Whenever there is headache associated with constipation I use Bryonia and Nux Vomica in my practice .Both homeopathic medicines Bryonia and Nux Vomica can help to relieve headache that accompanies constipation. My clinical experience has taught me that whenever there is bleeding from anus due to constipation  Nitric acid and Phosphorus are two great homeopathic medicines that work wonders . I would rank Carbo veg and China as the two homeopathic medicines for Constipation whenever it is accompanied by lots of gas and bloating in abdomen . I am not taking food and skipping one meal and almost nothing in the night because I am having reducible inguinal Hernia. My wife has gone through bye pass surgery She is suffering from constipation due to her medicines.
Problem – a small Hernial sac 30 * 13 mm is visualised in left inguinal region ( Left Inguinal Hernia ). Need your advice regarding constipation , Mostly 3 to 4 days I don’t passed motion and when it happened it seems I need to pass more very unsatisfied feelings is there. I have consulted Gastroenterologist but he did not give me any solution to this in allopathy except laxatives. My 10 month old son is suffering from constipation from last 2 months and he had some rectal bleeding earlier due to that. I live in Victoria, Canada and I have a homeopathic medicine called Dysentery and chamomilla 30.
Homeopathic treatment offers a remarkable alternative to conventional medications for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, OCD, PTSD and other mental and emotional problems. Homeopathic acne treatment is an alternative option for many acne-ridden individuals whose medical, surgical and herbal treatments have been less than successful. With that being said, the following substances are the most commonly used homeopathic acne treatment options. This is made from beech, poplar or silver birch, which is one of the homeopathic acne treatment options closely resembling herbal preparations. One of the most common homeopathic acne treatment options is kalium bromatum, which is simply potassium bromide prepared using a chemical method. Despite its exotic name, nat mur is made from the basic ingredients of water and coarse salt. In all of these homeopathic acne treatment options, you must be careful as even the most natural of substances can be fatal when used improperly. Major function of colon is to absorb the water back into the [toc]body while forming the waste products.
These medicines need a special mention before I start with the complete list of homeopathic medicines .
The red line symptom that I use  for its selection is- frequent ineffectual urging for stool. But the guiding features to use Alumina in constipation are exactly opposite to Nux Vomica. Bryonia Alba is mainly indicated for all the conditions where mucous membranes are dry to the utmost degree.
Stool is passed down the rectum with great straining efforts but due to spasmodic constriction of anal sphincter it recedes back .
Bryonia is indicated when stool is hard, large and very dry which  passes great with difficulty.

For it to be indicated the first part of stool is hard followed by soft stool ,which too, is passed with great difficulty. Nux Vomica is best choice when  little stool is passed a number of times per day without a satisfactory feeling.
Nux Vomica again, I would rank it to be a top grade homeopathic medicine when constipation is present with hemorrhoids .
Nitric acid can be used when hard stool is accompanied with fissure and bleeding from rectum. After the news that my 1000 is a firm layer of chicken, eggs just arrived, and I want to build a farm antibiotic free. Her gall bladder has been operated and she was attacked with Brain Stroke.Now she can walk and speak.
I am suffering from constipation,piles,gas trouble diseases related to it for 3 months or more. I am suffering from constipstion,piles,gas trouble and many diseases related to it for 3 years or more.
I have constipation problems like stool is very hard, require more time for secretion and gas problems. I have hugely improved his diet including a lot of fibure and water but almost after a month he again had bleeding in his diaper. Homeopathic remedy is most nicely-liked remedy thought to be now days.Vitiligo is a skin illnessVitiligo is a skin illness, which basically implies white spots or patches on skin. We must emphasize that not all individuals are suited for homeopathic treatments for many reasons. Homeopathy is different from herbal practice since the former also uses minerals and other natural substances to heal various illnesses while the latter is restricted to plant materials.
As much as possible, ask a professional homeopathy practitioner for advice as these natural substances have side effects when used inappropriately.
If you are using beech, which homeopathic purists recommend, the logs must be stripped of their bark. Basically, oyster shells are combined with the flowers of sulphur, which are then heated and dissolved in hydrochloric acid. Aside from acne, it is also used for the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and ovarian cysts, among others. The coarse salt is boiled, filtered and evaporated to form sodium chloride which will then be triturated with lactose sugar. Other reasons are medications, irritable bowel syndrome, and phases of life like pregnancy, old age, travel, ignoring bowel urges, paralysis, problems in large intestines and rectum and abuse of laxatives. I found Nux Vomica to be the  top the Homeopathic medicine for constipation especially  with its great ability to treat constipations that arise due to an unhealthy lifestyle.
In every attempt, the stool passed is scanty and there is a feeling of incomplete evacuation. I have realised that Homeopathic medicines Alumina and Nux Vomica just represent the two sides of same coin. Stool slips back into the rectum after being partly expelled as anus closes upon passing stool. Sepia is a homeopathic medicine needed the most when stool is very hard and even needs mechanical aid for it to be evacuated. The next mentioned medicine Lycopodium is best indicated when excessive bloating and flatulence accompany constipation.I have found Opium to be  helpful homeopathic medicine for constipation in elderly people when stool is passed in dark, round, hard balls that too with great difficulty.
The red line feature that i often use for selecting Nux Vomica is a constant, ineffectual desire for stool with unsatisfactory feeling. Nux Vomica is indicated when little stool is passed several times a day and is accompanied with headache. Cai homeopathic medicine to treat various diseases to apply, but not alone, you are helping me a little bit, you could build a farm free of antibiotics. Her legs are very weak.But the main problem is severe constipation, hard stool,no urge , takes help of finger. Learn how homeopathic treatment differs from the conventional approach, and read actual cases from our clinical practice as naturopathic and homeopathic doctors, with more than 30 years experience. It is then of utmost importance that a professional homeopathy practitioner supervises the treatment regimen lest adverse side effects counteract whatever gains may have been achieved with the alternative medicines. The stibnite crystals are heated in order to extract the antimony, which will then be mixed with lactose.
The resulting mother tincture is most suitable for small pimples suppurated with pus, as is the case with adolescent acne.
4) Having to strain hard at stool 5) sensation of blockage or obstruction in the anus or rectum while passing stool. Majority of those who are constipated usually have no major underlying cause. Hard stool is formed when the colon (large intestine) absorbs too much of water or when the stools remain for too long in the colon causing increased loss of water from the fecal contents. I have used in cases where sedentary lifestyle, eating farinaceous food and or alcohol are the main culprits for causing constipation. For using Alumina in constipation the red line symptom that i use in my practice is the absence of urge to pass stool which is exactly opposite as in case of Nux Vomica.
Alumen is useful when stool is as hard as a stone and there is no desire present for days together . Alumina is the best choice when constipation occurs  in infants who are fed with bottle or artificial food.

