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Click here to contact me for a free 15-minute clarity consultation to see if Homeopathy could help you gain back some control!
Unfortunately sleeping tablets are not really the answer either, they make you feel pretty groggy the next day and once you stop taking them you find the problem returns, as you are never fully addressing the cause. As a qualified homeopath, it is a very common question to be asked, ‘what can I take to help me sleep?’ and one that is hard to prescribe for unless I have had a full consultation with that client. Insomnia can derive from various different causes including toxicity (alcohol, medication, pollution) anxiety, grief, stress and even past recreational drug use. In this blog I will recommend some common homeopathic remedies, which are known to aid a healthy night’s sleep. Homeopathic remedies can be purchased from Ainsworth, Helios or Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacies based in London with mail order services. Place 1 pill under the tongue 1 hour before retiring to bed and then a further dose in the night if needed. Arnica 30c – Good for physical overwork and when the bed feels too hard and uncomfortable. Cocculus 30c – If exhaustion is related to changing work shifts or too many nights of staying awake, as when caring for a sick person. Coffea 30c – Coffea, the homeopathic remedy made from the coffee bean, is very useful in cases of sleeplessness when the mind is awake and overworking. Ignatia 30c – Sleeplessness caused by shock, emotional stress, or grief, where the person has become overwrought and moody, with frequent yawning or sighing. Kali Phos 6c or 30c – Great for night terrors, or waking up with a sinking feeling in the stomach. Nux vomica 30c – Excellent for the person who is irritable and sleepless from stopping sedatives, or from too much mental stress, alcohol or food. The Nelson’s brand also make an excellent combination called Noctura, which is available from most health food shops or larger pharmacies and costs approximately ?5. The introduction of homeopathy forced the old school doctor to stir around and learn something of a rational nature about his business. Homoeopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this age better than any other system or school of medicine.
Homeopathy is a highly developed health practice that uses a systematic approach to the totality of a person's health.
Homeopathy is the safest and most reliable approach to ailments and has withstood the assaults of established medical practice for over 100 years. There have been two great revelations in my life: The first was be-bop, the second was homeopathy.
Anne Butcher BSc RSHom, Penistone HomeopathyRead MoreThe homeopathic consultationis a unique experience in medicine. Please feel welcome to phone or email  to discuss whether homeopathy may help you, or with any other queries. Canker sores are small pale or yellow ulcers with a white or gray base and a red border and appear inside the mouth.
What is Homeopathy?Homeopathy - the principle of treating like with like - was developed by a German medic called Samuel Hahnemann in the late 18th century. Homeopathy is practised by professional homeopaths who are qualified to prescribe remedies according to their diagnosis. Homeopathic remedies are considered to be well tolerated, although allergic reactions (like rashes) have been reported. Many homeopathic remedies can be used in the treatment of various forms of arthritis, and dosage hasn’t been well studied.
Together we're helping to change the lives of millions of people with arthritis and funding research that benefits us all. The horse is a magnificent and wild creature, yet serves mankind so well and so remarkably willingly.

Because of the amazing anomaly presented by the horse’s power and strength, bent to our will despite our treatment (some of it from ignorance, some from intent), a poem occurred to me .
It is not a widely advertised fact that a great deal of modern medicine has derived more or less directly from herbs (herbal medicine, herbalism, phytotherapy).
The powerful chemotherapy drug Vincristine was derived from the Madagascar Periwinkle – Catharansus roseus formerly Vinca rosea). In my opinion, making patented drugs from our natural plant medicines is not necessarily a wise or safe route to follow. Just remember, when modern medical folk make disparaging remarks about traditional and natural medicines, that modern medicine owes its origins, in great part, to the very medicines they deride. Here is the haul of easily picked up rubbish that I collected from a very small patch of beach. The fluorescent light strip is most likely not from beach litter but has probably been washed ashore and may be the result of accidental or intentional loss from a boat. We rapidly gave Vitamin K injections and homeopathic treatment and bleeding soon returned to normal. In the morning, on the beach, there was vivid evidence of how much of this stuff she’d managed to take in. Here is a quiet, unassuming and dedicated man, who has run his way into our hearts and like so many of his fellow athletes and Olympians, set a fine example to our youth and children and sent them a solid message in how to achieve one’s goals.
It took me a while to warm to the Olympics but these athletes, performers, support teams and volunteers who have served to make LONDON 2012 such a success and such a spectacle are, in my opinion, worthy of great thanks and a warm tribute. Tossing and turning, your mind racing, it’s almost as if the more you think about not being able to sleep, the more you can’t sleep! I do urge you to consider seeing a qualified homeopathic practitioner to pinpoint the cause of your sleeplessness, especially if it has become chronic (symptoms have persisted for more than 3 months).
You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived the attempts of the allopaths to destroy it. Anyone seeking a fuller understanding of health and healing will find Homeopathy extremely important and applicable.
Some are their causes stem from bacterial, viral, fungal infections, a loose orthodontic wire, a denture that doesn’t fit, a sharp edge from a broken tooth or a filling.
Their exact cause is uncertain but some experts believe that immune system problems, bacteria or viruses may be involved. They are groups of painful, fluid-filled blisters that often erupt around the lips and sometimes under the nose or around the chin. He observed that medicines or substances whose properties were similar to a persons illness could actually help cure that illness.
However, homeopathic granules, tablets, powders and drops are readily available over the counter in pharmacies and health food shops throughout the UK.
This is even more surprising when you think how many work with ill-fitting saddles, ill-fitted shoes, unsuitable diets and egotistical riders. Let’s hope that the way we treat our planet doesn’t put a stop to us before we get there! A modern veterinary liver drug called Denamarin contains Silybin, derived from the Milk Thistle – Silybum marianum).
Certainly, side effects from drugs and deaths caused by modern drugs are legion (it is estimated that 100,000 Americans die each year from adverse effects of prescription drugs), whereas traditional herbal medicine is not plagued with such troubles. Each medal winner has his or her own story of pain, dedication, supreme effort and triumph.
Generally someone who needs this remedy will exhibit sleeplessness and restlessness during the first part of the night. Rather than covering up symptoms without addressing the root cause, a homeopath’s approach is to aim to rebalance whatever’s the cause, then the symptoms will naturally stop. Among the most common mouth sores are canker sores and cold sores. Different types of sores can appear anywhere in the mouth.

They are caused by the herpes virus type 1 and contrary to canker sores, are very contagious.
For example, if you had a condition such as streaming eyes and nose, then a remedy derived from onion might be used for your condition.Homeopathy is an increasingly popular treatment today, as people find that it offers relief that modern conventional medicine can't. Isolated reports have suggested that homeopathy may have positive effects in the treatment of fibromyalgia, but evidence isn’t conclusive. Homeopathic remedies are produced by diluting (watering down) an active substance that causes similar symptoms in the belief that this will reduce the likelihood of harm. Remedies are often diluted to the point where there may be no molecules of active ingredient left. Nonetheless, although it seems to be fashionable to demonise natural and indigenous medicine, drug companies (multinational pharmaceutical giants) have to study traditional indications for herbal medicines in order to have some idea what their new drug may be able to do!
Morphine-type drugs (opioids) were originally derived from the Opium Poppy – Papaver somniferum). He receives no kick-backs, retainers or percentages from any company or interest, whether it be involved in medicine, foods, saddling, insurance or other activity. It means that for each species and each individual patient, we have to study lifestyle, feeding, housing, management etc.
Also great for an irritable baby who refuses to be calmed and their sleeplessness is caused by teething, anger or colic.
The thoughts are not fixed on a disappointment, but nevertheless the nervous system seems to be overexcited, as if from drinking too much coffee. The person cannot get back to sleep until just before the alarm goes off, and then gets up irritable and angry from lack of sleep. Some of the places mouth sores can occur are the gums, lips, inner cheeks, tongue and bottom of the mouth.
A cut caused by biting the cheek or tongue, or reactions from hot foods or beverages may contribute to canker sore development.
The initial infection, which usually occurs before adulthood, may be confused with a cold or flu and can cause painful lesions to erupt throughout the mouth. Once a person is infected with primary herpes, the virus stays in the body and causes occasional attacks. It provides an opportunity for the whole person to be heard, treating them holistically with medicines that don't produce unwanted side effects. In this way, he is able to retain his independence and the advice offered is the very best he can give at the time, free from commercial influence.
This kind of consultation is one of the high arts of medicine and needs to be experienced to be appreciated." Mo Morrish (2007) Homeopathy - A Rational Choice in Medicine Read MoreMini-consultationsWe’d like you to be entirely comfortable with your decision to have homeopathic treatment so we offer prospective clients a free initial 15 minute mini-consultation.
Intestinal problems, such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, also seem to make some people more susceptible. Homeopathy is a scientific system of healthcare that understands and assists the powerful potential of the body to heal itself. Homeopathy recognises that when we're ill, the symptoms are expressions of disharmony within our bodies and it is the person that is treated not the illness. If the human body can repair cuts, bruises and fractures - with a little medical assistance - then it can heal a lot of other conditions.
Each person produces a unique response to their condition and the homeopathic medicine is prescribed to match their individual response. A useful analogy is that your mobile phone has a set of numbers which are unique to that phone and when dialled will produce an electronic response: ring tone or vibration. There are over 1000 homeopathic medicines which have been developed over the last 200 years.
If you are interested in Homeopathy and would like to know more about how a homeopathic consultation takes place, then click here.

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