The precise causes of the pigmentary disorder is nevertheless not understood but it is confident that due to the depigmentation it occurs, history shows that a lot of elements such as hormonal dilemma, autoimmune program disorder, genetic tendencies, sun burn, scarcity of nutritional components and so on can also be the trigger of the condition. The resulting mother tincture is effective against acne and must only be applied on the skin as ingestion of antimony even in very small doses can be fatal. Its administration must be coupled with eating warm food, wearing warm clothing and applying warm compresses for greater efficacy.
I have found it to be of great help in curing constipation where the patient has this constant feeling of incomplete evacuation of stool. The person needing Alumina has no desire to pass stool for days together until a  large accumulation collects in the intestine. The last mentioned medicine Opium is helpful when stool is hard and is passed in small, hard, round balls like sheep dung. The next medicine Silicea is indicated when  stool recedes back in rectum after being partly expelled.
The next homeopathic medicine Sanicula is indicated when a child passes variable stool with different character. The probability of look of Vitiligo can be in every single human becoming of any age, each in male and female. While the infrequency of bowel movements is the primary definition of constipation, there are other symptoms of constipation too- like passing hard stool, incomplete evacuation, having to strain too hard and urges that yield no result. In my clinical practice , I have found homeopathic medicine Bryonia Alba  of great help in treating dry hard stools. Obstructed flatus is present along with constipation and the abdomen feels tight, bloated, hard and distended. Sometimes stool is large and painful, while at other times stool crumbles at verge of anus and at times stool recedes after being partly expelled. Alumina has been a great success for me whenever  straining is a marked symptom and even soft stools require great straining to be evacuated.
Nux Vomica is highly suitable to persons with constipation who have sedentary habits and are not in a habit of regular exercise. Homeopathic medicine Silicea offers great help in females who suffer from constipation before and during menses. In addition to this many a times stool is passed in small, hard balls and even needs to be mechanical removed. I was reading above article and it seems Nux Vomica and Lycopodium are the 2 best Homeopathic medicines are recommended for elderly besides Opium.
It can be tiny in size, 1st and gradually increases in size, and spreading all more than the physique. In constipation of bottle fed babies and infants I have found homeopathic medicine Alumina, a best choice of medication. Apart from constipation Silicea is a highly ranked homeopathic medicine for anal fissures and anal fistula. Which is better or best in my dad’s case who has constipation problem for last few months.
It is experiential that Vitiligo patient can be identified in other skin illnesses at a equivalent time like Psoriasis, or Ichthyosis and so on. I would rank silicea as a top grade medicine when stool recedes after coming out partially . In a broad-spectrum survey it is come to know that in the region of 40 to 50 million (1to two %) of world’s population are suffering from the Vitiligo. In USA this illness impacts two to three million population, therefore just about out of each 136 persons of USA, 1 is suffering from the condition. Even though there is no certain remedy or remedy is found to get recovery from this condition, but in USA the remedies that are offered to individuals of Vitiligo are provided beneath. Ayurvedic Remedy: Numerous individuals identified in this condition owing to deficit of nutritional aspects such as calcium, vitamin, protein and so on. In this therapy medical physician recommend to patient to take balanced food that enrich with nutritional aspects along with medicine.
UVB and Psoralens Remedy: In USA UVB and Psoralens have been thought to be to successful remedy employed to treat Vitiligo illness. 0Homeopathic Remedy: Homeopathic remedy is most nicely-liked remedy thought to be now days.
Due to Organic goods, that is free of charge from chemical substances, and is formed from organic herbs. In USA, in the shape of topical application, these organic items are broadly utilized to get recover from the condition. With the ingredients of Coconut oil, Psoralea corylifolia Babchi), Black Cumin and so on it is an perfect item that nourishes the skin. Due to the Poor skin sensitivity, a lot of folks face difficulty, to face the UV rays of sun, and they observed in this illness, for them medical science learn quantity of sun creams that safeguard them from sun rays.
It is proposed that makes use of only herbal sun creams, simply because they are much more efficient then the chemical substances enrich items.

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